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The last mining run...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. I decided to finish my Molisk Iron Challenge today
    and do my last mining run.

    I was aware mining is screwed, but the spare PEDs had to go somewhere, so I grabbed probes as well.

    Arriving at the area with my Quad...


    ...I safely landed, jumped out of the Quad and died...because 2m of height can be deadly...the game probably thought Im still high in the air...
    This bug/glitch exists since years.

    Always make sure the game knows you have safely landed,
    before getting out of your Quad...

    Running around dropping probes and killing molisks, I felt how bad mining really was. Except for Tiny Oils and Lyst...I got bad loot on Molisks and Argonauts in that area.
    This bug/glitch exists since many years. ;p

    If that wasnt annoying enough already (thank god I play for free), 3% of the plants in this area are solid ! You can get stuck in them and if you dont have a vehicle to enter or some furniture to glitch out...you got to press "T". 97% of the plants are non-solid there...as they are supposed to be.
    This bug/glitch exists since many years.

    Come, run into me...I know you want it !

    Argos and molisks evaded, but the EVADE message was rare. Still, I missed a lot, without getting the MISS word ?! Is it gone ? It must be, as I was clearly hitting the mobs. Why did MA do that ? When ? Annoying...

    Evade is there...

    Miss is gone...

    Sometimes the weapon / the extractor did nothing,

    just to fire 10 shots within 1 second /

    extract 10 times in 1 second.
    This lag/bug/glitch exists since many, many years.

    Even more annoying was the missing sounds of the mining equipment.
    They are missing since years btw.

    Also the extractor animation is out of sync with the extractor sound and most of the time the extractor extracts in silent mode.

    Also since years.


    Having a look at the global messages revealed nothing new on this run.

    This bug/glitch exists since many years. ;D

    And while having 5 probes left, on a bad run, I got a significant Oil :

    Extracting was so exciting that argonauts kept spawning around
    the claim marker :


    But I was always...


    While the revive timer kept growing and growing and...

    Even with the Significant amount of bugs ahheee oil,
    this wasnt the best experience of hunting, mining and exploring. :/

    But it didnt cost me a single PEC and I even profited today.

    But I can only imagine how the average player/depositor must feel
    in such situations... :p
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  2. San


    Use the "map trick", i.e. hit "M" repeatedly while pushing in the direction you want to escape and you should get yourself unstuck. Another bug/glitch which exists since many years, while I learned only rather recently that it can be useful to counter this other bug/glitch.
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  3. I heard about the "M" glitch when pirates used it in space, to fly faster than their victims. -_-

    Rumors have it...it got fixed...at least in space ? o_O
  4. San


    Nothing got fixed (or nobody noticed) and the debate remains open, but has subsided. The Titans produced a video testing it with two motherships, the pirates claim it doesn't work, but several players incl. yours truly related the experience that trying it did keep them out of shooting range. Allow me to refer as it's a bit lengthy to repeat (couldn't find the video right now, there were so many threads about this).

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  5. Oh my...back in 2004 such a video would have gotten thousands of PEDs as reward...and would have been fixed instantly, exploiters (temp) banned. In todays Entropia...bah, who cares.

    If its really working since years...but hey, I reported other glitches, for example, a bad one, that could make crafters die and get looted in PVP4, while they would still think they are at their beloved crafting machines. Noone cares. Reported many, many moons ago.

    I can PM a video to you, showing how to, but ssshhhhhh.

    Then again, when I reported "how to spawn shuttles on Crystal Palace" and fly to the special misison without having to kill 5k aurlis, I got 500 PED universal ammo. Makes you wonder ? Me too ! :'D
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  6. *spoiler alert* x'D

    I even bumped the support case and wrote a new one...3 years+ and still working...

    ...as I reported it way before posting that video...noone cares...noone cares...

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