The official affiliate program by MindArk (2009-20xx) and the german XARXA GmbH

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  1. Update : (27.4.2020)

    The devloper of the official affiliate program is :

    Stefan Krüger = Avatar "Zefram ZC Cochrane" from "Project-Asylum Corp." society.

    zefram PAC Stefan Krüger.jpg

    SEE post #36


    In 2009 MindArk started their "Lifetime" provision affiliate program (for selected players). We have now reached 2020...

    Some got a referral code and then this affiliate program dissapeared from the public. Latest support cases about this matter got answered with a "we inform you when we will start it again".

    A discussion got started about it in 2009 here as well...but as there was no more news... :

    Then, 3 years later, in 2012, the developer Notes #4 call the affiliate program "in an early stage", hoping to release it in 2013. Hum...

    affiliate launch 2012 2013.jpg

    Then, in the dev news 2014, they said, they are still working on the affiliate system...hoping for its release in 2015 : (additonally throwing in the citizenship/political system, which we also never heard of again)

    affiliate political 2014.jpg

    Anyway, in 2009 the "XARXA GmbH" from germany went public with it, using a "custom calypso site" and a "custom calypso email", but claimed to be the official site for this new system. If I remember correctly, this was indeed the one and only site about the official affiliate program by MindArk...

    And while MindArk claimed to "be working on the system" since 2009...this guy claimed to be the developer of this affiliate program. Tinfoil hat anyone ?
    Changes are high this is/was a german long term Entropia player, making out special deals with MindArk (First planet Company).

    On the site it says :
    "neues Partnerprogramm, das von dem deutschen Unternehmen aus Berlin entwickelt wurde und in Zusammenarbeit mit der „First Planet Company AB“ betreut wird."

    Translated :
    "new partner program, developed by the german company from berlin, in partnership with "First Planet Company AB".

    3 affiliate links are publically known so far:

    Entropia Life Website: (shakle13401)

    Avatar Pig Benis: (bresch14501)
    (abbrevation of his reallife name)

    Avatar OzTwo (Opaloman): (OzTwo201411)
    (his forum avatar name)

    These codes/links are still pointing towards the official Entropia site...rumor has it, these people still recieve ten thousands of PEDs per day for luring in hundreds and hundreds of avatars into Entropia. To be precise, 1000 avatars per day, according to an article on forbes magazine... xD

    affiliate frank 2009.jpg

    xarax affiliate.jpg

    It did then link to various "" sites like :

    (SEE full english google translation in post 2)


    Planet Calypso Affiliate Program
    Stefan Krueger
    Storkower Strasse 141
    10407 Berlin
    Deutschland – Germany

    Tel.: +49(0)30 40526808
    Fax: +49(0)30 20237311


    Umsatzsteuer ID: DE217188659

    Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich – falls in der
    Mitteilung nicht anders angegeben – bitte an:

    XARXA Media GmbH
    Stefan Krüger
    Tel. +49(0)30 40526808


    When you wanted to register, you had give away everything !
    All reallife info and banking info.

    Keeping mind, MindArk never officially commented on that site ! :'D
    xarax register 1.jpg xarax register  2.jpg

    The site is now "owned" by a domain reseller

    So, who was/is Stefan Krueger from germany and why did he start this site ?

    Keeping in mind, that some results got removed from google by now.

    What was this all about ?

    In todays world, he is selling car-parts via ebay (user: wheels4fun_berlin):

    xarax stefan krüger.jpg

    xarax stefan krueger.jpg
    He was using 3 names on ebay since the year 2000 :
    (ff75ff beeing the color fuchsia-pink in html) ;p
    xarax ebay names.jpg

    He moved to a new location in Berlin already. Thank you ebay.

    Hes also calling himself the CEO on his beer site:

    How I know its really him ? Now, his old "AGB" from wheels4fun revealed the exact same adress he used on the "planet calypso affilliate" site.

    xarax wheels4fun old adress.jpg

    I did contact this guy and asked for a small interview, so you guys got something to read, while its cold outside. ;p
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  2. english google translation from 1st post :

    Affiliate program: "Planet Calypso", the Secound Life Alternative, with a new affiliate program
    Short Description: Planet Calypso MMORPG (Massive Muliplayer Online Role Playing Game) strengthens its community with real revenue sharing and instant payouts. The MMORPG operator "First Planet Company AB" sets in the expansion of its community of players to the well-known online game "Planet Calypso" in the future on a new affiliate program, unlike other providers, based on an immediate commission payment and a real revenue share. With over 900,000 members from around the world, the well-known multiplayer online game has so far been guided solely by the recommendations of active players to its name recognition. With the increase of the current turnover volume of 420 million dollar the operators of the virtual play set now however on a new partner program, which was developed by the German enterprise from Berlin and in co-operation with the "First Planet Company AB" is looked after. This allows weekly payouts and a revenue share of up to 15 percent. [​IMG]

    Special offer with Lifetime commission for the launch of the "Planet Calypso" partner program
    "Planet Calypso" sets standards with its new commission model

    The current success of the online game "Planet Calypso" was caused solely by the exchange of information between active players. This should be not only intensified with the new partner program of the game operator "First Planet Company AB", but also extended to external portals. The partner model offers lucrative opportunities to participate in the success of Planet Calypso. Immediate commission payouts and longer payout periods are just two of the advantages that differentiate the model from those of other vendors, where one-time payments or the achievement of certain sales values are the rule. Payments will be made weekly at the "Planet Calypso Affiliate Program" and from the first Active Player provided. Each partner is involved in the sales of its "Planet Calypso" members - and thus in the real turnover of the game. It expects him a five-year payout between 3 and 15 percent of the generated turnover of the introduced players:

    Sales Limit Dollars Players Involved (Approx) * Percentage American Dollars Euro **
    Up to 20,000 500 3% 300 200
    Up to 20,000 1,000 3% 600 400
    From 20,000 1,000 5% 1,000 700
    From 30,000 1,500 7% 2,100 1,450
    From 70,000 3,500 10% 7,000 4,800
    From 125,000 6,250 12% 15,000 10,400
    From 200,000 10,000 15% 30,000 21,300

    Player numbers are $ 20 per player per month. Really, these numbers can be significantly higher or lower depending on the player's spending.
    ** Euro values have been calculated with a Euro / Dollar exchange rate between 1.44-1.50.

    Therefore, acquiring active players over a certain period of time should not be a problem for topic portals or other websites. The graphic implementation of the advertising material is provided by the "Planet Calypso Affiliate Program". The partner program thus offers excellent earning opportunities in the short, medium and long term and gives you the chance to participate in the success of "Planet Calypso" from the beginning.

    Special offer to start the Planet Calypso Partner Program

    For the launch of the "Planet Calypso Affiliate Program" there is a unique and until 31.12.2009 temporary special offer for all registered in this period affiliate partner. Each partner who belongs to the program until then receives a so-called "lifetime commission" instead of the five-year revenue share per new active participant. This means that every newly recruited player (even after 31.12.09) of the Planet Calypso brings a permanent income as long as the player is active.

    "Planet Calypso" is conquering the world

    The online game operated by the company "First Planet Company AB" was developed in 1995 by the Swedish company "Mindark PE AB" and has been operating in live status since 2003. "Planet Calypso" stands out not only by the new affiliate program, but also by unique features in the game itself of many classic MMORPGs and thus advanced to an online game in a class of its own. The incredibly positive acceptance of the game led to the development of a German, Spanish and French user client that could meet the needs of all players. Other translations such as Chinese, Korean and Russian will follow soon.

    Your own currency makes virtual skill a real gain

    A big unique selling point of "Planet Calypso" is the economic system. This unique system also sets the online game apart from other MMORPG providers. The free monthly non-recurring game has its own currency (Project Entropia Dollar - PED), which is based on a 10: 1 ratio to the American dollar on real money. With a little experience and virtual skill, the budget can become real wealth. Deposits into the game are also possible at any time as well as payouts directly to the bank account of a teammate. The recently acquired Swedish banking license also protects the funds deposited under the Deposit Guarantee Fund against total loss.

    The CryEngine2 software technology impresses with its realistic presentation

    The Crytek engine, which was developed in 2007, set new standards in the gaming sector with its graphics quality and also convinces with "Planet Calypso" with a detailed and photorealistic representation. By means of this software own planets with own optics and own Storylines in the Entropia Universe can be formed. The imagination of the planet operators are no limits. No competitor can offer this graphical component in his online games, making "Planet Calypso" unique. Increasing user numbers and revenues are preprogrammed on the basis of this leading 3D software alone.


    Planet Calypso Affiliate Program
    Stefan Krueger
    Storkower Strasse 141
    10407 Berlin
    Germany - Germany

    Tel .: +49 (0) 30 40526808
    Fax: +49 (0) 30 20237311


    If you have any questions, please contact us
    Message not stated otherwise - please contact:

    XARXA Media GmbH
    Stefan Kruger
    Tel. +49 (0) 30 40526808

    Latest news:

    [​IMG] 18.12.17 | OMKB - Online Marketing Conference Bielefeld ...
    [​IMG] 13.11.17 | NEW: BB Promotion - Internationally successful ...
    [​IMG] 17.07.17 | One off - Negative interest rates for installment loans at smava ...
    [​IMG] 06.07.17 | LaShoe: Affiliate program with 10 percent ...
    [​IMG] 16.05.17 | Experts & Insights, Friends & News: The Affiliate ...
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  3. Good going Opaloman !
  4. Fun fact I have a key. I a long while back I asked if MA had such program and they stated that they did and gave me a Arkadia Key. They wanted to give me a Calypso Key but I asked for Arkadia.

    Please make me some money and sign up today!!
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  5. I got an reply by that guy on the december 26.
    He acted friendly, wished my merry xmas as well and asked what this interview might be good for.
    I told him, its for historical reasons...but he havent answered since then.
  6. Today I got informed by the "inventor" of this affiliate program, that he finally recieved a reply by MindArk.

    You wonder if MA made him shut up ? Or will he answer my questions now ?

    "Any further questions have to be directed towards MindArk only ;)" is what he wrote

    Keeping in mind, I already did that many, many moons ago and never recieved any official reply at all...why are you so lame and boring MindArk, why ? -_-
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  7. Oh, please. You mean to tell me that MindArk doesn't like talking with you at all? I wonder why? :)

    As I stated, a long while a go I did a test to see if I could get a CC code and got one in the same bloody day. :)
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  8. This was just (another) attempt to provide some history to the community and posting some facts about it.
    Epic fail, as dozens of times before.

    If it was only me, where MA is acting stubborn as a child...if it was only me. *sigh*
    Ya, that would be very special already...but I think you do know how it feels to be special, beeing forever alone with your CC Code. ;)

    If not, I do...practicing it by myself on the forums since some time now. But I wont stop. You wont stop. We are unstoppable.

    Heeyyyy, maybe you could ask MA about the "history" of the affiliate program and how one german guy was supposed to be the original inventor of it, how they got in contact, as special partner of the affiliate program...I bet you dont even have David Simmonds private mobile phone number...just ask if you need it, Ill ask him if it would be okay to share it with you...if he ever picks up his phone again seeing me calling, that is.

    In the end, it is just something to read for us, some background information for your community.
    And how MA lied and failed once more. You do realize it failed, do you ?
    Come on ! You are a part of it ! You can make it !

    Im sure we could get all answers this way. Either by official email or phone.
    Are you with me ?! :'D

    Just joking, I deleted him many years ago. And no, I dont think you would recieve all the answers either.
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    A test? Interesting. I ask as I have a secret project that it might be useful to have one for. That is if I ever finish it. (latest aim is Halloween - seems to be a popular date to do things)
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  10. Yes, my fun of the game. When to many bitching starts up on PCF I go out and see what happens on a given subject. If I'm right I got the CC about the time all including MC were bitching about not being able to get a CC. I even got banned from PCF for a while after getting it if you remember due to me posting the link. I even contacted MA over that -- and no I don't use support cases..I call directly and did get un-banned and about that time the forum changed a bit. -- remember the mod changes?

    My other test was back when all were bitching about contacting the SGA over the Explosive Projectiles blueprints. I still to this day love what the SGA told me about them and that is we are not gambling because this game is based on skill trade and because of that we are not gambling. The only real question I do have is how much is MA paying off the SGA to say that. :bigsmile:

    Edit: sorry my bad, I did open a support case to get the CC.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sorry I'm confused, what was the test? "Not bitching" was the test? or did they ask you about what you find fun in the game? Yes I remember a period of moderation that was... ludicrous to say the least. Probably more than one of them to be honest.

    SGA is Second Golden Age right? or Swedish Gambling Authority perhaps? ;)
  12. Hmm. Damn I guess that is what SGA stands for..but I always poked fun at MA for naming it after Swedish Gambling Authority.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So what is the test again? No biggie if you don't want to/can't say. I was just curious. While I'll admit I've done, and continue to do, my fair share of moaning about MA I like to think I've never exaggerated or made up anything that wasn't true. I remember one of them once commenting that a far worse scenario than people moaning would be if they stopped caring altogether. I'd like to think they have no use for a fan who never speaks ill of them regardless. Better to have someone who will give credit where credit is due and tell them to pull their act together when that is needed also. (with such a large planet - there is a lot of that which is needed ;) )

  14. What is the 'test'? Well, I guess when I see a lot of people bitching over and over again (on PCF) about how it sucks or what not, I try it myself to see if it works. That I guess is the 'test'. It is very simply really.
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    unlike your explanation that makes about this much sense.

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  16. This thing is nearly 10 years old by now. A handfull of people (incl. plant partners) recieved a code.

    Hey OZTwo, did you recieve a Compet affiliate code as well ? ;D
  17. Nope, ever tried Compets since I learned even before the beta that it was't going to be linked. So yes, as I stated even I knew Compets was going to crash hard.

    But you know, I should have done more with my code. I mostly just got it to prove to others that there was such a program and all one needed to do was ask MA for it. If i'm right it was you on the forum crying to me that it was impossible. :)
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    In that case, if I ever get my Entropia Project (Project Entropia?) into a semi deliverable state I might ask them for one.

    What do they actually get you incidentally? Some sorta ped to you account for each new sign up?
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hopefully more than 35 pec after 3 years.
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  20. I found someone else, involved into this mess. I hope for some more chatter here.
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