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Theres a new kid in town...

Discussion in 'Planet Arkadia' started by Jod, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Jod


    Installment 23 of the Arkadia back story has been released-Moonshine
  2. Jod


    Installment 24 of the Arkadia back story has been released-Refuelled
  3. Jod


    One of the Arkadia locals known as the 'Oweko'.
  4. Jod


    Installment 25 of the Arkadia back story has been released-Chiharo's Gamble
  5. Jod


    Some of the new Mining Gear to be found on Arkadia as posted on their Facebook page.

  6. Jod


    ok some big news to report this update...

    First of all its the final installment of the Arkadia back story-The Last Stand

    Then we have some very nice Alienware prizes available to be looted when Arkadia Launches-See their Facebook page or the Arkadia Forum for details.

    And finally....drum roll...a launch date has been announced!!
    Planet Arkadia Officially Launching 24th May 2011
  7. Thanks for the continuous update these past months on the forums Jod. Your efforts are much appreciated! :wink:
  8. Jod


    It's my pleasure mate and as long as you keep releasing them I'll keep posting them :thumbup:

    Though I slipped a bit and missed these screenshots...

    But this is hot off the Facebook page..

    A new weapon test video..
    This time its the Herman CAP-303 Desert (L)

    If you take a close look at the video you will notice this is one of at least 4 in the Herman CAP Desert series.
    There is also mention of the Hotfoot 25 (L) Amp,yet more new items :cool:

    Only 30 days to go.....
  9. Jod


    Some new screenshots of the Arkadia Firebases as posted on Facebook...


    Firebase with TP...

    Firebase with Command Post

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