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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Jan 4, 2019.

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    I seem to remember saying, having more stuff underwater would be cool. At the time I was thinking more like locations, domes, bases, research centres, submarines, and finding interesting rock formations, thermal vents and underwater caves.

    Well I didn't find a cave underwater yet but was super happy to find a cave complex yesterday that had an underwater section you had to swim through! Very Tomb Raider 8, in my mind at least! :D

    Since I like caves I took a bunch of pictures (as I usually do) I think this was my favourite.

    Entropia 2019-01-04 02.06.06 [2, Calypso, 141, 470, 339].jpg

    something about this one reminded me of an an illustration in an old adventure story too

    Entropia 2019-01-04 03.15.35 [2, Calypso, 160, 442, 350].jpg

    thankfully there were not too many (or too high a level mob) in there either so I could have decent look around (at least at first - there was a bit of an "infestation" of pupagupi later on).

    Oh for those wondering about the extent of the cave it was a pretty large system I'd say. Actually you can see as the camera bugged and somehow seemed to pass through the light on the wall near the entrance when I went in.

    Entropia 2019-01-04 00.08.40 [2, Calypso, 140, 429, 374].jpg

    Now MA.... with all these cave assets... isn't it time to bring back Thorkells Tomb? ;)
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  2. Wistrel

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    OK I was SO wrong about the mobs.... so there seems to be a maze like element to the cave. I checked out the route to the right which led to a LOT of pupugis (which seemed to fast respawn) and then some Tsk Tsks. Which what the heck... have arrows!! I didn't think there were intelligent flying things on Calypso! I thought it was just the humans the argonauts and the mutants?

    Back the other way I found a route to the right of the main path which led to a cavern with a lot of pupugis in and some dead animal skeleton on the floor. Didn't appear to have a route on from there.

    Then comes the water... turns out there IS something in there after all. Some sort of level 15 squid that I couldn't make much of a dent in thanks to health regen... so I think I gonna have to give up on further exploration. -_-

    I guess last time there was someone who had been ahead of me clearing the way.

    This time I'd gone in full on Aliens style and still wasn't enough!

    Entropia 2019-01-04 16.18.52 [2, Calypso, 133, 428, 376].jpg
  3. Mobs you didn't find yet: snarg, razortooth, oculus. :)

    The place is known as Tidewater Caverns, and it's a 3D maze. I've been there a dozen times and still can't navigate it comfortably.
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  4. Wistrel

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    Uh... I have no chance against Razortooth. Don't really know Oculus... might have encountered on before but can't remember for sure.
  5. The oculus have different maturities. The bigger ones are quite nice (lootwise)

    The entrance to the neomex cave is technically also underwater.. although you won't be swimming a lot like in tidewater.
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