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Turp Challenge - Rank 26 finished

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Turp Challenge
    Rank 26 finished

    So I finished the Turp Challenge
    Just too bad mindark (in the swedish tradition of excellence)
    did not had the smart idea to display :

    Lucky Akbar Sylphe is the first colonist to finish the Turp challenge.
    A record have been added to the Hall of Fame.

    That was a crazy grinding,
    as 0.1% in rank 26 needed 20 mobs guardian / stalker to be killed
    so 20 000 Turps to kill to reach the 100%.
    Estimated cost around 5 000 peds.
    I thank the nice sweaters in the area for their kindness to move a bit so i dont shoot their mob,
    or to let me kill the 5 respawns alone when I asked them, so Thank You.

    Here is the list of skills you can get as reward for the level 26 :

    Turp 01.

    The level 26 Turp is repeatable

    Turp 02.

    Last night, I was telling myself it could be cool if I could get a 50-60 ped global instead of the 5 PED i get in average
    and 1 minute later, this cool 202 PED global popped up !
    It was a GREAT surprise :)

    Turp 03.

    Here is the Entropia Tracker for Turps after I finish the rank 26.

    Turp 04.

    Good luck everyone
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  2. Big gratz! nice work, I saw some of your globals and thought poor sweaters, but it seems you were social about it, good for you!
    What I want to know is... are you not afraid that the 202 ped global was actually your 202k ped ath on Leviathan?
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  3. What fright me the most is Mindark family and new CEO hate me making all my hunts pure loss.

    I would be happy to advertise the game to my friends,
    but since 15 long years I play, this game have been nothing else for me than A BIG SCAM.

    I did 800ped evi last night, all loot 1-2 ped, ended -300, fuck this scam game, mindark explain how this is possible ?

    This week end, I killed 1540 aurli, runs of 1500 peds, I cycled 9000 peds.
    3 last runs i did ; 1500 peds 2 global = -450, 1500 peds 0 global = -450, and 1000 peds 1 global. 250 aurli killed per run in average.
    So 3 global for 4000 ped runs with around 750 aurli killed this is a fucking joke.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  4. I really appreciate ppl's tendency to grind the new codex missions. All 130 x 26 "Get X points by killing Y mobs" that rewards skills (more to come on planet partners). If that is not boring, I dunno what it is.

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