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The history of the Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by NotAdmin, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Ahh, that egg!

    After years of waiting, it seems as if an old loose end in Entropia Universe is finally about to get tied up.

    Many moons ago, in June 2006, an unsuspecting colonist was attacked near Fort Ithaca by an Atrox of such dimensions and showing such high levels of aggression that it caused quite a stir among the Calypsonians. EBN went as far as issue a formal Atrox Alarm, while attempting to figure out how the Atrox in question could have grown so big without being noticed until it was too late.

    In their quest to find the origin of the murderous beast, the EBN search team encountered an Atrox Queen. Formerly thought to only have existed in fables, the team was horrified to see that the queen had what appeared to be a flock of bodyguard Atrox Mauraders protecting her. They observed the queen laying a cluster of eggs with one of them being massive in size, and appearing to pulsate and actively soaking up radiation. The scientists speculated that these high levels of radiation might mean that whatever is inside the egg would be mutating into something even more ferocious than an Atrox, which currently is considered as one of the Calypso monsters at the top of the food chain, perhaps only rivaled by the mighty Araneatrox.

    After the news about the Queen was aired, Calypso colonists decided that they needed to pre-emptively strike in order to ensure the queen would not unleash more of her offspring onto the planet. It was thus that the elite soldiers of the Desert Rangers set out to take on the mighty beast. A brutal battle ensured, but the Desert Rangers managed to take the Queen down. Unfortunately, though, the egg was nowhere to be found on her.

    Additional investigation yielded that the egg had been removed by a roaming band of Feffoids, who apparently used the egg in some sort of ritual. Colonists set out to fight the Feffoids in an attempt to recover the egg, which resulted in it eventually being found by Mc'Lap Tzest0s Alexan'ru:


    With the discovery of the egg, entrepreneur 'Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs' purchased it from the lucky looter for a sum of 100.000 PED (=10k USD) and transported it to his nightclub Club NEVERDIE, where it sat in a trophy case in the VIP section of the club. The egg's hatching process, though, seemed to have suffered from the trip to space, as nothing further seemed to happen, despite EBN promises that they hoped to have results from tests conducted on the egg within weeks.

    In fact, these results took so long that it led to the creation of a meme called 'Ahh the egg', indicating something took a lot longer than anticipated. NEVERDIE, apparently frustrated, issued a contest offering 5.000 PED to whoever would correctly predict what was hatching inside the egg.

    The next update on the egg did not come until February 2010, when Deathifier announced he had bought the egg, for a sum of 696,960 PED (=69k USD). In March 2010, the egg was placed in a decorative enclosure, and was put up for display in the courtyard of Treasure Island mansion, leaving there only for some events organized by Deathifier:


    And so a further 3 years passed, until March 8th 2013, when EBN issued a news bulletin that the egg apparently is about to hatch.

    For a more detailed history of the egg, including all the official news bits and other interesting tidbits about the egg, please check out the EntropiaPlanets wiki page: Unique Green Atrox Egg.

    It seems that history is about to be written on the egg. We're interested in what YOU, our reader, thinks will be inside the egg?

    EDIT: We started a competition: Guess what's inside the egg and win!
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  2. Wistrel

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    The Moon
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  3. Deathifier announced he had bought the egg Feb 2010. I think it will be more atrox giants.
  4. NotAdmin

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    Thanks, I fixed the typo!
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  5. Na, na, na, na, naaah :)
  6. MitchyMoo

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    Perhaps some new DNA, a new mob?
  7. dragus359

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    A soggy turkey leg and a banana. Happy Thanksgiving! You're welcome.
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