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Time Travel Crystals.

Discussion in 'Items' started by jaivako ur4life cyberstar, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I have no idea how to obtains them. i try to refine crystals but it no longer working at all.

    I try to figure either get time travel crystals from mobs loots?? or by refine or ?? it must be bug issues?
  2. I dont think they in game yet but wow cool that we can see its almost working!
  3. lol, yeah ive been starting to think lately thats as good as it gets on NI, we should be happy if we can see that it is ALMOSt working
  4. David Post did say that players would have to work together to unlock time travel. Maybe it's already working but there is something we still need to do in the game. Just a thought :)
  5. oh u have good point. i do recall david post say that... damn now u make me more thinking and figure this out...mmm...
  6. Maybe it means we have to work together to kill a big hp mob to loot them.
  7. I would suggest trying a combination of different crystals of different amounts in the refiner.
  8. the refiner no longer lets me refine crystals
    i hope that doesnt mean refined crystals have no use, cuz i have several thousands of refined crystals
  9. So you get the message "This object can not be dropped here" (not sure about exact wording) when you try to put crystals in refiner? In that case I got no good ideas.
  10. I cant refine my crystals too . I hope this gets fixed asap . And i hope my refined crystals are ok refined.
  11. Maybe some sort of tp dance:cheer::dance:
  12. yes i get the same message as i get when i try and refine ammoor something else non-refinable. i also tried ore refiner, same result
  13. It must be a bug from the VU update we just had i also get the object can not be refined i tried almost all crytals i looted and thay can not be refined

    fix a few bugs and a new one comes what think! ? hope this gets fixed asap:)
  14. OK I checked info on all my refined crystals and all say something to the effect that they are use in conjunction with BP's blah blah.

    Checking unrefinded one Alantasite (?) does mention something to do with getting in touch with your past life.

    Mayhaps we will need to craft Time Travel crystals?
  15. I ran 1000 clicks on componets, 1000 on texture, 500 on tailoring, and didn't get any new BP's. If we need to craft Time Crystals I'm going to take a guess that NI bp's are not out yet
  16. i was wondering this.. thanks for the info!
  17. red


    this would be my guess. also, I don't expect time crystals to be particularly rare. however, we'll know more when we eventually see the blueprints.

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