Tiering stuck? Check this out

Discussion in 'Technical, security and bug reports' started by TheRock, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Hey guys.

    So I have been forcing my self to grind mobs I dont usually hunt JUST to tier some certain item. The item is called Eron Soulsplitter. It is exactly same as Tango. In other words, speed of 5/5 per minute.

    The gun reached tier 6.7 when my friend tiered it for me. So I thought why not I take it and tier it my self now further. So i kept hunting Longu.
    I was at 5xx/1000 on Longu mission. Now I'm at 9000/10000!!!!!

    ALL hunted with 2-3 hits with the gun as tagger and then a finisher to not overkill the mob. AND YET it is stuck at same tier!
    I'm crazy I know, and non ever would do such a thing. But thats why we are different!
    The gun has something like 2.5 DPP. So imagine how hard it is to hunt with this.

    Do you think tiering comes in waves just like everything is based on wave (what I think), manual trigged by MA or simply based on mathematics calculation?

    (i will figure out how to post pictures in this forum later)
  2. it looks like waves, but is really just a random number generator thingy with base number having to do with the stats in item info screen... so yes, it is waves, just like all random number generators are, but waves that you are reaching once you've learned how to do the doggie paddle... someday you may learn to do the breast stroke or other strokes, but when that some day may come is another issue, partially dependent on just how high those waves are.... are they high enough to surf on yet or are they high enough to take out countries with typhoon type power?
  3. Wow, you must have cool friends, to help you tier such a mega-slow-boring-reload gun :gangnam:
  4. If it is based on waves without counting the hard work it been put into it, then its totally unfair.
    I know its based on waves, but at least should be based on the usage of it. Imagine over 10k longu kills with it.

    Akbar, u did just few ticks for me so thanks a lot :D But go back when it was tier 0 - 6. Most of that was me and another friend ^^
  5. my pod had been stuck at 9.4 for over 8 months, and i cycled million peds before it hit 9.5
    now stuck again
    tiering is dynamic :D
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