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The "European Space Agency" (Game) - Final Report Executive Summary (2009/2010)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. MindArk planned doing a game/planet with the ESA in 2009/2010. We neve heard of it again.

    But I stumbled across this link today :


    Did anyone ever sign that NDA to get the "full version" ? Remember, you are not allowed to talk about it. xD
    Probably useless to ask MA about it. ;P

    Then again it already says (not to be reposted publicly) so I might have done something wrong already ? xD

    Was trying to get in contact with "Joachim Fuchs", but I bet NDAs & Co. will prohibit it to get any further informations anyway.

    Lets wait & SEE.
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  2. I'm wondering if the moonscape is based on actual topographical info on Europa, if not then it could be any moon anywhere.
  3. As this project probably died long ago, we will only know if someone leaks the "full" document. :p
  4. Probably got turned into Monria :)
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  5. Have you been to the Arctic on Rocktropia? From pictures I have seen from the space project and items found around that map, I think this is the same map MA gave to Neverdie.
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  6. 8 years later, if you visit entropiaplatform.com, MA still uses this as advertisement, next to Compet and the VR president-scam-desaster :

    MMORPG and virtual world platform provider MindArk completes Online Games study contract for European Space Agency

    ESA 2017.


    ...and of course, no matter how often I tried to get in contact with ESA...I never even got an auto reply...nothing.
  7. Self sufficient financial model.... lol

    As for old m.a. stuff I think some parts of eula, tos, and website still talk about massive ads. M$ bought massive a long time back and cut m.a. out of it
    Collaboration with other third parties

    The Entropia Universe incorporates technology of Massive Incorporated ("Massive") that enables certain In-World objects (e.g. advertising) to be temporarily uploaded to your pc or console and replaced In-World while connected online. As part of that process, no personally identifiable information about you is collected and only select non-personally identifiable information is temporarily logged. No logged information is used to determine any personally identifiable information about you. For full details follow this link.

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  8. Wow...and lol...thanks mastermesh...thats...embarassing ;D

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