The Fall of Zombie Kong

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    Yesterday around 10:00 EUT a few brave ROCKtropians started the new Zombie wave event at the King Kong Memorial site at the Empire State Building on ROCKtropia. At that time noone did know which crazy course the event would take.

    Wave after wave they fought through Zombies and more people joined the battle. In the afternoon wave number 50 was reached, right, fifty. NEVERDIE himself made his appearance at the site and stayed there for most of remaining event. He gave out the info that there would be 80 waves of Zombies and in #81 the boss mob would spawn: Zombie Kong.

    Almost 30 wave still/only left to go? Some were motivated, some were disillusioned. Nevertheless one wave of Zombie was slaughtered after the other, #60 and #70 left behind and #80 approaching. The tension was rising. After finally finishing wave #80 the everyone was running towards the center of event area to meet Zombie Kong - unlike before in the regular waves that have been fought through from one edge to the other.

    And they were fooled. Instead of finally facing Zombie Kong they found themselves drowned in another wave of fierce Zombies, with little chance to resist, spread and surrounded by hundreds of them. The frustration was big, the confusion too, and NEVERDIE didn't have any clue either. Some kept fighting, some left. NEVERDIE came up with the prospect that Zombie Kong might spawn in wave #102 but that would mean almost 10# more hours of hard grinding. ND compensated the brave fighters with armor parts and ammo for their long and costly struggle that didn't yield the promised result.

    But the following struggle was even harder. A few brave women and men accepted the challenge and decided to fight up to wave #102. NEVERDIE distributed ammo to support the adventure. And they where fighting through night and they where fighting through the morning, some took short naps in shifts, others didn't sleep at all, for 20 or 30 hours or even more. Wave 85, wave 90, wave 95, ....

    Then they were fooled for the second time: wave 100 started with the message:


    And then of course he spawned. Not in wave #80 or wave #81, not in #102, but in wave #100. It was a fierce battle. The health bar worth 450,000 points decreased very slowly but in the end he fell, after about 35 minutes. Here's the video (apologies for the black parts, that were CTDs, one can't live without...):

    What else? The loot, oh, the loot... not worth mentioning. 1166 PED and as it seems nothing special but a King Kong movie poster. And that after numerous people grinding for a total on 26-27 hours. Someone wants to do the math? 450,000 HP to kill vs 1166 PED loot? Should such loot be allowed to happen for a rare boss mob with 450k HP that require probably ~20k strong Zombies to be killed in advance just to spawn at all? It was announced as "Mega Loot Mob"... Given the course of this event and the rather bitter end do you think it will ever be spawned again under the same conditions?

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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Look like a serious ape there. A bit of fun with a anti-climax at the end..
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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I slept through my nap alarm at the end :( but it truly was an epic event!
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  4. I'dd like to see such events forbidden in all.
    I'm okay with an event that takes 4 hours total; that is healthy; but an event that takes 26h hours to complete will eventually lead to someone dying IRL.

    If anything, I feel kinda obligated to forward this to formal instances, because I more than sure such events are not allowed in the European Union; certainly after we have seen people dying in such situations playing other games.

    So regardless of loot or theme; I do really find that such events should not be made possible at all. For sanity sake, 27h of continuous activity to complete an instance? Not to forget the preparation time. Not to forget that such events do not really allow for breaks.
    I find it irresponsible from both Neverdie and MA that they even let such events take place.

    On the other hand MA and PCF made MM events with a time limit for the very reason of avoiding health issues in their customers.
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  5. Laughing hard at the loot right now : ) gg guys.
    Wow wonder if this takes Neverdie out of the red and into the blue with the money made.
    If I was playing I would have just stood their and watched it all with out spending a dime or shooting 1 bullet but that's just me.
  6. I think you captured a sense of the epic nature of that Spawning of Kong Tass! I too would have much preferred to see a Huge Loot at the end.. The Wave Spawner For Kong was set incorrectly, it was agreed with MA prior to the Mini patch it would require only 1600 Zombies, which would have taken us to Wave 40.. Which can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time with a decent group...

    After the first Attempt to spawn him and it didn't happen, I received word that calculations were messed up and that 80 waves of 20 Zombies would have spawned him, but that didn't take into account the addition of 1 extra Zombie per wave...

    Sadly I was told this couldn't be fixed until the New Year..

    Finally We discovered as a result of the group determined to Spawn Him that 80 Waves was not actually Set and that it was indeed 100 Waves.. Which of course is nonsense and was never the intention..

    Please don't Judge this mob by these first attempts to spawn him as it was not designed to be Experienced this way..
    During the course of Yesterdays attempt to spawn Kong I emptied the ROCKTROPIA Managers Treasury and shared items between players from about Wave 60 onwards to help keep spirits up...
    As a result over 25 good items were awarded during the course of the event, which had they all dropped from KONG would have amounted to a Good loot well distributed..

    Yesterday was Epic and was not an Event by Design... I admire very much everyone who particpated and I hope that Kong will ultimately provide a lot of fun and excitement in the future for everyone as he harbors many secrets...
    I have been told, not that you should put much stock in it, that KONG will Spawn on Random occasions over the holidays..... Without the need for the Wave Spawner... I don't know where and when other than perhaps one time... So there may be a chance top have some fun with him again without the Epic battle...
    I estimate appx 6000+ Zombies were Killed Yesterday.

    Anyway thanks again for participating! Christmas Cheers to You all! And quite obviously it drives me potty to operate like this too! But those of you who keep nudging me forward with your enthusiasm, Make it worthwhile and keep me going even when I am at my wits end.
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  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I personally killed over 1k zombies myself during the event, I am pretty sure there were more than 6k total killed as there were quite a few people involved.
  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Very nice post ND, and while we always haven't agreed on certain things, I give respect for your persistence, as well as dealing with a handicap as a PP (specifically, the challenges you face that are not in your control), which I've learned about first-hand and can appreciate.

    I wish you the best with ROCKtropia, and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    Great write-up Tass ... you really gave a sense of being there and what the experiences were. :thumbsup:
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, seems to be the same as they did to Akoz when they told him 40k faces are allowed for a 3D-scene. He gave this info to me and I shrinked my models of the Monria Towers. At least my sister checked Medusa's Head wich came out with ~400k faces. It seems they have a serious problem with correct numbers ... ***roll eyes***
  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Thank you for the info Jon! I only saw Tass' video ... but I am impressed (again) what you deliver to EU (Yes, it was epic!). I love the Kong-idea. Same with "The Thing". "The Thing" was the best story I ever saw in EU. I wish you could keep up the good work. Blame MA!
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  11. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Duno about the loot, but that video was epic :)
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  13. I wish he made a decent forum instead.

    cool video though :)
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Thanks for the info Mr Beeblebrox. Sad to see your last attempt with the game to fall victim to more MA fail.... really sad. You didn't need that and nor did the players. Total respect here for doing your best to stump up some sort of compensation - I think many will appreciate that, perhaps more so even than mob loot as, to those who understand, the thought counts a long long way. As for MA... how this stuff doesn't get tested I'll never know. I just despair sometimes I really do.

    Anyhow all the best with the reforms of RT and I really hope the downsize works out as sustainable in the end. I'm certainly gunning for you as I know above all you have a passion and belief in the game that many of us share and I was very sad to see things were reaching an unfortunate conclusion with RT.

    All the best and thanks for posting here and also good luck with the future ventures. Whatever they may be I know there will be some. You seem to be that kinda guy ;)

    Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for better Kong in 2014 (I won't hold my breath though cause... well, its MA and I'm too young to die ;) )

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