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Those weird EU articles and interviews

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Tass, May 9, 2019.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Wondering about those weird EU articles and interviews that popped up earlier this year?

    MindArk's marketing agency is proud enough of them to promote their services with this achievement, this is what they say:

    "Maintaining media attention for a game old enough to earn its driver’s license is no easy task. That’s why we decided to celebrate and help roll out content update news by setting up several interviews between the MindArk team and prominent MMO gaming media websites. The interviews gave MMO experts and their readers a unique insight on the company behind the historical game, with one of them leading to a virtual walk-through of Entropia Universe with an editor who had never played it in the past. Our efforts secured awesome coverage placements in key vertical gaming media. Check out some of the notable hits below:​


    Some of the sites they managed to convince to cover EU have less visitors than EntropiaPlanets so I'd not really call them "key vertical gaming media". Lol.

    The thing is I happen to have some insights into a MMO site they'd consider "key vertical gaming media" for some time already. The postbox of that sites is constantly flooded with info about major content updates, events and launches of relatively new relatively popular MMOs but only very rarely one of these ever gets covered because it's simply too much.

    So I wonder how that worked out for MA's marketing agency. I mean: "Uh, we got this 16 year-old MMO your readers probably never have heard of and that just a bunch of weirdos are still playing but hey, it's got the biggest update of the recent years which changed the control scheme a little bit, that's certainly a reason to extensively cover it after ignoring it for 16 years, right?" Sounds odd... Just like it's odd that none of the articles had any criticism of EU...
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "changed the control scheme a little bit" = completely ruined it and only half patched it after the fact.

    - 3rd person is still confusing and dynamically inconsistent (I'm pressing A and my avatar is running forward... the fuck?)
    - still can't strafe in 3rd person unless runnning forward o_O
    - avatar changes where it is looking the moment you rotate the camera
    - 1st person has horribly laggy gun/arm movement animation leading to vomit storm

    many more issues that I'll get round to properly documenting when I get angry enough

    "Right now, we have a unique way to interact with the world"

    no... right now you have an UTTERLY SHIT way to interact the world... you DID have a unique way prior to when you MESSED IT RIGHT UP!

    "We also posted information on our forum and videos on our YouTube channel to identify what players felt are the most important. We take many things in consideration of what players say when moving forward."

    Utter Bollocks NO ONE wanted it
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