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"The Dobson Brothers" - Abandon Arkadia, go for a 39 million $ Ethereum initial coin offer instead !

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Want to know more ? I got a suggestion !
    You do all the further research this time !
    Im done with this sh!t ! But trust me, its worth it. :)

    But thanks to "you know who you are", I agree...I couldnt let this one slip through. :p

    Lets go...

    David Michael Dobson (having previously run videogame company Planet Arkadia*) and his brother Paul Dobson founded "www.gametester.gg" (www.gametester.co in 2014) in Australia (2015) and started a 30 million $ Etherum initial coin offer, worth 1.1$ back then...you know, like DeepToken, NeverdieCoin, lots of experience'n stuff etc. (They claim the ICO has raised 780.000$)

    He stated that he is still active on Arkadia on a daily basis.

    gametester has 2 locations.
    Australia (Launceston) and South Africa (Cape Town)

    SEE post #10 for more informations.

    Might be a good explanation for the Arkadian silence btw., dont you think ?
    Dobson was probably fully aware, that starting such a "(ad)venture" with the name Arkadia attached to it, wouldnt have been his best idea, as Mindark has failed dramatically with their coin.


    dobson brothers.

    dobson brothers2.

    gametester early days.

    Ahhhh the coins...old info, check out
    their old site "gametester.co"

    dobson brothers gtcoin1.

    Games we recently have tested...w00t w00t... x'D

    dobson gamtester co.

    the ico of today :
    Its close to impossible to find any info about it and

    there is indeed another coin called GTcoin (Gate Chain Token)
    Note: The Gametester Coin is called GTCoin (GameTester Coin)
    This has now been corrected.

    Thanks to xxxSquallxxx !


    gtcoin 3 stages.

    gt coin summary.

    facebook no updates :

    dobson brothers gtcoin3.

    twitter no updates :

    gtcoin twitter.

    gtcoin airdrop 2017.

    gtcoin daily sales.

    gt coin banking.

    The team :

    dobson borthers team.

    Still listed as Arkadia CEO on linkedin :

    dobson brothers linkedin.

    dobson brothers recordowl arkadia.

    Meetup Singapore (2018)

    dobson brothers meetup in singapore 2018.

    And not a single word about Arkadian Chairman "Peter Lawrence Dobson", who fought with David against "David Storey aka. Deathifier" @Singapore Court.

    dobson brothers chairman peter2.



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  2. columbox.
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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Let's ping @Syer he's in one of the photos, along with former Next Island CGO :)

    And let's ping @RAZER he tested the tester thing 5 years ago or so.

    Afaik there never really were any games to test, but hey, it's just been 6 years of development.

    What developer would give any gamer who signs up access to an unreleased game?
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow that's a hell of a find Mr McC! It seems to be a day of hero fails. First Elon Musk supporting end of lockdown in the middle of a pandemic now I find DD ran a cryptoscam. I always thought of him as one of the good guys too. That one has exploitation written all over it. I take my hat off to him, they picked a goodun. There must be millions of unemployed gamers who fancy they are good at testing or imagine they could make games and have interest in crypto as a fantasy way that they might smart they're way out of getting a job. Well done... well done.

    But at the same time shame on them. I wonder if someone's written an AI yet to generate CryptoScam concepts? I bet it's possible. Something like take any half baked idea and say you need a crypto currency to solve it. So they wanted to start an agency for game testers? Well sure... but what is wrong with normal money? Oh no it has to be decentralised because... because... well decentralisation is good right? Because... well y'know... but hey you could be a game tester... with crypto, you like games right? Forget the other thing, we just need fifty bucks from you.

    Clever guy... clever guy, but clearly has no morals.

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  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    That's from the first version of their ICO Whitepaper. A screenshot to show their cool support backend. Unfortunately it also revealed that there are no games to test so the screenshot was removed in the next versions. No games to test is also the content of many comments on social media. In 2017 or 2018 the "games to test" were a handful of established free-to-play online games linked to with affiliate links.

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  6. lol @ screenshot removed x'D

    They have learned from the Masters of the Universe it seems.

    The saddest part is not the huge amount of dumb and gullible people in this world...but the "clever people" exploiting them.
    Ya ya, it has always been like this. Never change a running system. ;D
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  7. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    You've lost me. Which screenshot got removed and from where? on this forum?
  8. The post from Tass, right above me. ;)
  9. And furthermore they also had a music career in the 7ties:

  10. gamtester has 2 locations according to linkedin.

    South Africa (Dylan Cox) and Australia (David Dobson).
    The South African linkedin site has
    a "Travis Update Protocol" since 1 week.

    Clicking the "Visit Website" button leads to

    gametester capetown south africa 2 locations.

    Dylan Cox aka. Dylan Cock aka. Dylan Nyde aka. SyerNide
    aka. Administrator Dylan on Arkadia Forum
    (his facebook and linkedin profile)

    dylan ark forum.



    The "Digidime Gaming Network" wasnt a company, but a small place to hang out (facebook, forum) and never really had any real activity and died shortly after. One of the last posts was for "Gametester".


    game-tester-pty-ltd./people/ (taken from linkedin)

    gamtester locations living.
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  11. Puck

    Puck Puck

    Dylan... also possibly the current Arkadia forum admin?
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  12. Attached Files:

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  13. What is also interesting, is the start dates and
    that there was a DeepToken from Singapore as well :

    all tokens march.
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  14. Yeehaaawww, the "Travis Update Protocol" is at 100% since 1 week...

    travis 100 percent.
  15. Uuuhhh....

    gametetser new brand 2020.
  16. I got informed, that if you create a support ticket, asking for games to test,
    you'll recieve the following mail and your support case dissapears from the dashboard.

    gametester empty response.
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  17. In short, "the worlds leading gametester-platform" has not evolved since 2014.
    Back then it was random referral links to World of Tanks, a self made indie title...and Entropia.

    And in todays world its "Agents: Biohunters" by a small team from spain called Playstark (founded in 2017). It started as as short beta in late 2019.

    playstark spain.

    But you cant just test it on gametester.gg. Its just sitting there with its logo.
    It also just left the very short closed beta and is up for "Early Access" on steam since April 2020.
    Which means you can downoad it for free anyway. (but you wont get payed by gametester) ;)
    The reviews are mostly negative.

    A 3 dimensional, 3 vs. 3 team game, with cartoon (fortnite) graphics.
    Kill alien mobs faster than the other team. Kill the other team.

    Feel free to decide on your own :

    But back to the gametester.gg site itself :

    You can SEE the new users joining on their site.
    At very short peaks times, there is a new user every 3-20 minutes. Or none for hours.

    New users are often nicknames of 10 year old youtubers, who just ceated their youtube account and/or are active since some months.

    What is also interesting is, that some new names only reveal 1 single google result, from some random site, that you better not click.
    Last edited: May 24, 2020
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  18. Mathias Gustavsson "changed" from Arkadia to Mindark in 2018 ?

    Mathias Gustavsson.

    Mathias Gustavsson deed trading 2019.
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  19. Aaaaalllriiigghttttt !

    I got informed, that you can now test a game...let me introduce you to the 1st big test :

    "Food Rush"
    (android game, requires KitKat 4.4)


    1.) "You cant play-test it yet on gametester, as the game is not ready yet..." *awwwww* :'(
    You can only look at some pics of Food Rush in a PDF...and then rate the game...ya, totally makes sense...
    (and as if it has so hard to do a scammy side-scroller with expensive ingame purchases)

    But...wait...there is awesome news... !!!1

    2.) The game got released in 4/2019 already ! *yaaaaayyyy* :'D

    But...wait...there is more... !!!11

    3.) Its on the playstore 3 times, by 3 different "developers", placed in 3 different sections.

    All with different pricing schemes and different in size. x'D
    All suddenly updated March/May 2020. x'D

    The "companies" behind it though, couldnt be any a different. From russia, from romania, even from Mexico.
    From "we make website and business cards" to "we make foodrush"...to "look, random PC games news"...everything...so cool...they all must work hard on this exclusive title, so gamtester.gg can get a working version soon too...for you to test...holy sh!t... wuuut ?!?! x'D

    Originally posted by user "DeckOfDev" on the unity forums (last seen 3.July 2019)

    Seriously, so sad you cant test it on gametester yet...the world biggest gametesting site...

    This smells so bad, I dont think it is worth to track this any further...(or, is it ? xD) considering the site is in this state since 2014...6 years of nothing...thanks for the infos guys, but this is just a bit too much for me right now. *lol*




    The russian developer also...ya...



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