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The Casino has arrived, with german Spammers. Meet your psychologist on a planet !

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Uhm what?
  2. Oops seems I replied to the wrong person's post :alcohol:

    Good morning!
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    always a winning clip
  5. 1 year later.

    Nothing has changed on the casino site. No Virtual Casino has ever been introduced.

    No new infos about the 3 partner buildings at Athena Space Port. Empty since 1 year.

    Way to go.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well at least is is situation normal...
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  7. The casino is no referring you to other websites that deny any affiliation with the casino... There goes all my items I saved up.
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    items in the casino? ie that would have worked in the separated Entropia platform they were meant to have? Shame...
  9. The casino made no sense from the beginning...except for luring ppl into a clone 3D world of entropia, by collecting items through using slot machines = the look and feel of Entropia, but different ;D

    In the end it failed...like so many other "recent" announcements...but noone cares anymore and talking about it is considered instant whining.

    And the "make money" hype is the only real remnant of PE, that will neverdie, amen.
  10. The Vegas2Macau (Vincere B.V. Curacao) Entropia 3D casino, not connected to Entropia in any way ;)
    ......has officially died within 1 year...without releasing the Entropianized-3D casino.

    No word of the owners, no comment by some "dev" on the forums. Just gone for good.

    So, who would have thought of that ? ;)

    All virtual items you "earned" for the 3D casino that would have looked like Calypso, are now gone
    and the site only (trys to) forward(s) you to other casino sites now, which dont work.

    Original site (dead) :

    "New" site trys to send you to other casino sites, of which most lead to a "about:blank" (empty site)

    You can click "yes I have played before and want to retrieve my items"...but that does nothing.

    So, in short.
    -3D casino planned for late 2015
    -Never goes live, dies in 2016
    -Desperately trying to announce other casinos (on facebook as well)


    Maybe its time to meet your psychologist on another planet by now ?
    Oh snap, those partners never ever arrived on Entropia either (the 3 empty buildings at Athena Space Port)

    So sad... ;D

    R.i.P. :
    • Human Flourishing Universe (HFU) - A purpose-driven VR platform for education and collaboration on business, social, health, wellbeing, environment issues with a gameplay built on compassion and altruism stimulating human advancement.
    • Planet Employability (PLE) is a leading emerging planet in the new Human Flourishing Universe (HFU), here you can link to the PLE Module where participants can complete an employability skills audit and undertake missions and assignments to improve their employability skills and/or engage in a digital internship.
    • Hub Culture is a collaboration network with activities online and in the real world. The Hub Culture Estate at the Athena Spaceport offers an environment for connections and social interactions among Hub Culture members around the world. Additional functions are available inside Hub Culture at a corresponding Spaceport within the social network.

    Those sites never got updated anyway and links to facebook and twitter do nothing.

    Sure, MindArk "has nothing to do with the quality of 3rd party partners" but isnt it amazing how so called partners of MindArk either die bankruptcy or never do sh!t inside of Entropia, except for "please make a drawing of 2 figures, each with a telephone line" ?
    For sure, this is another fucking unique part of Entropia. PP...Poor Partners ;D

    The best part is, that the "so called community" couldnt care less and has forgotten about this bullshit by now, eagerly waiting for the next announcement that will make em all go "woohoo" again.


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    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  11. I've spoken with them a bit, this is what they have said on facebook:

    So yea, no numbered answers and most questions ignored... I then asked

  12. These guys have like 500 usd worth of items they owe me... And a lot of affiliates I referred. They better open and stop ignoring us...
  13. So the 3d Entropia casino is on its way (again) !?
    Great crystal clear answers x'D
    z0mg w00t wowz0rs
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Another planet partner died before getting started? Wow... I am... SO surprised.

    I actually predict no new big announcements of content for 2017. I think MA will just quietly get on with fixes and optimisations while doing their best to ignore the LA owner's cries about the failing Land Plots and tubs.
  15. Just a little update on this matter. There is no update.

    Over the past 2 years nothing of this stuff got updated.

    The "Entropia (themed) Casino" already died 1 year ago.

    Just in case you missed the Port Atlantis aheee Casino Trailer with Entropia Avatars and animations in 2016:

    This is what you would have missed *awwwww*. Pure casino with your beloved Entropia feeling + dance, move and even the "global" animations.
    What a nice trap, Jesus Christ ! :'D
    But hey, they claim(ed) its still in the works...so like always, lean back and lets wait and SEE...and wait...and wait...

    So much for the Entropia based casino, that has absolutley nothing to do with Entropia !!!!11111122

    But what about those 3 partner buildings in 2017 you may ask ? (I know you dont care, because you have forgotten about it already)
    But hey, just take a wild guess !!! Riiiiight, they are dead, still empty, of no use.

    Their websites are outdated and/or dead by now.

    Best still is "planet employabilty" with his blog entries: x'D


    I mean, lorem ipsum my a$$, this site never got any update at all.

    Outdated - dead.

    Planet Empaticus anyone ?
    Remember, they had plans for 39 additional planets. x'D


    Outdated - dead.
    Planet Hub Culture :


    Our mission to expand collective consciousness is driven by an emergent ecosystem you can Join.
    It's all powered by a digital currency, Ven.

    Hallelujah ! And no word about the "President of Virtual Reality" and his unique crypto currency :(


    No more words about Entropia either.

    I sent friend request to the 3 owners of these so called "partner buildings" today :
    "Planet Employability Admin"
    "Hub Culture Valet"
    "The Human Flourishing Universe"

    Maybe I can get some answers...lololol :p

    Only the "Planet Employability" building can be entered.
    Anyway, all 3 buildings are still empty.

    Looking forward for the roadmap of 2018 ? What lies (are) ahead ?
  16. I'm sat in a pub in Edinburgh right now.

    Salisbury Arms I think they call it, since you ask.

    Just reading this thread for the first time having drunk a few pints of IPA + a single Polish Bison Grass vodka.

    I must say it reads a little surreal, even by MindArk's standards!

    My question is: will all this make sense when I sober up some time tomorrow?
  17. most likely not.
  18. and even a few days later... still not a lot of sense... cents maybe, but not sense.
  19. Just saw a thread in PCF that mentioned Rock Dollars.

    Good name for a second avatar maybe but doesn't inspire me to buy any.
  20. San


    I couldn't make heads or tails of it when it first came out, and I'm not a bit wiser. Wth is "hub culture" -- I don't get it, you can setup any ole website to gather people under a topic. "Employability" -- do they know any actual jobs? If not don't waste my time. I go in there to the terminals sometimes because nobody else does.

    It seems to me as if somebody once attended some exhibition or conference and came back with their head full of lofty, great sounding fluff. That someone happened to have influence on the game's design or could just sit down and put it in there. As long as we're not sold things which don't exist and won't for cycles unknown, I'm not angry about that.

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