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The political citizenship system (7 year anniversary)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. As there arent any content announcements by developer MindArk anymore and a giant xmas sale is about to happen (soon)... x'D...grab some hot cacao / cold beer and enjoy another piece of lost history :

    In 2011, MindArk announced the political system, together with the already failed CLD(x) deed system aka. LandPlotSystem...

    The Landplotsystem, you know ? Announced in 2015, silence for 1 year...then it died in early 2016 with the introduction of...gardening...grow some plants...we never heard of it again...just btw. ...

    Anyway, 7 years ago, Mr. Timkrans said :

    “This system will provide planet-wide revenue sharing to participants, as well as a forthcoming political system that will allow users to influence the future development of the planet."

    "They can both share in the revenues of their favourite world and help decide its future via the political system! “

    Do I have to mention that this system never arrived ? Of course not, this is the world of swedish tradtion of excellence...

    While it indeed just sounded like the re-introduction of a simple vooting booth, that we had in 2004...where you could vote for day night cycles...which never happened anyway, until CE2 arrived in 2010...people instantly complained about day night cylces. x'D

    voting booth.

    When MA initiated their fucked up "Vote for our virtual president" in january of 2016...noone actually voted, yet Neverdie became our president *lol*...talking about teleportation fees and the re-introducton of voting booths...then again, he never was our president, Mindark dumped all those plans...and here we are, soon 2019...no voting booths. No president. No political system.

    Any questions ? No ? Ok, case closed.
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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    It's a blessing in disguise they never delivered this otherwise would have had a half baked non functional system
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  3. If I had gotten 10 PED, everytime something got not or half delievered, because it was only imagination and PR sh!t...
  4. Dab


    "If I had gotten 10 PED, everytime something got not or half delievered, because it was only imagination and PR sh!t..."

    By now you'd have enough PEDs to upload your consciousness into MA's mainframe.
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  5. Evil Corp seeded our imagination with a vision they knew we’d buy into whilst knowing full well they were incapable of delivering this.

    They routinely lie to their player base in order to survive and somehow get away with it.

    Just say ‘No!’.
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  6. San


    I always wondered what kind of questions the public would be given to vote for at all. Lacking evidence to the contrary, I can only imagine that they either could never make up their minds themselves, or came to the conclusion to rather not subject anything of importance to the whims of the plebs. If this was the only instance of backing out of a half-baked idea, I think nobody would hold a grudge.
  7. I could think of many important questions :

    -Do you like uploading "consciousnesses ?" yes/no/maybe/I dont know
    -Do you like deepthroats&coins ? yes/no/maybe/I dont know
    -Do you like mindbanking ? yes/no/maybe/I dont know
    -Do you like cameras ? yes/no/maybe/I dont know
    -Do you like your virtual president ? yes/no/maybe/I dont know
    "Your future hunting ROI is beeing calculated"
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  8. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    The questions would only be a small fraction of the political system. The political system itself I suspect is designed in detail. They just don't have the know how to bring it to fruition
  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I cannot believe you all are trashing this wonderful system. We elected the President of Virtual Reality, for god's sake. Are you not enjoying the millions of jobs he created? Hasn't Virtual Reality been completely redefined under his careful guidance? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
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  10. he said billions ... india and bangladesh have run out of manpower already :nana:
  11. happy billions everyone !
  12. bump x'D

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