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Planet Calypso News: The Core - Easter Mayhem

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. As you all may know, CDF Intelligence recently discovered that the robots in Hadesheim Crater have been preparing for a large excavation, most likely related to finding another RX cache on Eudoria. Colonists were employed to recover Data Storage Units to allow us to reach the cache faster than the robots.

    However, the recovered DSUs have proven to contain only fragments of the data required, despite intense analysis by CDF signals experts. Meanwhile the robots have been able to recover from the damage caused during the latest excursions into the Core. They will soon attempt an excavation again.

    Once again, we ask the colonists of Calypso to assist us in this matter. As earlier, rewards will be offered in exchange for the successful recovery of Data Storage Units from the Core.

    Good luck out there!
    /Brig. General de Sousa

    • Event Start: Thursday, April 2, 1300 UTC
    • Event End: Tuesday, April 7, 1300 UTC

    There are five instance levels to accommodate avatars of various profession levels. All of the instances are accessed by interacting with The Core teleporter inside the EST dropship in Minopolis, and then selecting the instance level you wish to enter.

    The Core Level 1

    • Core Harbinger Gen. 01 (Lvl 4)
    • Core Harbinger Gen. 02 (Lvl 7)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 01 (Lvl 6)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 02 (Lvl 9)

    The Core Level 2

    • Core Harbinger Gen. 03 (Lvl 9)
    • Core Harbinger Gen. 04 (Lvl 11)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 03 (Lvl 12)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 04 (Lvl 15)

    The Core Level 3

    • Core Harbinger Gen. 05 (Lvl 14)
    • Core Harbinger Gen. 06 (Lvl 17)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 05 (Lvl 19)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 06 (Lvl 24)

    The Core Level 4

    • Core Harbinger Gen. 07 (Lvl 22)
    • Core Harbinger Gen. 08 (Lvl 26)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 07 (Lvl 31)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 08 (Lvl 39)

    The Core Level 5

    • Core Harbinger Gen. 09 (Lvl 32)
    • Core Harbinger Gen. 10 (Lvl 36)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 09 (Lvl 51)
    • Core Eviscerator Gen. 10 (Lvl 58)

    There are also reports of several powerful Warlock-class robot bosses inside The Core. Colonists are urged to be prepared for aggressive new offensive tactics from these augmented Warlocks.

    The following point system has been created to track the retrieval of Robot Data Storage Units (DSU):

    • Robot DSU Class 1 (1 point)
    • Robot DSU Class 2 (5 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 3 (10 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 4 (20 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 5 (50 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 6 (100 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 7 (500 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 8 (1000 points)
    • Robot DSU Class 9 (5000 points)

    Your event score will be updated automatically each time one of the Data Storage Units is recovered.

    Final event scores will be calculated based on hourly point averages to derive each participant's 18-hour normalized event score.

    This scoring method removes the need for participants to track time spent in the instances (beyond meeting the 18-hour prize eligibility requirement), removes the risk of participants being inadvertently disqualified from the event for time reasons, and allows all participants to hunt as much as desired in the event instances without giving an unfair advantage to those who are able to hunt for many hours.

    The colonists accumulating the highest 18-hour normalized point averages during the event period will be awarded the following rewards by Earth Shock Trooper command:

    • Modified Hedoc Mayhem
    • Improved Hedoc Mayhem
    • 3rd Place - CDF XTLC 1000
    • 4th Place - CDF XTLC 800
    • 5th Place - CDF XTLC 600
    • 6th Place - CDF XTLC 400
    • 7th Place - CDF XTLC 200
    • 8th Place - Universal Ammo - 4000 PED
    • 9th Place - Universal Ammo - 3000 PED
    • 10th Place - Universal Ammo - 2000 PED

    ***IMPORTANT*** Participants must complete at least 18 hours in the event instances to qualify for the above prizes.

    In addition, all colonists reaching the following event point totals will receive bonus rewards from EST Command (only the highest bonus reward is awarded per avatar):

    • 10000 Points - 1200 PED Universal Ammo
    • 5000 Points - 500 PED Universal Ammo
    • 2500 Points- 250 PED Universal Ammo
    • 1000 Points - 100 PED Universal Ammo

    Bonus rewards do not have a minimum time requirement.

    This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    ***IMPORTANT*** Do not abandon the mission! If you abandon the mission for any reason, either intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that moment will be lost forever. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    Happy Hunting!
    The Planet Calypso Dev Team

    Name Uses/Min Decay Ammo Range Damage Profess. Req. Equip Effect
    CDF XTLC 200 40 0.01288 1081 60 50 Lvl 20 Laser Sniper 10% Inc. Laser Sniper Skillgain
    CDF XTLC 400 40 0.02140 1866 66 86 Lvl 40 Laser Sniper 10% Inc. Laser Sniper Skillgain
    CDF XTLC 600 40 0.02886 2442 72 113 Lvl 60 Laser Sniper 10% Inc. Laser Sniper Skillgain
    CDF XTLC 800 40 0.03462 2984 78 138 Lvl 80 Laser Sniper 10% Inc. Laser Sniper Skillgain
    CDF XTLC 1000 40 0.03912 3440 84 159 Lvl 100 Laser Sniper 10% Inc. Laser Sniper Skillgain

    With the Easter holidays springtime has arrived to Planet Calypso's Archipilago. Observations of the newly released Corinthian Kanin species indicates that the tameable variants of Kanins most likely will start to multiply at an almost exponential rate during the upcoming easter holidays.

    To grab your own easter bunnie, a.k.a "Corinthian Kanin" head out to the areas around the Atlantis Archipelago teleporter, we are confident that there will be plenty for everyone.

    Happy Holidays!


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