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The Sky is (not??) falling....

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Spawn, May 15, 2019.

  1. Analysis of the result for Entropia Universe
    MindArk's results, as previously mentioned, plus SEK 2.9 million for the fiscal year 2018 ends. the company's aggregate results have been negatively affected by side projects. The company has wanted to expand partly by developing an app (ComPet Game) and partly by creating a marketplace for virtual objects (DeepToken). However, both these projects / products have only generated costs and no revenues during the financial year. In 2018, ComPet Game generated external costs of SEK 2 million, internal personnel costs of SEK 0.3 million and depreciation and write-downs of SEK 6.5 million. DeepToken has generated external costs of SEK 4.1 million and internal costs of SEK 1.4 million. Looking only at Entropia Universe and its revenues and expenses, you get an operating profit of SEK 20.4 million and a profit before tax of SEK 17.1 million, ie Entropia Universe is an extremely profitable product."


    or translation: despite two major fuckups with compet and deeptoken, we still managed to squeeze the orange out of 17.1 million sek.
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Imagine what they could have accomplished if they'd focused solely on that extremely profitable product.
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Oh. The real interesting info is hidden deep in the attachments...

    So you thought MindArk was done with ICOs and tokens? Think again:


    They share the address of MindArk, and obviously MA is owner of that company. A company encouraging you to invest in a green plan./ Because MA is so great at creating ICOs and investment opportunities. Fuck EU, fuck learning a lesson from past failures, just launch something else, trying to catch on with the latest hype (ThE eNvIrOnMeNt), and what better way to sucker more dumb people out of their hard earned cash?

    I hoped they'd finally deliver Planet Cyrene. Seems like they already made other plans. Just like when they attempted the ICO. And Compet before that.

    The sky might not be falling, but this is where I'll try and sell out completely. I've already put in 1 withdrawal, and rest assured that these Swedish pricks will not see another dime of my money deposited into their accounts.
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Addendum 14 is also a fucking gem. MA has positions in something called Rufoid AB. The fuck is Rufoid AB? I still don't know, but apparently Jan's kids are in on it:

    Styrelse/övriga bevakande befattningar (4)
    • Leo Haldo Roland Welter (f. 1988)
      Ordinarie ledamot , Styrelseordförande
    • Per Daniel Viktor Frostmo (f. 1988)
    • Charlie Efraim Lindholm (f. 1988)
      Ordinarie ledamot
    • Adrian Tim Welter (f. 1992)
      Ordinarie ledamot


    Just in case you were worried that MA wasn't just squabbling your deposits away.
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  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "The player debt, ie unused user funds, increased from 105.4 during the financial year
    million PED to PED 112.1 million, an increase of PED 6.7 million. Total debt increased
    also in SEK but to a much higher degree when the exchange rate SEK / USD has gone from SEK 8.23 / USD at
    last year at 8.97 SEK / USD last December 2018 (10 PED = 1 USD). It resulted in that
    The debt increased by SEK 13.7 million in SEK, from SEK 86.8 million to SEK 100.5 million.
    The total amount "assets not yet consumed by users" is a variable amount that
    varies with the different activities within Entropia Universe. Historical figures show that 30 - 35%
    (commuted between the last 15 years) of funds deposited by the users. The rest
    has been consumed or remained on users' accounts in the form of inventory or cash in
    form of the virtual currency PED.
    However, it is a prerequisite for the survival of the product Entropia Universe that MindArk pays
    the requested withdrawals and therefore the part of the player debt, which is likely to be a withdrawal,
    be expensed.
    With these facts in hand, the assessment is that the real debt is 33% of the player debt
    is present at the time of booking. This means that the real debt at year-end 2018
    is PED 37 million, which gives SEK 33.2 million. Player debt provisions therefore have
    year-end adjusted both for this and currency adjusted."
  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "Other income includes revenues from the sale of Arkadia Moon Deeds (a total of 2.4 million)"

    Interesting, I thought Arkadia Moon Deeds is Arkadia stuff. Is it now MindArk that's deveoping Planet Arkadia?
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Still laughing at this:

    "Planet Calypso Forum
    Initial acquisition value 188 421"
  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I thought MindArk is owning and developing both EU and Planet Calypso. What's Planet Calypso AB and Entropia Universe AB doing? What does it mean that Entropia Universe made an operating profit of +20M but Planet Calypso AB made a total of -7k? I mean... if Entropia Universe AB is doing the platform development and Planet Calypso AB is doing the Calypso development then it's easy for MindArk PE AB to make profit from that company's part of Entropia Universe...
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  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "Net deposits in Entropia Universe in 2018 ended at PED 78.5 (SEK 68.2 million)"

    MindArk "Net sales 62,091,429"

    Doesn't this give an insight into the state of planet partners?
  11. Holy sh!t...where to start ? @_@

    With Spawns senseless "Entropia Universe is an extremely profitable product" and his 2 major fuckups ?

    Seems like Spawn must have simply forgotten about things like the CLD landplot scam-disaster, for example...eh, peanuts, right ? ;D

    gg ez, good job on that one. Go fund mindbank and/or the cashcard, the next time it will show up again.
    Im sure your money will make Mindark profitable as well.


    Or.... shall I start with "Mindark going to save the world" now ?

    Really ? Mother nature & the professional scammers at Mindark ?

    Fuck...now Im speechless and I want to invest !
    Mindark will save the world ! Dont you know ?

    Green Fund Finance

    CEO : David Simmonds
    President: Timkrans Senior
    Board Member: Sir Jerk-rot
    Formed: August 2018​

    You got to be fucking kidding me ?!

    I really really start to wonder about the swedish "trading supervision department", the konsumentenverket and the government itself.

    Do no other officials actually SEE, what is going on here ? Since a decade ! :'D

    Honestly, just when I thought there is nothing more to add...this company even manages to step past the zenith, with just another fucked up scam...even involving mother nature...how crude can a company be...using mother nature to scam "loyal patrons" ?
    LOL, Im fully aware how many companies do that...and I dont support any of them.

    Ooowwww and there is PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) again..those guys, that worked hard on publishing the $-transparency of Compet...*rofl*

    Mindark got "awarded" by vinnova with 200.000$, for their never released VR business platform...Mindark even milked the European Space Agency...and noone else in sweden actually SEEs this ? Whatever, even Spawn missed these mentionable "fuckups"...

    So, thank god, there are people like messi ($-support) and Spawn (to parrot pr-gibberish and numbers)...to make Entropia a profitable product...gratz !

    Thanks for sharing NotAdmin !
    Even if this is actually a very, very sad topic...and it will be the next "big one" on my blog.

    In the tradition of...

    greenfund finance2.

    greenfund finance3.

    greenfund finance.



    Im aware of swestep...so dont fuck with me on this matter.

    Look whos at 0:15 :

    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I have absolutely no idea about accounting but one conclusion I would draw from what I've read:

    Fire everyone who thought ComPet was a good idea, fire everyone who thought Deep Token was a good idea, instead hire those "industry veterans" other successful game developers rely on.
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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    In short, terminate the entire board. Timkrans and Simmonds are absolutely fucking clueless. Neither of them have any qualifications whatsoever. Why on earth anyone would accept these fucking idiots on a board of directors is beyond me.

    According to the share spilt, Timkrans no longer holds a majority share. I do not know who his main buddies are, but it ought to be real fucking easy convincing them not to side with that fuckwit anymore, unless they seriously love pissing away their money, as they apparently have been happy to do for the last few years. How on earth Timkrans still holds any power whatsoever is beyond me. That guy ought to have been sued into complete and utter bankruptcy by now by both investors, partners, and players.

  14. Yes, neptoism, as "Rufoid AB" actually is Kim Welter...founded in 2014.

    But father would never screw with his own son...you know ? ;D

    (no matter how much Kim hyped Compet...he was aware...)

    Dragon Defense is also available on steam. (release late 2018)


    rufoid ab 2014.

    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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