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The new Camera System of Entropia Universe, explained by the developers.

Discussion in 'Entropia Media' started by McCormick, Sep 8, 2018.

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  2. Mark would you consider making a ‘McApp’ that when you tap on it plays a different satirical EU/MA video every day?

    I would buy it if available for iPhone. :)

    Even if you’re a diehard supporter of MindArk and EU (I’m not) you gotta admit the videos are very funny and very clever.

    Maybe a lot more work but let’s face it MindArk are providing an ongoing supply of material for you. :P
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yaaaay! 2 McCormick videos in one day (for me anyhow). The comedy keeps on rolling as the source has no end.
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  4. "sadly" no more news on this one...but we all asked for it...we prayed for it...(not)...an "improved" ingame camera... x'D
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  5. So, while Starcitizen was talking about "Face over IP" exactly 1 year ago, MindArk today started the so called "Test Workshop"...about a new camera system...now we are only Miles away from something...awesome... ;D
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Speaking of new improved cameras, that also allow for innovative ways of organising meetings (no VR reuqired), how about Hello2?

    The best about it? It's unhindered by the Swedish standard of quality we've all gotten accustomed to, courtesy of MindArk. I sometimes wonder if Sweden knows what a gigantic favour MindArk is doing the country by relentlessly showing exactly how much a company can care about pretty much anything ranging from support to quality control, from customer care, to upholding the highest possible standards of integrity in any business dealings they do.

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  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I don't quite agree with that. Ikea is pretty great. Volvos are pretty great cars. H&M has pretty nice clothes. Ericsson makes pretty good stuff. Electrolux makes good appliances. Tele2 is also Swedish, I think.

    As for Video games, The Battlefield series is from Sweden. So is Minecraft. As are a tons of others. I haven't played most of them, but I imagine most of them are more fun to play than EU.
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  8. Im only talking about games of course !

    Games that are free but ask for your money, to speed up time or purchase more diamonds.
    The price tag of such "diamonds" or "speed ups" have come to 4x full price games aka. 200 Euro in many, many of these games...thats sick...and should really be regulated by the government...the government I dont like.
  9. I offered a bet in another post on here.. Interesting that NO ONE took up that bet :). Ill offer same bet here on the ''official post''. I bet $10 US Dollars (not peds, I mean actual US Dollars) vs your $1 USD that Mindark on or before Easter 2019 will offer Camera deeds. I WILL honor this bet (via Paypal) to 1 person (not McCormick because he is the guy who had the idea that MA would do Camera Deeds so that would not be fair, sorry Mark :) ). Bet is still open to any1 on this forum :). Don't bet though, you will lose $1 (if you lose, you will donate it to a charity that I say) :) :)
  10. #Imagination ;)
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    There's tons of games using that principle, though. I play Forge of Empires (Made in Germany), where the same applies. You can play, but diamonds will help speed up the game. They offer various packages, all the way up to 200 USD/euros. Those are not needed to play, but will help speed things up, and you can earn diamonds through regular gameplay as well. I've dropped cash into diamonds a few times, and can see that whenever big events with useful prizes are happening, some of the top tier players drop in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

    The difference between those kind of games and EU for me is that I can still play these games for free, even though I'm approaching the end-game. The game slowed down considerably, to where my main payout comes once a day. Yet, I haven't bought any diamonds, and am doing quite well. I'm not losing my socks off, nor does 1 day of entertainment cost me 50 USD.

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