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Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Ghostknife, Jan 21, 2010.


    Have a dispute you need settled? Think yours is the best soc on Planet Calypso?

    Compete in The Ultimate Team Tournament on OLA65 and flex your hunting and mining muscles, for your chance to win The Ultimate Prize Pool.

    The more you score, the more you win. Points will be awarded for all hunting globals and mining claims on OLA65, according to the following table.


    Score triple points for an Admiral Nelson. Any global worth 111 PEDs or multiples thereof is an Admiral Nelson e.g. 111, 222, 333 etc

    At the end of the tournament, points will be converted to PEDs to make up the grand prize.

    First prize will be 75% of the prize pool and second prize will be the remaining 25%.

    There is a maximum of 6 people in a team. Not all team members need to be present during every round. However team names and members must stay consistent throughout the tournament with one exception.

    You may have a benchwarmer. The role of the benchwarmer is for when you want to hunt/ mine but none of your team members are around. Use your benchwarmer to make up your team. Any points scored with a benchwarmer will be HALVED. Benchwarmers can change at any time and do not have to be part of the core team.

    As long as you are in a team, your mining claims will count towards your teams overall points. Mining screenshots must show: team name, claim deed clearly showing claim position and claim size, as well as time stamp. All claims MUST be inside of OLA65. To claim a mining nelson, global message must be visible in chat.

    Depending on team numbers, each week 2 teams will be assigned to compete against each other. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most wins will win the tournament.

    Event duration will depend on the number of teams that register. Teams must be registered by February 1st, 2010. Please register your team in this thread, clearly stating your team name and members.

    Provided, that there are enough teams registered, the tournament will begin on February 8th, 2010.
    The tournament schedule will be announced after team registration.

    Who will be THE ULTIMATE OLA65 TEAM?

    Nearest teleporter: Wolverine Hope
    if you are running Run east south east from wolverine hope, until you get to a lake, then swim south east. Once you reach the other side of the lake, you are almost at the land area; hit T and you should revive in OLA 65
    if you are using mind force tp Two lesser jumps southeast and then hit T and you should revive in OLA 65
    Revival coordinates: 39586, 45605


    ORES: belkar, dianum, terrudite, lysterium, copper, xeremite
    ENMATTERS: growth molecules, magerian mist, alicenicies liquid, typonolic steam, crude oil

    MOBS: 3 daikiba DNA set to max maturity and density.
    2 berycled DNA set to max maturity and density


    All hunting screenshots must show time, position and map (press U, P and M); global message must be visible in chat.

    In order for points to be scored, all mining claims and hunting globals must be INSIDE of OLA65.

    Screenshots must be posted here within 24 hours of ingame time stamp. Please do not edit your posts; make a new post if you wish to add something. Edited posts may be disqualified.

    Screenshots must be taken by the looter; if it is taken by another team member, the looter must clearly be on the radar and their healthbar lit up

    Any screenshots suspected of being Photoshopped or otherwise manipulated will be disqualified.

    xX Ghostknife Xx and xX Phujitive Xx are the judges and our decisions are final in the event of any disputes.

    Good luck and thank you for supporting OLA 65.
    Cheers, Phuji and Ghosty
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