The official affiliate program by MindArk (2009-20xx) and the german XARXA GmbH

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  1. Nope, (s)he deosnt want to talk either and stay anonymous.
    Because this is all totally top secret...and if you breach an NDA, David Simmonds will haunt you in your dreams. x'D
  2. Poor guy. Pond is calling..really I mean it.. you need to get out more then I?! OMG did I say that?
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  3. The system never existed for us...only planet partners and Venture & OZTwo recieved a answered, they would announce, should the system ever return...they did it is (still) non existant, but :

    Apperantly Venture was luring dozens of people into Entropia...made a living out of his affiliate income *lol* and is now pissed... ,-)

    Do you still make a living out of the affiliate program, OZTwo ? Or does only Venture make a pretty penny here ? x'D

    affiliate venture 2018.jpg
  4. It seems Venture only recieved a code, as he is luring in hundres and thousands of people into EU *lol* is OZTwo, I guess ;D ...wait, did Venture just break the NDA/EULA ? Or is he telling bs ? Or both ? x'D

    According to support, this system is not active, except for PPs...just saying.

    And I mean, the original developer from germany, was forced to stfu by MindArk...

    I sense the bullshit is strong with this one...

    affiliate venture 2018 2.jpg
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    That's interesting! So essentially it is the same as EntropiaPartners, i.e. you get a payback for the activity of your affiliates. I wonder what percent?

    Confidently bring in hundreds of thousands of users? O_O Are MA smoking the good stuff again? Even THEY can't do that much!

    Maybe there isn't an NDA for the affiliate program?
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  7. Wait wait wait, the emissary program was just another epic fail. It had nothing to do with the affiliate crap. :D
    Also you had to answer questions about entropia to get a rank up...and to recieve prizes...

    And as far as I know, nobody ever recieved those chips, as the emissary program died...ofc, lol ?!

    You really got some chips ?! For clicking the mindark link with fake accounts ? I dont remember that kind of option between all those stupid questions...and I unlocked some items as well...that I never recieved... x'D

    The affilliate program is :
    Make people register to Entropia Universe, through your special link and recieve part of their decay for a lifetime...
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  8. He has a slick tutorial website. You can signup from there, which is easier to type than the entropia universe one.
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  9. I don’t know about anyone else but even though I like money I’d have a severe conscience problem luring innocents into EU knowing what I (now) know about their operation.

    It’s like selling your soul for cash.

    Likewise I never buy tobacco or ‘defence’ stocks for reasons of personal ethics.
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  10. NotAdmin

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    Same here. I used to encourage people to check EU out when it was still called PE. Haven't done that in years, after witnessing the shite way MindArk treats its customers.
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  11. Tass

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    Does anyone have any idea about the current state of the affiliate program? A relatively big MMO site & YT channel was recently (2019) interested in the program but MindArk didn't reply to their inquiries for weeks. Yet I recently (2019) saw streamers with a tiny number of followers advertise their affiliate links. What's wrong there? Asking for friend ;)
  12. Regarding XARXA, you better talk to "Stefan Krueger" himself...but, uh...he already got scared and too bad he's tied to an NDA.
    MindArk wont talk, so I guess this isnt even a oneway. x'D
  13. Update: (thanks to the AMA)

    Existing since 2009...Henrik now (2019) calls the affiliate program "beeing in an early state".

    Support and officials never commented on it again. The german guy behind the original idea got silenced by Mindark,
    after I contacted him personally.

    So, after 10 years we are still "in an early state" ? Not bad...

    affiliate 2019 lol.jpg
  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Lol, ok. Maybe in the next AMA we can ask for the requirements to be accepted as an affiliate, as we, EntropiaPlanets, didn't receive any reply to several requests about this affiliate program over the years, also that medium sized MMO site with for example the YT channel with 30k subs and all MMO enthusiasts and the plan to start a soc in EU accompanied by articles, videos and livestreams didn't receive any reply to several requests ~4-6 weeks ago. I guess the occasional streamer with the 2 concurrent viewers produces enough statistic data to rely on for the swift development of the program and reaching an Early Alpha state in 2022.
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  15. If you are still interested who was (still is) behind the "official affiliate program" (which is always in an early stage, since 2009) and what else he has done in his life,
    here is the full story of Stefan Krüger from germany :

    Not a single word about Entropia or a swedish company anymore though. ^^

    Took me some time, but its avatar "Zefram ZC Cochrane" from "Project-Asylum Corp." society, who is behind the "Official Entropia Affiliate Program".

    Now its even more interesting why only "special Entropia participants" recieved a affiliate the code was meant for companies and not for individual use.

    zefram PAC Stefan Krüger.jpg

    "Project-Asylum Corp." you know..

    PAC soc.jpg
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  17. no insider info for affiliates?... ;)

    It's the whole MS9 getting info from inside all over again... but on a more blatent scale.

  18. Care to elaborate ?
    It is no secret MS9 was involved into so called "storywriting" for Calypso and Cyrene. But Im eager to hear more...




  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    She wrote stuff for Calypso? I didn't know that. Any examples?
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