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The latest ND article published 5/27/11 ...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by MindStar9, May 27, 2011.

  1. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    This latest ND article showed up at my Twitter account in a Tweet with a link to the site where the article is ... it's quite lengthy ...

    In The Virtual World, His Fiancee Never Died

    As I posted elsewhere ... the only thing I'm going to say is:
    • the author needs an editor
    • there are many inaccuracies in the article
    • David Simmonds is quoted with comments about ND
    I'm sure after reading it, you'll form your own opinions.
  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Here's a bit of encapsulated content that I found interesting, and why I posted the link to this new article.

    The article is quite lengthy, and my comments are more about the author than ND, because this guy just missed the mark on a few things for sure, and there are inaccuracies throughout the article. Also, perhaps the comments by David Simmonds might answer a question or two. [​IMG]

    I found the David Simmonds quotes interesting:
    • "Jon (Neverdie) Jacobs is not a special case."
    • "He must follow the rules as all account users must do."
    • "We asked Jon not to 'play' with his avatar, only to use it for publicity... as a developer he cannot influence the economy and get unfair advantages. MindArk can see every capacity of an avatar. Some players believe he has an unfair advantage, [but] this is not so."
    • Commenting on the purchase of the original CND: "MindArk's Simmonds, who considers Jacobs, 'a great guy,' confirmed the transaction and denied that Jacobs had any inside help. He made the winning bid fair and square."
    • "Jon was the fastest to deposit and won the auction."
    • "We returned the money to the unsuccessful bidders. Jon is a celebrity, flamboyant [and] loud. People take notice of Jon, [which] makes good news. So Neverdie has been good for Entropia Universe."
    The following is content by the author who I think really made a mess of things, and I'm sure clearly doesn't pay attention to the details of the interview:
    • gives the impression that Next Island is ND's planet, with no mention of David Post whatsoever
    • also, no mention that where Tina's NPC was going to be located was a section on David's planet
    • "Jon and Tina hunted virtual monsters together. They partied at Jon's virtual nightclub, Club Neverdie, together." - (my note) - that never happened, because Tina passed in Feb 2005, and CND launched in Dec 2005
    • "Subject to the rules of MindArk's platform but creatively independent of the Swedish company, he [ND] and his team landscaped a virtual place of their own called Next Island."
    • "That's what his [ND's] press release was about. Come to Next Island. See Tina. Play Jon's game."
    • "Jacobs has the kind of dreams for Next Island and Rocktropia that sound like those of so many other virtual-world dreamers and salesmen."
    • "Entropia Universe, now known as Planet Calypso was and is run by a Swedish company called MindArk."
    Like I said ... my comments aren't about ND, but rather how this article was poorly constructed, with some inaccuracies that give false impressions, and leaves the reader thinking some things that aren't true. Perhaps ND should have an opportunity to review these articles before they're published.

    If you have the patience to read the entire article, then perhaps you might find other content interesting.

    This article was published on the 27th, was new and brought to my attention at Twitter, and I thought I would share, so please let's not make more out of it than just that.

    Thank you!
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