Tropical Shades

Discussion in 'Items' started by SylverDragon, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Here's the BP for the Tropical Shades. You can get this, and a NI book, from the NPC standing, whistling, next to the construction terminal in the new Crystal Center.

    It says it is an L BP, tough not in the BP title


    You can get 10 refined Aragonite crystals from one of the other new NPC's.
  2. 32 Praetonium has me stubbed all the rest of the items i have, tried mining it only lyst, blood moss and sweet shit in the area atm (intial mission for praetonium reward is not repeatable btw, as the second time you try , you get nothing.
  3. Yep, the Preatonium is the sticking point for me too. Since it's for a starter quest you would think it would be common, but maybe it's not and they're hoping miners will mine and sell it. Of course if it starts appearing on the AH it'll probably be too expensive for starters.
  4. And remember, we need to craft them! :) So one my need 32*4 to get these cool looking shades...wee, can't wait to get them!!
  5. Ok , where to find this "Praetonium" , direct location pls ,because I will not waste any more time and peds looking for it.
  6. I'm afraid the answer is 'We'd all like to know!' Apart from the 15 you can get from DiNapoli. People are starting to sell their 'DiNapoli' Preaonium on the AH.
  7. Only 15 ? that's joke,but thx for info.

    And he not giving me anything,just talking about paploons.
  8. I think the joke may be that it takes 32 Preatonium to craft a pair of shades. How much is it going to take to craft Elysian tools and weapons?

    I can't remember the quest chain sequence, but the Preatonium is the reward from one of his quests.
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