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The new IPX partners...say hello, say goodbye. :)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. *sigh* okay...one more time...this is getting really annoying.

    Short version:
    1 partner aka. bluewhalegames never released the Ultraman game (site dead)
    no more updates since 2016

    1 partner aka. arvadalabs aka. wareplai has patents pending of VR shirts that they want to license to the world...after a kickstarter campain...there are/have been dozens of VR shirts on kickstarter btw.

    So, these partners will join the gigantic IPX disaster. ;)

    Full background :

    Again some of those "additional companies", that only show up for some weeks and claim to be future partners of MindArk.
    For a gigantic IPX program !!!!1111

    Now, lets SEE who are these new partners are...or should I say, who say have been... ? :O

    Read between the lines :

    bluewhalegames (also a russian suicidal game rumor aka. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Whale_(game)
    has its latest news from 2015. Their game "ultraman union" cant be found anywhere.
    Their site never got any updates anyway. (Registered in 2014 via godaddy)

    But hooray, they had/have the license. x'D What a great partner ! :O

    arvadalabs (registered in july 2017 via godaddy) got renamed to wareplai (already registered in february 2017 via godaddy) and "both" have its latest news from 10.2017.
    (Yet you will find an interview from 4.2018 later in this thread)

    (which was originally meant to be a kickstarter video)

    "Both" sites never got any updates. Yay !

    They arent even called arvadalabs since before the deeptoken launch anymore...yet MindArk still calls em arvadalabs on their site. wareplai is even older then arvadalabs...what a mixup.
    Yet both are the very same.

    Nice business communication, eh ? x'D

    But arvadalabs has ofc 40+ years of AAA Level game, VR Augmented Reality experience.
    x'D FUCK ! 40 !!!!111

    partners ipx.

    Yet there is nothing but :
    Arvardalabs has several unique augmented reality developments that are patent pending. They have garnished the attention of several local angel investors and are gearing up for first round of seed capital of $3-4 million.

    Woohoo, what an awesome amount of...nothing ! Because now they plan to use kickstarter.
    And now they are even called partners of MindArk.
    Fits well. :)

    This sounds very close to the "new partner buildings at Athena Spaceport"...

    But this time you can only find already dead stuff about the partners.

    Feel free to check their background infos. I cant google everything for the community. :)

    Here is an interview from 4.2018 about Noble and his Co-Founder Paul Jesus Limon (wareplai)
    (Jesus beeing one of the 1st 30 Blizzard employees)


    They want their still patent pending VR shirts to be licensed by the whole world.
    Did you know there are / have been dozens of VR shirts on kickstarter already ?

    Makes you wonder if these so called partners might be always (ex) Entropia Players, now offering to finally support MindArk with their lies and bullshit, to "make a pretty penny" as well.

    I mean, if you got to partner with MindArk to be successfull...or hope this swedish tradition of excellence will make you successfull...you got serious issues and will have big problems soon. :)

    Anyway, Joel Vasquez was indeed arvadalabs executive producer, according to his never again used facebook account (2014).

    joel vasquez.

    They even had the site wareplabs.com in 2017 (SEE youtube video description)
    So also, way before deeptoken.

    But Vasquez is not mentioned together with wareplai anymore. :O

    But "Noble A. DraKoln" is ! *bling bling*



    partners ipx.

    Hes also the guy in the wareplai video up there from 2017. :)

    WarePlai, LLC is a B2B big data information technology firm that gamifies augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)

    Yay, will they now finish MAs B2B platform ? x'D
    Or will they do new clothes for EU ? So many possibilities. x'D

    Maybe a shirt where an Atrox jumps out...and you play compet in the streets using augmented reality ?

    Jesus, where does David Simmonds always meet these freaks when hes in drunk mode ? :O
    And how come these guys can always SEE their future in MindArk ? :O
    A very promising future of lies, lies ahead....once again. x'D

    Come on, wake up...seriously...or build a pond like OZTwo and stfu talking about rainbows and unicorns.
    This company spreads lies, is raping you while stealing from you, while you cheer and scream in ecstasy !

    Just look at bluewhalegames forum for example...5 years after the license got aquired in 2013...wow...

    It even has the suicidal thing in it ! x'D
    Shouldnt it have at least 2 entries about the announced korean and USA start ? ,-)
    Nope, nothing. Just 1600 spam entries from 2015 until today. x'D

    bluewhale forum.

    This video shows a mid 2016 demo of ultraman btw...yay...compet was more fun...

    Another partner programm...hooray...learn to read between the lines.

    This is such a great show with all the believers still out there. x'D
    Believing "that everything will get better now" and "it means lots of money for MA = for the game".

    But where will the money come from ?
    From a kickstarter company, with non-existing licensed Augmented T-Shirt sales ?
    From a non-exisiting Ultraman mobile Game ?

    Way to go MindArk, way to go ! :'D
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
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  2. Why drag Opaloman in this?
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I don't think it was a malicious comment. He commented before about finding something else to do with your time, and suggested something he did himself (build a pond).
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  5. This isnt dragging OZtwo into this.

    Its about starting his pond project, to get rid of Entropia and all its various scam-a-bilities, that so many still arent able to SEE.
    (instead of talking about rainbows and unicorns)

    And the 2nd part of the phrase is dedicated towards all the blind numbnuts still supporting this scammy online game.
    (while they are talking about rainbows and unicorns)
  6. Soooo, while Epic Games raised the payout for contributors in their Epic Marketplace...we never heard of the MindArk IPX partner program again.

    The 2nd phase of the deepthroat tokens never showed up either.

    Already looking forward to the next big scam ?
    What might it be this time ? Another crowdfunding ? A badass Compet re-release ? x'D
    Whatever, get your credit cards ready !!!
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  7. I’m detecting a certain pattern in your posts today McCormick. ;)
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    He just came by to report on progress. Just the period check in on things. Nice to have.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sorry make that "progress" ;)
  10. I think it is safe to say, this IPX ship sunk with the deeptoken.

    Or MA will indeed introduce "Round 2 of the Deepthroat Token" (around christmas ?) to their fellow patron...aehh...PR-Gag-Victims...by posting some fancy pics of the old Ultraman site...and made them invest...into something...IPX related...that will actually never arive...as always.

    I can sense it...I can sense it...
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sadly you are probably right
  12. IPX venture surely can’t be another fail?

    I mean, it’s like they staked everything on it.

    If it were to fail no human being could survive the extreme squirminess of it.

    Personally I would bury myself alive rather than trying to think up a (non) convincing explanation for my customers.
  13. 1600 topics of spam...the forum is well administrated it seems...it cant be dead, because next year the big IPX partnership will start... x'D

    bluewhale forum.
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  14. Hurry... x'D

    deeptoken roadmap1.

    mindark roadmap 2020.

    deeptoken mindbank 3 planets.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Soooo.... in the next er.... 5 weeks? (arrgh scary - where is the time going!) MA needs to have

    1. introduced deep token to entropia
    2. submitted a bank application
    3. come up with 70k digital assets from somewhere

    Yeh... HURRY indeed!
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, they have the 70k assets. It's literally everything in EU. The textures, vegetation, mobs (probably including Boorum, Umbranoids, sounds, the AI (lol), the music. Everything MindArk produced, and possibly everything the PPs produced. Please disregard most of it is outdated as fuck, this is quantity over quality, people.

    Speaking of quality, assuming scripts they will make available were written by MindArk, I'm going to purchase a bunch of them and see if there's any obvious sploits available in them. With their quality of excellence when it comes to coding, and their lack of any competent coders, there's bound to be some juicy shit in there.
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  17. 100 million.

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  18. McCormick is "MindBank" a thing again? (I've been away for a while clearly). Was 2015 when they applied for the banking license and were gonna give us all ATM cards I think? Then didn't have the money to actually BACK the amount of PED in game so couldn't follow through with it? Or has it been longer than that? Everyone seems to be trying to make millions off of nothing now a days.... literally... "We have a concept, give us your money and we'll make more money off our concept which really only has value as long as it's a concept because financial slaves are so desperate for financial freedom that they'll do anything to get in on the ground floor of the next "bitcoin".

    Does anyone actually PLAY Entropia for money anymore? Or has that ship long sailed? It wouldn't surprise me if MA just kept selling "ideas" while the masses scramble to deposit and invest hoping to revive the dream of making money by gaming. :(
  19. In short:

    -Bank will be back in 2019 (subject to approval, lol)

    -MindArk lives of PR stunts nowadays and sells "nothing" for "a lot"
    (when the complaining starts, they never communicate and just send out the next PR stunt)

    -The usual highrollers are still "playing" aka. investing, which includes botters and gigantic scammers and some rich fanboys, who dont really care about loosing money, always telling you "You are doing it wrong, go play elsewhere"

    Grab some hot chocolate or some beer when you have some free time and feel free to read through all of my latest posts.

    And maybe start with the "mindbank thread" ;D :

    While others would say Im a grumpy old man, whos hobby it is to complain about a game company for no reason...others slowly realized wtf is going on in this universe.

    MindArk isnt the only scammer out there...and I really wonder why authorities still support this...but as long as people pay those exorbitant prices for "diamonds"...everything is fine, I guess.
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  20. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Welcome back. Here's a bit of a summary to get you all caught up :D

    The original MindBank was in 2006. That was when Jan Welter TimkranSS managed to embarrass MindArk and himself by attempting to get a blogger fired. MindBank fizzled, as did MindArk's desire to go public. MA switched CEOs a few times since then, and last year they hired some young guy who dabbled with cryptocurrency.

    NEVERDIE, the "elected" president of Virtual Reality, which was an event organised by MindArk with the rest of the world going "meh", saw ND elected, who promptly suggested such retarded things that even MindArk went like:


    So anyway, ND did an ICO, made a few million USD somehow (his cryptocoin tanked pretty much straight away, and is next to worthless now, but hey, he has the money). Undoubtedly inspired by that, combined with their failure to raise any serious money during the last few years (they attempted a few virtual property sales, none of which even came close to what they hoped for, as well as a mobile game which somehow seemed like a good idea to a bunch of players who ended up losing pretty much 90% of their investment because ghee, who knew that MindArk is a bunch of incompetent clowns who have no fucking clue how to run a game, and thus the mobile game failed to attract sufficient attention (Did it actually even "go live" at all?), MA late last year announced they, too, were going to do an ICO (As did David Dobson from Planet Arkadia).

    So earlier this year, Deeptoken was launched. The intention was to raise 100 million USD.


    They weren't going to do an airdrop, but did an airdrop (shoot me if I'm wrong, but that's a social media "hey, look at this failing project" thing to raise awareness, where anyone dumb enough to fall for it gets a few free derptokens). Even that failed t do the trick, so the deadline for the ICO was extended a few days. Less than 100.000 USD was made. Most of the social media traction they got was from bots, that constantly regurgitated the same information about bright skies and tons of potential.

    Rather than admit defeat, though, at the last minute, unknown investors decided to buy 12 million USD worth of Deeptoken, thus saving the project and ICO, despite the ICO cl;early stating they get absolutely nothing in return and their investment should be considered a non-refundable gift. (Seriously, we're not making this shit up!). So yes, MA will go go ahead and request a banking license in Sweden, where apparently anyone can get one of those, even if they have a track record of fucking up every single patch they release.
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