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  1. I'm glad to announce the first Touristic Guide of Calypso after VU 10.0.0.

    This guide won't be an exhaustive picture of the geography and history of Calypso, but will give you a good idea about our planet, its locations, its history and its oddness; the guide teaches you where to hunt or where to gather certain resources from the rich soil of the planet.

    How to use it

    The guide is hosted by Miner's Mafia society website:


    Click on "Touristic Guide" in the main menu or if you want, navigate directly to the URL

    The list of spots is shown. All items are listed in categories. View all the locations you have seen ingame or want to discover. On top a filter allows you to select Planet, Continent and Category giving you a shorter and better aimed list to what are you looking for.


    On the left side you see the main menu of Touristig Guide:
    - Spot list it's the index
    - All postcards, allows you to see all the screenshots posted in the Guide at once
    - Amethera and Eudoria map, shows you a map of the choosen continent with all the locations!
    - Search, allows you to filter the spot list with many research keys, do you need narcanisum? you can find the locations for it!

    On top, a dropdown menu allows you to filter the index by categories.


    Opening a map you can uncheck "Show areas" to have a clean map and also you can filter on a category, filtering out all the locations that you don't need.
    A newly introducted search button allows you to filter many categories from the spot list and search the mineral that are you looking for.


    Every spot is a location ingame that might be registered on your ingame map, but many Outpost and Point of interest are not. For every spot there is much information about its history, facilities, available buildings, hunting paths and mining resources that you can find nearby. You can view postcards of the spot and other locations of interest nearby.
    A few words must be spent about Hunting: every mob is a link to the mob list that allow you to find out other locations where to hunt that mob.

    Mob list

    Opening the mob list you can choice your favourite mob and see all the locations where it has been spotted.



    The mob page is linked to Zap's Loot Table the most accurate tool for those who want to know which mob can loot your desired item (I invite all hunter to submit their loot there); and show the list of locations where that mob roams, the direction from the spot, its maturity and density.



    This function allows you to filter the spot list with many research keys:
    - filter category
    - filter continent
    - filter facilities find out where are the event organizer for example
    - filter nearest teleporter
    - search owner here you can type also part of the name
    - search enmatter
    - search ore

    Coming features

    - fixed coordinate system for Internet Explorer (Firefox works)
    - more accurate dynamic maps (we're still in "beta")
    - dynamic map for the Asteroid Space Resort
    - static maps for every spot
    - static maps in high resolution to download
    These are our plans so far, every suggestion is more than welcome


    I want to thank all Miner's Mafia for the support that has and will be given to me to build the guide and a special thank you to Tissue that made it possible by creating the dynamic database and views of my big pile of paper.
  2. A newly introducted search button allows you to filter many categories from the spot list and search the mineral that are you looking for, besides filter many categories like facilities or nearest teleporter for example.

    Updated first post, enjoy!
  3. Be sure to check it out people! It's a very handy tool if you are looking for something somewhere on Calypso :).
  4. Today I did a substantial update all along the spots, for the search mob and maps we're still busy working.
    In the while if you're looking for nice minerals like ADOMASITE click me :)
    Use the search button to open a new world of ways to discover our beatiful planet.
  5. Roni

    Roni bartender

    Nice job:) Its been a great help.
  6. WOOT!!!!!!!!
    Mob search is up and working! :yay:

    Actually me and soc mates are working on every spanws checking density and maturity. We choosen a 5 steps scale: very low, low, average, high, very high to define maturity and density... enjoy! (tomorrow I'll update the entry post)
  7. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Looks good.

    Handy reference.

    Thanks guys,
  8. Today the "Filter Planet" has been added, CND and CP are coming very soon and we've room for future planets too!

    Due this very recent update if you filter planet "Calypso" many spots may be missing... I need few days to manually update the whole database.
  9. All spots moved, now "Filter Planet" can be used without lose any information... there're not other planets though :D
  10. Asteroid Space Resort aka Club NEVERDIE is alive in the Touristic Guide.

    All DNA settings and taxes gathered from my soc mate Robullo Catullo Esposito are in! More informations about minerals, other buildings and the map are on the way.

  11. Updates after VU 10.8.0

    - Saba Camp[/URL] teleporter added (I hope that was the last to gather...) the other 7 added the first day after VU ;)
    - New Switzerland[/URL] teleporter relocated
    - Mob spawns in all quadrant SE of Eudoria partially changed, I'm working on it
    - OLA 41[/URL] partially fixed by MA (...finally)
    - OLA 48[/URL] new DNA settings updated
    - Big update for almost all CND Biodomes
    - Minor updates, as usual, in the whole database

    Incoming very soon:
    - New map for Amethera (OLA 41 changed shape)
    - New map for Eudoria
    - Asteroid Space Resort map
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