The Exploiters of Space

Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by Arafel, Dec 15, 2021.

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    For what it's worth, the document that was published was not published by McCormick, and his Big Picture was edited to remove personal information, except for the cases where it's well known (like names of PPs) or has been published by MindArk (like in the case of the advisors on the ICO). As for when it comes to real life pictures, to the best of my knowledge, are/were posted by people themselves on PCF/former EntropiaForum.

    At EntropiaPlanets we (of course) do not support doxxing and/or stalking. We try and keep an eye on things, but obviously we are human and make mistakes. If you, or anyone else, have issues with any of that, please feel free to reach out to the admins, and we will do our best to remedy things.

    As for the Terminator, that was a publically offered prize in a competition open to everyone playing PE/EU at the time. If I recall correctly, Dub had the idea for making a video and enlisted McCormick to help make it (as McC was and still is recognized for his video editing skills). Their video won, and the weapon was named after them. If it had been won by someone else, the weapon would still be in-game, but with a different name. I do not see that as special treatment in any way, shape or form. IT's similar to Skam, Nicole and Lykke having items named after them. They never got anything other than bragging rights from MindArk.

    The favoruitism McC is hinting at, though, is different in that certain (allegedly) participants receive inside information, or are handed special items in backroom deals. A real cash economy is only as trustworthy as those running it. If blatant favoritism, nepotism and shady dealings happen, that absolutely should be brought into the open. I own nothing of value within EU anymore, and still feel that trust is a key aspect.

    As someone who owns items of considerable value, I'd think you would have an even greater interest in having this sort of stuff brought to light. How else is this sort of crap going to stop, exactly?
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  2. I can tell you how it doesnt stop - when you undermine your credibility by making accusations and running with the next best lie instead of researching your stuff properly and talking to the people you feel tempted to accuse of something.
    I respect McCormick for the good things he has done and holding the mirror to Mindark as well as shining the light - but there is a stark difference between doing that and what happened here and is seemingly condoned.
    He like anyone else deserves feedback when he goes personal, leaves the objectivity and takes opinions aboard.
    There would be countless quotes of him i could take in part and make it look like he gets all the favours (but it would be wrong to do so) and i hope he realizes that some of us have had that experiences for years its what happens when a group of players hopes to get advantages by talking bad about others however minor those advantages might be.
    So maybe he will come around and take a deeper look into who made him have a certain opinion about recent topics in the first place and how well he researched the source before following the handed 'lead' and voicing opinions.
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  3. Totally agree with the part I made bold. If this is going on, then EU isn't what I thought it was...
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    I completely agree with that. I've been in that situation myself when publishing something on this site. Sometimes enthusiasm to publish a story tends to make one lose focus, or pull the trigger prematurely. It happens. The best we can try and do is do better next time.

    McCormick is or was far from the only one making sdome of these sort of inside-trading revalations, though. He is, however, well-liked and respected within the EU community, for good reasons, and he is not afraid to speak out about things. Hence people trust him and share things with him.
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  5. What I learned from the past is, that ALL of the exploiters/scammers/thiefs always tried to teach the community how innocent they are...they all barked loudly, even right after they got caught.

    And you guys suddenly bark loudly here everywhere.
    But claiming this drama has been ongoing for years already ?!

    So why the uproar right now ? Here ?! Because I googled the info that this BobaFett guy posted in my Bridge thread, trying to find out more ? Because, ya, I really wanted to know more about why this got posted there. Looks like as if it was just a random post set up by Boba Fett then...this wont happen again. Promised and Im sorry for my hasty reaction then.

    Im also trying to SEE some decency in some of your posts, if Im not mistaken.

    But this Geo guy is simply doing it wrong.

    And as I can SEE admin removed it already and I guess that it / you had nothing to do with Bridge anyway then.

    If you managed to prove your innocence regarding space by now, good for you.
    and should it be true, I will gladly say that you havent had the "officially cheating&exploiting planet partners" at your side...which is hard to say these days and you know exactly why.

    Im after cheaters, scammers and exploiters.
    Dont be like them.

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  6. Norbert

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    In all seriousness, i watched the vid and DME as far as i could tell repaired at the station so afaik didn't really affect the outcome at all. Not that it was right in any way, but in the scheme of things not a biggy in my personal opinion. Although I agree that PP reps shouldn't affect in game stuff, but we all human and isn't on the scale of items loaned to players etc that came out while i played other stuff for over 3 years.

    The Oz vid i posted wasn't to dox anyone or take sides, more so to perhaps make everyone kinda laugh at the whole situation. I mean DME repaired yes, but in general scheme of EU it's very low on the shady factor. She probably was thinking of the event they had planned and trying to help get back on schedule for stream or whatever.

    I just find the whole situation kinda funny, like kids arguing over a choccy bar. Truth be told i sometimes speak to all sides, I even gz neb virus if they shoot me down for loot as is part of game. I play EU on such a low level now that none of the shady stuff affects me at all, I don't feel comfortable pouring money into EU anymore, I don't trust in game events so avoid them (yogs etc etc.... every damn event is something it seems why bother), although new format of Mayhem is better in some ways now and at least folk can save up points and not just a dps shitshow each year.

    Sad part is that every time something happens more turn off that deposit flow, more trust is lost, and any economy (especially a virtual one) relies on trust in that economy.

    I just wish that I could trust the system more and invest in it, and by no means am i the only one that thinks this way now.

    Again, happy xmas all, even the dutty pie-rats :)
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    I did read up on things, and reached the same conclusion. It did not seem as if it affected the fight. It still comes off not looking too good from an impartial pov, but I'm sure there were reasons to get to the crux of the video; promoting new content which was delayed due to circumstances. The picture posted was simply an attempt to spin a different narrative and to provoke a reaction/cause drama.

    Nice seeing you're still around, Norbert. Still cutting your own throat? ;)
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  8. Norbert

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    Time to time, although mostly sweatflix these days chatting with folk still around etc.

    As for not a good look, yes indeed and each thing piles up over time creating a overall perception. Not talking about the space thing but overall as years roll on, and more stuff comes up even when not looking for it and actively trying to ignore :D .

    The sad part is that shitstorm by shitstorm the ones that abuse system destroy the game itself, destroy trust, and indeed kinda "cut-their-own-throat". In short time back have spoken to multiple people who basically stopped playing at a good level over the item loan thing that happened while was out of game. They still play, but just not anywhere near as active and time and time again i hear trust mentioned.

    Hope you and the Nun all well in these crazy times, McColumbo-mick, and all others.

    New drama different year lol

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2021
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  9. Geo


    I’m after the trolls, liars and haters.
    Don’t be like them.

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  10. Geo


    Posting this here for posterity as it was shared in a different thread and this is a more appropriate place for it:

    The video of the stream is available as it was a scheduled stream that was advertised after the recent VU to showcase the new content that was just released on both NI and Toulan that day. Hence why the PP officials were there and answering questions from the community in the stream related to the recent update. The different PP officials have done this for countless other streamers and event organizers, numerous times, including myself. They would not have been there otherwise.
    However, the Pirates and Co. knowing this, while watching, had other plans to interrupt the stream and to waste everyone’s time, especially that of the pp officials. This was not a stream related to space and the officials did not interfere with any pvp battle. This was at the Space Station afterwards and I am sure they just wanted to get on with the evening in promoting their respective planets and the new content. But as usual the same haters and trolls want to spin a story to suit their narrative.

    It is no wonder why MA and officials go silent and tend to avoid interacting with the community.

    Maybe if you people were less selfish, worrying about what you can get out of it and did things for the community rather than just trying to steal their loot or spread rumors and hate, you would be more appreciated.

    DME, Socrates and Shawna have all been amazing community managers, prompting their planets, interacting and helping all members of the community whenever they can. This is no exception.
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  11. narfi

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    Mistakes made, apologies made. It is as it should be.
    Why push buttons? Why troll? Why try to create drama?

    I played the game, I played the 'investment' game, I played the space game, I played the drama game.
    Anyone who has been around knows that there is a long history of scamming and cheating under many assumed names who have been or are prominent members of NV to their full knowledge. Anyone who has been around knows that MA has not had the best track record of transparency with how they show favoritism to friends and employees.
    I kept my ethics intact, yet was still often accused, so I know that can be a real issue as well.
    I played enough to know there are horrible people in there, I found out in the end how unfair and dishonest MA can be.
    I loved the game, still do in a nostalgic way, even with all its flaws, its corruption, and terrible players. The real friends more than made up for that for me.

    When it comes to an end of an era, when you start anew, when you answer to a spouse, when you train up a child, when you become a leader in your community, when you are on your deaths bed, what will you remember? what will you be remembered for? what will people have learned from you? how will they and the world around them be different because of you?

    Trolling is not the answer, and surrounding yourself with low moral characters is not the answer.
    Be better than that, be a light in the darkness.
    The world has suffered enough these last years.......

    Merry Christmas :)
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  12. Norbert

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    Happy Christmas Narfi :)
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  13. NotAdmin

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    Let's hope someone in Swedistan noticed the drop in cycled PEDs.

    We've been divorced for 5+ years ;) She seems to be doing well, though. We still share a daughter together, and are on friendly terms, so it's all good :)
  14. NotAdmin

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    Alright, narfi just closed the year.

    Merry Christmas, Narfi :) All the best to you and your loved ones.
  15. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    Sorry to hear but happy you both on good terms. :)
  16. Wistrel

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    oooh space drama! OK whatever, didn't really read all that stuff but something on the competition that Dub and McCormick won, and on art based competitions in general. I was around for the video comp and D&C's effort was a hands down winner. IIRC there was maybe one or two other videos that might have scored a B to their A but the rest were C's or D's at best. In fact I'd say their's was more an A* really. Case in point I was even able to show it to friends who not only found it funny but actually felt tempted to try the game after seeing it. So seriously, zero favoritism (at least in this case) I promise you.

    As regard art compos in general, I should point out that I once won something for a screenshot compo that got used in Entropia marketing. IIRC it wasn't much, just some small PED cards (don't think I even cashed them in as wanted to keep them preserved) and stickers/flyers with artwork featuring my screenshot. You can look it up, it was the "tired of killing monsters and not getting paid?" line of marketing material. I'm a low level player with very little (given the time frame I've been around) invested in Entropia and have always spoken out either in favour or against MA as credit or criticism is warranted. The only time I've ever had any direct contact with anyone from MA was when I was highlighting a support case I'd submitted that detailed how to crash a server to one of the MA reps in PA after it had gone dormant for some weeks with no response (it was patched soon after so I think I did good).

    Similarly another time I "won" another screenshot competition was when a picture I submitted got included in an Entropia promo video. This was the only prize, and plenty of other players had their pictures featured too. It was just a bit of fun.

    Anyhow, just thought I should say that.

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  17. Inside information shared from Devs on private player Discord again.
    Never shared openly in on official channel.
  18. [​IMG]
    Geo is a know exploiter
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  19. Boting is actually aloved now so they can start repair bot skilling openly. Bonnie & co already done it to unlucks above level 80. Crazy.
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