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Touristic Guide of Entropia Universe

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by sherwood, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I'm glad to launch again the first Touristic Guide of Entropia Universe after VU 10.0.0. It's alive since more than a year and recently we added also Next Island at the database and did a lot of visual restyleing.

    This guide won't be an exhaustive picture of the geography and history of Entropia Universe, but will give you a good idea about our planets, its locations, its history and its oddness; the guide teaches you where to hunt or where to gather certain resources from the rich soil of the planets.

    How to use it

    The guide is hosted by Miner's Mafia society website: http://www.minersmafia.net


    Click on "Touristic Guide" in the main menu or if you want, navigate directly to the URL Touristic Guide | Miner's Mafia Society Website

    The main page is shown. On the left you can see the navigation menu; in the center some ongoing events are listed (you can suggest you own event without have a account in our website, a moderator will publish it in few hours); on the right there are a little slideshow of random postcards present in the database, a the lists of latest additions and changes at the guide, as you can see everyday there're some updates.


    The Main Menu of Touristic Guide:
    - Spots it's the index of all locations of Entropia Universe
    - Mobs it's the index of all creatures of Entropia Universe
    - Ore and Enmatter lists, allow you to find the mineral that you're looking for
    - Postcards, allows you to see all the screenshots posted in the Guide at once
    - Events, to have a idea what's going on
    - Amethera, Eudoria, Calypso Gateway, Next Island, Rocktropia map, shows you a map of the choosen planet with all the locations! even locations hidden in the list, like mission waypoints or not important point of interest
    - Search, allows you to filter the spot list with many research keys, do you need narcanisum? you can find the locations for it!


    On top, three dropdown menus allow you to filter the index by planet by categories or by continent or combine them.


    Opening a map you can uncheck "Show areas" to have a clean map and also you can filter on a category, filtering out all the locations that you don't need, some areas are crowded by spots.


    Every spot is a location ingame that might be registered on your ingame map, but many Outpost and Point of interest are not. For every spot there is much information about its history, facilities, available buildings, hunting paths and mining resources that you can find nearby. A link to the dynamic maps let you view and center the spot of interest just with one click. You can view postcards of the spot and other locations of interest nearby.
    A few words must be spent about Hunting: every mob is a link to the mob list that allow you to find out other locations where to hunt that mob.

    Mob list

    Opening the mob list you can choice your favourite mob and see all the locations where it has been spotted.


    The mob page shows the list of locations where that mob roams, the direction from the spot, its maturity and density.


    This function allows you to filter the spot list with many research keys, and combine them:
    - filter category
    - filter continent
    - filter facilities find out where are the event organizer for example
    - filter nearest teleporter
    - search owner here you can type also part of the name
    - search enmatter
    - search ore


    I want to thank all Miner's Mafia for the support that has and will be given to me to build the guide and a special thank you to Weet Tissue Chief that made it possible by creating the dynamic database and views of my big pile of paper.

    Actual bugs
    - Enmatter search shows also ore, Ore search show also enmatter, we're working on it.

    Any suggestion is more than welcome

  2. WOW I just skimmed thru that and looks like you guys put alot of work into that. And alot of useful info. Will come back later to read it all and check it out :)
  3. Latest News
    Search ore and Search enmatter are working again, the dropdown lists show you ore and enmatter mixed up due our remaking of minerals database anyway, here you can combine 2 different minerals and look for the best locations where to find them together, for example actually I need garcen and ganganite to tier up to 2.0 my gun... here we go: garcen and ganganite
  4. Question to Next Islanders

    Me and Tissue are going to add the dynamic map of Ancient Greece at the database, to do that we are going to split Next Island in two continents/entyties that depend from a unique planet Next Island (like Eudoria, Amethera and Calypso Gateway for Calypso) so every mob, mineral, spot etc can be filtered under a unique planet.
    We decided for now to leave in the main menu under map list Next Island and add Ancient Greece... the problem has born:
    How can we call actual Next Island cotinent?
    we decided for Today, but can be changed with few clicks in future by us.
    What do you prefer?
    - Today
    - Present Time
    - put your suggestion here

    Thank you all for visiting our guide
  5. Latest news

    - spot daily updates on many spots are still going on
    - event area as category is available, wait some days and you'll see event areas on Eudoria map
    - map Ancient Greece is up, but until I don't post some coordinates it wont show (I'll ask to Kitten some coords of TP ;) ); Eudoria map will be updated soon with event areas and new landscape of rig area
    - postcard we're remaking all the system, actually all postcards are stored in imageshack and it may cause missing pictures and slow browsing, we're going to store all them on our server provider (we got some space hehe), this operation will take some weeks since it's not a automatic transfer, but we have a double system up so nothing will be lost during this time

  6. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    This is outstanding... Thanks for adding all this information to your site!

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