The Dark Knight

Discussion in 'Other media' started by ChelaBias, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Went to see this last night, enjoyed it immensely, a very intense film but with none of the traditional Gotham back drop. Good action sequences and some superb acting. Lasts about two and a quarter hours so choose a comfortable cinema, unfortunately I didn't :). I am already considering watching it again.
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  2. Phoenix

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    Still haven't seen that one. My brother told me the same as you Cee that it has nothing to do with the previous childish ones (except for "The Batman Begins") Apart from one scene that looks a little fake, the movie is exceptional, or so they say :D

    I'm looking forward to see it myself soon ;)
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  3. Burgerman

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    I finally got to see this movie recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly carried on the tone and mood set in the Batman Begins movie, of Batman as the Dark Knight, and not the ludicrous character presented in the old TV series.

    All the main characters were well acted imho, but the Joker stole the show with a magnificent role that was often understated or non-threatening, so that on the few occasions where the Joker suddenly raises his voice you really get a feel for the utter chaos and madness that is simmering just below the surface. An absolute shame that the actor is no longer with us, but what a powerful role for his last performance.

    Christian Bale (Batman) also starred in a movie that was a bit of a sleeper here, called Equilibrium. I only learned of it recently, and thought it was a very intriguing action movie.
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  4. Glad you finally got to see it and liked it.

    I have watched Equilibrium a couple of times, I think I have it on DVD somewhere, it's a very good film and much underrated with quite a menacing atmosphere. Definitely worth watching.
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  5. Still haven't seen Dark Knight, although I loved the new feel of the last one.

    But equilibrium -a very under-rated movie in my opinion. Also the way he played that part was pretty amazing - he somehow managed to show the internal struggles of the character, and gradually how they bubbled to the surface as he was 'turned'. Great stuff!
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