The crying continues...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 28, 2020.

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    There is another player who uploads youtube videos, Stevieb who also have tried this sort of thing. I think when he tried his player fund investments, not many knew about him and he had no reputation at the time and people also called him a scammer. Now that he has uploaded many very informational videos and has made a reputation, I think some players have invested in his player fund. The thing is that he has a reputation and many people in the community knows who he is. Some hates him some loves him. I think he later returned those investments back to his investors and got rid of the whole thing.

    Only facts should be known thanks.

    The Turth About StevieB - Evidence Report (
  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    SO because a killer makes Youtube videos. Then suddenly he is 'semi ok'? WTF.

    Not surpised at all though. They are Simmonds suckers :)
  3. Working "as intended" since 2013/2014 : x'D


    People in January 2021...meee meee meee meeee cryyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Say you are working on it...but never do anything...(c) since 2009

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    Post that clip of the Ex Mindark Mexican Employee (every time i try to post it here it doesnt work). Lack of posting permissions perhaps? . Thats the best Youtube clip real life about Mindark. Idiots still give Snake Simmonds money :)
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    Thats the 1. Its not 'viral' (unlike the People Make Games clip about Mindscam. 1.2 million views. 600 downvotes ('investors/deedholders). What is more boring than playing EU (auto aim auto shoot? watching some1 else do it (except if its a drunk Pretty Danish 'lady' =i use that word with her loosely= ). SKill based!
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    Can you really get rich in the world's only "cash-based" MMO? - YouTube

    1.1m views sorry. 43k likes 700 dislikes (rachel Evey (and his 2 other accounts) Messi downvoted (at least once). It was their most popular clip. It was not me who named Simmonds Snake Simmonds.

    100k+ Youtubers did that.

    I like EU because i can sweat and earn $1 per day. Where are all those sweat logs now? = gone

    Swedish Police/Goverment will NEVER do a SINGLE THING about them. You have to ask yourself why about that.

    I only hope the posts on here save at least 1 new victim. Play ANY other game ANY (there was 1 free good game per DAY Epic game store over Xmas also ON THIS FORUM The Admin posted about Prison Architest a GOOD GAME it was 100% free on

    Play literally ANY other game apart from Entropia. Sure once in a million newbies get 'lucky' . You have better odds in a real life casino and dont fucking dare tell me ''auto aim auto shoot auto loot is 'fun' and ''skill based''

    Anyway off to crying Suns (Epic game store) again i got killed last time.

    Stop giving money to David (Dodgy Dave) Simmonds
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  10. A desperate guy from 2009, pretending to have no idea what is going on x'D
  11. You don't think that videos real do you? Lmfao
  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    obviously not real, but it is hilarious.
  13. I figured my question would just get ignored so I wasn't expecting much. Space in general was a big let down for me in general and not much has changed since I took a break in 2013. So much potential just squandered in my opinion. I'm not sure why they didn't expand and connect the planets in some meaningful way from the get go.

    I'm not holding my breath that EU space will suddenly become an inviting place to be. As buggy as Star Citizen is in alpha I can get my space fix on there or in X4 Foundations.
  14. As long as the addicted gamblers with phat wallets and the last of of the external "investors" will drown their money into this scam-opportunity, it wont stop.

    Star Citizen also wont stop...but I admit, it is a nicely put together space experience. A bit empty. A bit buggy. But I grew up with bugs. I lived with the bugs. I stopped Entropia because of too many bugs. (and scams)
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  15. Yeah I have a feeling Star Citizen will be in alpha for a while. To many lofty goals but it's getting there.
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    Errr it IS real son its real clip of Ex Mindark Employee (they used to have an Office in Mexico) IT IS REAL
  17. Fan_boy99

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    Different laws in Mexico they just dont care (Scammonds and that other Timrat cant bully any1 there). It is a real life clip though trust me.
  18. Meanwhile Spawn is crying again. He only lives in the past it seems...ooops...thats how I got trolled by these guys btw. ...

    You know what they said ?
    That McCormick only lives in the past and cant focus on current develooooops....oh these selfish bastards with their
    nobrainerz...and fucking double standards...embarassing...but go for it Spawn, entertain me, by creating your very own "Content of Oblivion"... :'D

    Feel free to use my years of hard work ! :)


    And of course Spawn takes every chance to grab all the infos from our are an a$$ dude. :)


    Oh and the MA employee :

    Yes I can confirm, its real. Hes the spokesperson for everything though: ;D

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    I used to use twin sticks for space and flying vehicles on planet (they work different). I've no idea if my method still works though as not tried since the controls nerf. Actually... hardly been in since that nerf, and when I have. Mostly I just stand around then wonder why and log off.

    Keep meaning to have a decent sesh in Entropia but have to admit the lure of other games and passtimes (like CAD) have kinda got their hooks into me now and Entropia rarely pops to mind. I've not even been to this forum in while.

    Doesn't even seem to be anything interesting news wise either.
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