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TIERING - Is It Worth It? - (Feedback Thread)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by MindStar9, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    No changes in my post ... except my wish regarding the additional items. MA changed it. Thank you MA ;-)

    Meanwhile: Ulla Jamira Braun was the first colonist to reach tier 1 for Castorian Combat EnBlade-10! I would never ever have risked my beloved EnBlade-10. Now I'm able to push it step by step. I appreciate that. Probably a tier 10 EnBlade-10 (UL) is close to a Rainbow (L). That would be great, coz the only L-items I have to use than would be vehicles and makeup masks. Good improvement! DOWN WITH THAT L-CRAP!
  2. Since I posted reply on some other site, I post here with additional info;)

    1 - What were your initial thoughts when the tiering system was first introduced?

    Well I had mixed feelings, but was mostly positive.

    2 - What would you consider to be the POSITIVE side of tiering?

    Improved tools/weapons, to fight bigger mobs etc.

    3 - What would you consider to be the NEGATIVE side of tiering?

    All enhancers takes upp to much space in inventory/storage so I had to buy handbags to carry them in[​IMG]
    And ofc the chance of loosing second item.
    It sux when a enhancer break after first use[​IMG]

    4 - Is there anything you would do different to make the tiering system more efficient?

    I wish we could buy the replicator from TT, I don't mind if it cost several hundred peds as long as I could tier up my bigger UL guns.

    5 - Have you had an item tiered? - If so, what item(s), and what were your experiences/benefits?

    I have so many items tiered, best ones is Starkhov AS129 tier 2, Marber foxtrot ME tier 2 and OF-105 tier 3.

    6 - Do you provide a tiering service? - If so, how is it working for you, and what is your rate of success?

    Not really a service, I can do it for soc members if they ask.

    7 - Overall, how would you rate the tiering system on a scale of 1-10, and why?

    6, would have been higher if we had replicator from TT and enhancers that don't break after just few uses.

    8 - Do you give permission to use your comments in a magazine article?


    9 - Do you give permission to use any photos submitted in a magazine article?


    Edit: I dident change my above answers though tiering changed.

    Additional info on new tiering system:

    Well I was surprised they actually changed it.
    This is the way it should have been in the first place, no risk loosing any item.
    It has some good side effect to, many people diden't took the risk tiering, afraid of loosing there valuable items, now they do it and get the wheels spinning in the economy, markup on ingredients raises, tier components, lyst etc isn't just TT food now.
    Of course this will level out over time.
    Overall I am happy for the change:)


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