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The official affiliate program by MindArk (2009-20xx) and the german XARXA GmbH

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. https://entropialoot.wordpress.com/magazines-ezines-etc/
    Entropia times has several articles... that's the Calypso stuff I think she's talking about. She also used to have a blog that she advertised the hell out of with her 3 or 4 facebook accounts (tou in fb only allow you to have one).. cannot find her old blog without doing some searching on internet archive, etc. since it's long gone.

    She basically wrote a lot of stuff until Monria finally hired her on as DME, and then it wasn't until the community outed her as MS9 that anyone was made aware that it was just another alt of hers while the regular ms9 was put on ice. She wrote up most of the 'story' for Cyrene (while using an alt there to access some parts of the game that she didn't want main avatar on at the same time, or was that Arkadia where she did that?... maybe both...) and is currently working on the story for Monria when not hunting heavily on Monria using peds Monria gives her to do so monthly, or using another alt to run the mothership that Monria has about 4 people running as an alt avatar (not that that hurts in game business for other mothership owners at all, lol)

    I personally like her writing style and interest in Entropia (although she could use a few classes or lessons in script or dialogue writing since most of the monologues and dialogues in her stories are complete drivel) but the blatent use of alts, and brown nosing her way in to where she is just makes you go well... hmm... especially since Mindark seems to allow it without any hesitation... almost like they want to use her as an example of how others should be using alts all the time to do every damn thing on every planet at the same time even though support tickets asking if you can do likewise say otherwise... no special treatment at all here...
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I think you might be reading too much into that statement. Kris and Ed both have always acted professionally with regards to what they can and cannot reveal, and with the interest of the community in mind. I think Kris means he will help correct whatever inaccuracies there might be on the site in order to ensure the community has access to up-to-date information, but only those tidbits that are "known". I.e. no upcoming or undiscovered items, nor any other "secret" or "to-be-discovered" stats.

    As for MS, her involvement in the EntropiaTimes magazine, like Lykke's and mine was purely as a player. We'd be able to get interviews with PPs and sometimes MA people, but always from the player perspective. No insider info was ever revealed to any of us in that capacity, and other than covering costs for for shipping and handling of the magazines (on top of the purchase price we charged for the printed magazine - which allowed us to break even on the costs to get it printed), no financial compensation was ever made for the time and energy spent on the magazines. I can tell you, though, that especially MS and Lykke (and of course everyone else involved) spent countless hours on the writing, editing and layout of the magazine.

    I know that when Lykke was hired as a CM for Cyrene, she was forced to retire her avatar. I'm not sure the same happened with MS9, but it wouldn't surprise me. From what I recall, Ed and her spent time going over the Cyrene lore, allowing MS9 to craft storylines and build more of the history of the planet. I don't know much more than that, but enjoyed working with her on the magazine.
  3. possibly overreaction, yes, but just annoying seeing Cyrene help out who I think is the avatar that got banned at PCF for putting affiliate links all over the darn place all the time... wasn't sure Kris & Co. were aware of all of that... should be fairly obvious but a lot of times things that are Crystal Clear to us over here is not so clear to others.

    below is a copy of my reply over there in that thread just so it may be more clear to those reading here about what the hell I'm going on about...
    I don't really have any proof that Thantos and Venture Bros are the same guy except that some of the stuff on the Cyrene Secrets website seems to be attributed to him. Could be an alt or just some close friends... but either way, that Cyrene Secrets site seems to have been created like the other tutorials Venture made solely to spam his affiliate link... such activity is what got him banned on pcf.

    not something the folks behind a Planet Partner should be helping out with imho.
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    @Kris - Cyrene is probably not aware of it. But now he is ;) Still, if the site he hosts doesn't have affiliate links, I'm not sure any harm is done. But if he is (ab)using Team Cyrene's genirosity in order to capitalize on it, I'm sure we could provide an alternative on the EntropiaPlanets wiki.
  5. I still have my affiliate link even though my sites been gone for awhile. I might make a youtube video or something promoting it in relation to weed soon.

  6. Thanatos is not me. I just was a big supporter of the cyrene community until I realised their the same as all the others...
  7. Btw just to confirm, the affiliate program has not changed at all since I joined. Their not making changes or improving or testing... it's been the same since it released or ar least since I joined.

    I applied over and over for my old site pedtoclick but was denied over and over. Eventually I was offered to be the Canadian Representative of the game and that is how I got my link. At one point they wanted country reps and contacted me. A day after I signed up, the ceo at the time David messaged me in related to my pedtoclick link request at a lower rate! Haha I told him I was already accepted by a different team. Shows how much they communicate in the office.

    I did sign an NDA but good luck showing this convo as a breach... We affilaites just can't talk about how the decay system works.
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  8. San


    How do you get to that level of knowledge by just being an affiliate doing promotion?
  9. Affiliate earnings are based on decay thus the system is disclosed to us.
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  10. @Venture Bros

    Mind providing exact dates when "the team" contacted you and when and how "David" contacted you ?

    You may want to remove your link from your signature...(?)

    ref link leads to you, user "Dorsch" and it then opens chinese sites for other referal/chinese lottery systems, which I dont really want to inspect any further. ;)

    venture dorsch ped2click link.
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  11. Isn't my signature blank?

    It's pointing to an old domain I let expire I suppose.

    Where is the link so I can remove it?
  12. venture link.
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  13. David messaged me after I joined to let me in on 2016-11-02
    He said this:
    We are in the process of redesigning our affiliate system, but I think we could set one up now to get you started. I have attached the application doc/agreement, please return the completed document and we will assess the application and approve/reject as soon as possible.

    I can't seem to find the email for when I was signed up by someone else... it's there somewhere I'll check again later. I was always contacted via email to my account email.
  14. Wierd it says its blank for me.. i changed it to test is it still there?
  15. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    it's gone now. thanks :beerchug:
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  16. whooops

    I can also not SEE my [​IMG][​IMG]
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  17. while editing....but it there...and if you edit it dissapears when posting
  18. Well glad we got that solved. Don't want to be linking to someone squatting on my old domains. Hard to keep up with that stuff on older sites.

    Anyways any questions about the aff program I can reveal?
  19. Sure...
    How many did you lure into Entropia ?
    Did you get a % overview per victim ?
    Did you recieve a message ingame (popup) that said "here take 0,37 PED" ?
    Got a scan of the all the documents you recieved ?

  20. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I have attached the application doc/agreement, please return the completed document and we will assess the application and approve/reject as soon as possible

    Can we see those? :) (doubt it) blah

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