Timkrans son Leo is back: "Häxan SnöHäxan Rimmer" aka. Kim|FPC

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  1. I know I know, you were all wondering...what happend to this important guy...compet, rufoid ab, creature control...blah...say no more !

    Häxan SnöHäxan Rimmer aka. SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer aka. Kim|FPC aka. Leo Haldo Roland Welter etc., our King of Compet is back !!!

    You know, Team Sweden from 2007...we get to all of the other fancy names on another day...promised. ^^


    Some nice stats included : ;D


    So, it looks like Leo desperately needs some money, after his "game company", Rufoid AB, "suddenly" went bankrupt in 2019. So he decided to join the raffles...ahheee...events of Ms Pudding. And Ms Pudding reaalllyyy likes that.

    Rufoid AB, the bankrupt company Mindark had 243.000 SEK worth of shares in btw. x'D


    Nothing wrong here, just the son of the "boss" playing some games with you. :p

    I love how obvious Mindark "does things" these days...


    Someone missed the "a" in SnoHaxan there.

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    How do you know Haxan == KWT?
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  3. My trusted sources usually prefer to stay anonymous. But they are the good guys here.
    Sadly because of this anonymity, major details cant be made public at times. Very annoying, I agree.

    Sure, it would be a nice "Wow moment", should I ever release the list of my contact persons...
    ...but I would never ever mess with the good guys or honest people. Not worth the 5 minutes of forum fame.

    I prefer the long run, to continue to have some nice entropian chit-chat's over the next decade. :)

    There is a long history behind Haxan. Maybe @Akbar has something to add...

    Else you have do dig deeper and do your own investigation once again...trust me, it can be fun at times... ;)

    Hes also working hard on removing himself from google.

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    Oh, I wouldn't expect a sourcre to be named. But they must have a reason to suspect that the Leo (is it Leo, or Kim? Or both? Or is Leo also Kim? I'm confused) uses the Haxan avatar.
  5. As I wrote, maybe @Akbar has something to add here.
  6. I was doing a break from the game and from EP, as I have the feeling to be the only one concerned by the game cheats and game exploits where people seem dumb enough to "do with it" and continue to pay while mindark screw all people day after day and continue this way since the players say nothing, so why stop...
    So show day after day the mindark cheats, mindark hypocrit comments on posts, was getting me tired of the game, and stressed to realise yes... that i feel alone concerned with no support from EP. And that's a while I notice it.

    I was thinking it could make things move to be able to tell the truth on EP as there is no nazi moderation like on PCF and even blind deletion of posts made by hidden mindark "moderators".
    (Sometimes posts are deleted on PCF without the mention "Edited" = mindark hidden "moderator" with no ball - I showed it to 711 many years ago, as he was assuring me he was the MAIN administrator of "his" forum, but I was showing him some people had powers above him, since they could edit the posts without showing who they are or without beeing seen (unless Ak notice it))...
    That's the next year after I talked to 711 that we have been reading that PCF was in fact owned by mindark from an annual report on a PDF file, so Mr 711 who was bragging to me he was the main PCF administrator was in fact the MA's licking dog, anyway a good thing I left PCF, too much hypocrisy in this forum "the mindark's touch".


    So !

    I was about to explain all... but i'm not in mood to writte another long thread...

    As some of you may be remember, I was very active in PCF in the past, by sharing game infos in my Akbar's Travels thread.
    *And I was at the origin of the forum bestiary on PCF, where 711 had set me moderator of it.

    When mindark released for the first time a new mob in the game, called Feffox, they made a cave instance, and I did a thread "In the Feffox Nest". The first reply from people was from someone I never heard of before called "Rimmer", and I dont know why I had the strange feeling this "Rimmer" could be a mindark hidden account. This was just a feeling.
    Later, when someone started a new thread "Stupidest Thing you have done in EU", I decided to writte my game story which made me so much suffer for years, since IT IS 100% CLEAR FOR ME that mindark cursed my avatar to make me impossible to HoF.
    So I did a post to explain all, and this is how we could see a new post from "Rimmer" who was now shitting on my back, after thanking me on his previous post... And after you can read my other posts #51, #65.
    Such threats from a totally unknown PCF member and totally unknown player, made me really more wonder who he could be, and since he was talking about informations I never shared to anyone else, I immediately made the link with an email I had sent to Kim/MA where classic mindark staff behaviour never answer to emails. This could be ONLY him. So I heavily affirm that this Rimmer is in fact "kim/calypso" where kim is even not his real name as an "official" mindark member, but known as Leo Timkrans, the son of the maker of this game Project Entropia / Entropia Universe".
    I remember him saying years ago that noone would ever find who is his avatar, well, I found out immediately due to his incredible level of stupidity. But I find really lame, that the son of the game maker, comes with a hidden account to shit on my back when i tell the truth about how mindark behaved toward me, certainly in the swedish tradition of excellence...
    Btw, when he is refering to the tracker, people know that if noone runs the EL application while I hunt on Rocktropia for example, then no global will be recorded, same for shared globals which are not named to your avatar, and I just cant believe someone who should have the highest knowledge of the game beeing the son of the game maker, do not even know about this...(and you can see I am cheating him in the post #65 when I say "Knowing who you are, how could you forget about all this ?". Like many of you certainly read many times me saying about him on EP "who would you be without your father and his society ?"...
    Easy to get a 8222 ped hof from an atrax mature when you are a mindark avatar, people will easily understand then how it is also easy for mindark to give an ATH to another mindark avatar where people will believe he is a normal player, mindark know all ways to get easy money in their game. Just like the mindark space exploit where a pirate ship felt to exit your radar and magically reappear right next behind you, shoot and loot you, ONLY mindark could do this.
    After I made those posts, I remember people on PCF were wondering where was gone Kim/Calypso as there was over 6 months he did not do posts, I guess because he had this rise of intelligence to understand I figured out who he really was, and so he was pissed (due to his own stupidity).
    Anyway, everything he posted on his reply is pure silliness in the only purpose to shit on my back, comming from an idiot who really have no ball, just as no brain. What sadness to have such a son... *Btw, I never gave a rep to such asshole as we can see on bottom of his reply. No a huge kick on his face I would prefer, or meet him in real life and take a gun, just to see if I miss him 5 times in a row like we all do in the game.

    I got many other proofs, I would need to do searches on PCF to share links here, as I also noticed he was using other avatars, and guess what, to insult me again, and this is how I figured out again since he was using the same english grammatical way to talk to me, that i had NEVER seen before, so by pure logic it was the same person.
    It is forbbiden to have multiple avatars, but mindark can have thousands lol...
    May be this is how mindark claims to have 3 millions accounts !

    Anyway, I am not the ONLY one who was injured by mr Rimmer aka Leo.

    Two players met him in real life, and finally left the game dramatically, after getting game secrets shared from him...
    Two high depositors and uber players called "Tryx" and the Uber swedish player called "Linzey" known to own an internet café in stockholm, his direct friend with ava name "lady ho" also left the game, and some other relatives of him too, which I forgot names... I would need to check my archives...
    When I last talked to my friend Linzey, he was clearly telling he did a huge mistake to play in mindark's game
    Today Linzey seem to be back active, but that's probably not the original player
    True mindark, it is forbidden to sell avatars, since you mindark are the first to respect ALL your rules...
    Aurora Linzey Zamperath / Tracker Profile around 10 millions ped recorded on tracker, but can be more.
    Tara Tryx Qurzi / Tracker Profile around 2 million ped recorded on tracker, but can be more.

    There could be many more things to say...

    Again, my thread could have been really longer, yet I dont want to spend time for this.

    In the swedish tradition of excellence, yeah tell this to all people who got screwed by you!
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  7. Yes, there are hidden official avatars, messing with the economy.
    Messing with other players.

    Yes, some officials and supporters revealed themselfs by (stupid) accidents...and sometimes intentionally.
    Or because they are just plain honest... ;D

    And never forget that normal avatars and reallife friends of David Simmonds were allowed to use official items, to cheat their way through the game...to get banned when the public heard about it...just to create a new avatar, to continue their daily cheating.

    And I can assure you, that others already confirmed that Leo=Rimmer=Kim.

    Back in the days Frank|SDS offered 1k PED from his own pocket to me,
    for creating tutorial videos. I denied, because I thought that was a bad deal...and really NOT OK he offered his own money...
    ...later Akiran Blade did those videos...

    David Simmonds transfered items into the game when big depositors werent... "happy" :



    Im also no longer in the mood to type long text files. Mindark has won and the addicted fanboys have won too...all of them. ;'D

    Feel free to start reading many of my threads and you will get the idea why...because everything has been said a dozen times by now. We cant help these poor souls and we cant change Mindarks way of cheating. But...what a show ! xD

    Yes please, dig out that whole Tryx Linzey Leo story :)
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  8. https://www.merinfo.se/person/Mölnlycke/Leo-Haldo-Roland-Welter-1988/bu42b-451nr. No idea if the same .. ?...


    It'd be interesting if there was a list somewhere here in this forum or elsewhere of all avatars known or highly suspected to be Mindark or PP avatars... no way to really 'prove' any of it of course, but we all know that they are definitely out there... I still think Chopper's Theory is interesting... the tone of some of those posts, if it was not all trolling, makes me think that that may have been whatever his name was that used to be Neverdie's right hand man doing all that pvp killing outside of Rocktropia back when it first came out posting all those videos and junk... no way to really ever know, but well... you just know with a gut feeling something's going on, especially with nastygrams of that tone.
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  9. I love sweden, because they have merinfo ^^
    Swedens DPA aka. DSGVO aka. RDPG aka.GDPR is quite different...yet merinfo sometimes is scary. ;)

    Ya, you can find everyone related to MA there. Everyone.
    Like MA official Jason Peterson aka. 711 aka. Neomaven aka. Vixen Incarnate and his..."fiance". ;D

    An yes mastermesh, thats him. It is also the very same adress as he used for his company "Rufoid AB":


    So basically he sat at home, looking at his steam game "Dragon Defense"...Mindark investing 200.000 SEK into his shares (ofc)...just to see him and his "empire" suddenly go bankrupt in april 2019...bullshit, bullshit, fucking bullshit x'D


    The big picture already has some official names. Sadly I know so much more, but I gave my word and this way I will still recieve more informations now and then. :)
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  10. Rimmer so pissed about me saying the truth on EP about him rage fucked my PCF profile without as usual talking to 711 i'm sure like he did in the past, but this is not childish and retarded, no...
    This is again a HUGE proof he can edit the PCF forum since years, without adding the mention "Edited by" like moderators & administrator do. I told 711 years ago but he assured me he had top powers (doesnt seem like), and some mindark members who seem to be always the same are editing his forum without 711 to know shit about it.
    I have been warned by friends who told me about it as they were often consulting the pages of my Akbar's Travels, and told me the images are not accesible anymore (and it has nothing to do with the server redirection PCF had recently, because everything was working perfectly after it, and even better because i noticed the pages that this low Rimmer deleted in my threads (already showing an incredible level of stupidity from him toward me) in the past were recovered, so yeah everything was perfect). By hassling me with such totally low behaviour he is penalizing the whole community and friends who have been thanking me so many times for my work, and pm'd me also so many times asking me to add more. I just can't believe one can be such narrow minded.... So sad again.

    Quote Rimmer : "You don't come across as a nice person."
    At first, why did you thank me for my thread (I felt honnored since you were the FIRST to thank me) if in the next post you writte you just shit on my back like if i was someone evil ? You should consult a specialist, sad bipolar and brainless behaviour... and even more "funny" you ask me to ignore your insults (showing what A GREAT person you are) but pretend it is me who is not a nice person, what an incredible joke wow, so so pathetic... And you, you come across as a nice person you think ?

    Rimmer The Coward.jpg

    Honnestly you would be friend and recommend such person backstabbing people like a big coward and who is running away asking people to ignore his acts ? Top state of the hypocrisy, silliness and cowardness.

    Without forgetting some swedish closed friends and huge depositors (Linzey, Tryx, Lady Ho, and many others), brutally left the game with huge regrets to ever know this game because of THE SAME idiot who again would be noone without his dear daddy who gave him a job and everything. Shoot mindark in the foot is clearly dumb, but this is no pb, this is not your money and since the past 15 years daddy accumulated such richness with his product as he says, that you are not at few $ more which even more were not yours, so...

    But I really wonder how the actual Mindark CEO, knowing his so high integrity, can agree with such disgusting and low behaviour in his company ? Even wonder how Mr Jan Welter Timkrans himself could even agree with such disgusting behaviour too from his proper son... Is this the way Mindark leaders are treating their HONEST customers ? Probably again talking about the swedish tradition of excellence...

    I stop here.

    If I ever writte a new thread, it will be HUGE & NOISY...
    Yet I got better things to do than bother with such fucking lousy person.


    ps : Rimmer (who belongs to mindark knowing when an ATH will drop) "comes back" playing,
    and 10 days after a 25,000$ ATH pops up in SHARED so for sure we can't know who looted the big pile... Another weird coincidence.
    SHARED = perfect way to give to who they want and people can't know, but just mindark.
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    To be honest. Think of the role model "Kim" had. Jan Welter Timkrans is a childish prick, and so unfit as a leader that his shareholders booted his ass. So he pulled a trick, and put his crony in that spot. Which, to nobody's surprise, changed absolutely fuck all.

    I'm willing to give Henrik the benefit of the doubt. But make no mistake, behind the scenes, it's still Jan pulling all the strings. Until the shareholders get rid of him, Ssimmonds and Kim, the company will continue being useless.
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  12. *cough cough*
  13. Everytime I think Im done with Entropia and this forum, an email or a facebook message pops up.
    Sometimes old stuff, sometimes random stuff...always friendly and polite...and so on. But always appreciated.

    I havent shared every single info over the years, also to protect innocent people and sometimes I wonder why I still waste my time with it.

    As it always gets dirty when any kind of political systems get involved...I wont comment...at all.
    You decide by yourself, if this is worth your time.


    Warning: Walls of text ahead ! ("in a nutshell" can be found at the very end of this post)

    I wont answer questions either.
    Search & Enjoy...your very own interpretation.







    https://www.harryda.se/download/18.6ca93fc4175c86199e9a3574/1606408271043/Ks prot 2020-11-19.pdf

    Härryda-Posten.jpg page 25 leo welter.jpg test.jpg


    Leo starts at 7:40



    https://mediebank.vgregion.se/fotoweb/archives/5000-Press/VGR Bildbank/Leo Welter 1 (SD).jpg.info


    in a nutshell :
    Leo Haldo Roland Welter is a commissioner (ledamot) of swedens nationalist/right wing party called SD (Sverigedemokraterna).
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