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The Strikehammer

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by McCormick, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Today was the day I lent Ronis Strikehammer, as I was so bored of mining and crafting.


    I ran through hordes of kerberos, fully overkilling. But it was pure fun again. ;D


    I must have tried nearly every mob I was able to kill with my 173 hp + CandyCrush Armor...200 PED test runs on each mob.


    The loot was beyond terrible, but as I have enough spare PEDs, this wasnt a problem.


    Each 10 mobs or so, a 20 PED loot showed up. Every hunt. No matter the mob.


    I never ran so much...in my whole PE time...


    I even fought Compets...


    I even tried to craft with the Strikehammer...


    It got dark outside and really needed a pause. Also I wanted to keep some PEDs for next weekend. Jesus Christ, how much does one have to deposit, to enjoy 8 hours of Strikehammer (amped) every weekend. @_@ (considering a very bad return)

    lost all.

    Never in my whole PE life, I "lost" so much... ;D

    In the end, I did truly enjoy Entropia for 8 hours straight today. Thank you, Sir Roni. :)

    Ratatatatata, ratatatatata...even an afk Master got in my way. ;p
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