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  1. Why doesn't anyone seem to be using the trade chat feature? Just recently I visited some of the main areas on calypso, like Port Atlantis, Twin Peaks, Camp Icarus, Emerald Lakes and others and spent 5-6 minutes at least in each one, but nobody was on the trade chat. Not once! Nobody was saying anything on the local chat channel either come to think of it. Bit odd...
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

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    When you say trade chat which one do you mean exactly? which one were you looking at?

    Most people on Calypso use #calytrade I think and that doesn't depend on which tp you at, its universal. Like the other trade channels.
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  3. Many thanks for helping. I mean at the bottom of the main chat window; you can toggle between Local and Trade chat. Didn't know about #calytrade or any other planet trade channels, so glad you mentioned that.
  4. Wistrel

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    I can see why they added it... but don't think it's seen a lot of use. I think i've seen it use at Twin but probably folks just went back to using local chat there as Twin Peaks is at least historically THE trading area.
  5. narfi

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    /trade selling history books at the boxes
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  6. I couldn't see either Local or Trade chat being used at twin, same for PA and other locations. Maybe players are using the dedicated trade channels more?
  7. Wistrel

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    Hmm... that surprises me... maybe the days of half a dozen or more folks posting buying and selling then a list of ores and percentages at Twin on repeat are gone... it used to be you could barely read them all because there were so many people doing it.
  8. Then the private trade dynamic must have changed, because I went to twin peaks, pa and other places again and nobody was saying anything on Trade or Local chat.
  9. Geo


    Most trading spam these days are done in Player owned custom chat channels.
    When in game type:

    /join #calytrade
    /join #trade

    for the ones most commonly used on Calypso.

    These player owned custom chat channels can be seen universe wide.
    The EU standard Local & Trade chat channels can only be seen from the town or area you are in.
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  10. Wistrel

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  11. This tallies with what someone else on EP was saying. So if I'm on say #calytrade, how does a trade actually commence? Does it take place there and then through a two-way trade window, or do you have to go to where that AV is?
  12. You need to meet up in game
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  13. That surprises me, was expecting you could right-click on the AV name and select private trade.
  14. NotAdmin

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    That'd make things too easy/convenient. Then MA wouldn't be able to take their cut through the auction/shop tax, which I always viewed as a "convenience fee". If you were that easily able to move things around, nobody would use the auction.

    I haven't played or traded in ages. Is it possible to use an in-game mailing system like WOW or LOTRO has? In Lotro, I mule items to my other toons by simply mailing it to them. There's a minor fee involved for that transaction, though granted, this is not real currency.

    I'd think the same could be done in EU. Again, a simply convenience fee. There will always be people unwilling to pay even that, in which case they could still search one another out, but I guess you could add an "inster-stellar postal company". They would charge standard fees on the same planet, and a premium to move things between planets. Put the pirates out of business (fuck 'em) as should have been done long ago, and have an additional stream of revenue to tap into.
  15. If the seller is near a TP, then meeting-up to do the actual trade wouldn't be too problematic, but if not near a TP then I'd have thought that being able to do the trade by right-clicking on the AV name would be ideal. The auction system would still have its place, because it allows you to compare many pages of items for a given category in a short time, but the downside is o.c the auction fees.
  16. narfi

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    PVP and space dynamics (as weak as they are) exist solely on the premise you must trade in person.
  17. Wistrel

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    yeh no such thing as separated trade. Only option is to sell on the auction or a shop, or to put an order in on the auction. Back when everything was local chat at Twin it was dead easy, people would all hang in one place and it was easy enough to find traders as they'd add @ boxes or @ TP or @balcony or @TT or whatever to their trade message so then it was just a case of spotting them and running over. I guess if people are not frequenting Twin for this now and just using a global chat then there's more "where are you" going on. I guess that's a double edge sword as people can do other things and go other places rather than just standing in one place all the time but of course that looses the other party the convenience of being able to show up at twin and find traders near a TP. You also loose that sense of community or market buzz.
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  18. I accept this is the reality of PVP trade, and wouldn't be a problem if the seller is near a TP, but if not then you'd have to be relying on coord info or waypoints.
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