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The Casino has arrived, with german Spammers. Meet your psychologist on a planet !

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Word has it, and yes even the CEO of MindArk came on PCF to confirm my post is that Mindark in no way is connected to this project. They just sold off the platform. (yes I think of the CEO post as a ATH). Was a great post also since he got Modded and then requested that his post be restored. :)
  2. Same happened with the Mario and Zelda titles on the "Phillips CDi Gaming Console"

    The result ? A very bad result !

    That casino could have bought a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper 3d environment, including clothes and vehicles...but they did choose Entropia !
    So saying, it is in noooOooOOOoo way connected to Entropia, is not entirly true. xP
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  3. You remember the "new" partner buildings at Athena Spaceport that got announced like half a year ago ?
    You could not enter them...but guess what...Planet Employability finally opened its doors...and there is nothing to SEE ! xD

    Ill post here again in 2016, promised.

    partner buildings 2015.
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  4. Well you need to remember one small little item here..my guess is when they did sale off the EU platform it included the objects as well. My guess was that the first version of the new casino would have a lot of calypso in it until, if they ever do, replace it with their own theme look. But yes I know this is some great new conspiracy stuff for you since well SEE is gone. :) I'm still waiting for ND to give you those 2 SEE interviews you were promised :)
  5. Why buy an online casino from softswiss and then contact an unknown swedish game dev to buy their ingame assets at all costs ?
    Why did it have to be Entropia items ? Smells like BS !

    Except these guys knew about Entropia before...and knew exactly why they would deocrate their bought casino software with Entropia items...
    Thats not even a conspiracy. They DO KNOW why they did it...to be able to lure us into a "already known world", that we all love and became addicted to.
    MA never wanted to be connected to the word Casino...now they are, even if they claim they are not.

    btw. ND never promsied interviews. Only that other guy from SEE, that never answered again anyway.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I SEE
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
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  9. Placed at Athena Spaceport in July of 2015.
    Still nothing added in January 2016.

    I cant believe this is working every fucking time...

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  10. 1 year later we still have the empty buildings and the "virtual casino environment" never got introduced.

    We never heard of Empathicus (Human Flourishing), Planet Employability and Hub Culture again.

    They arent even updates on the sites itself :

    employability blog.

    And as I think noone of you ever really browsed their sites anyway, here is the planet list of Empathicus :

    Planet Avapreneur (Developing as an Avapreneur) – use your avatar to explore and test business ideas, collaborate on international projects

    Planet Community Safety (Developing community based safety solutions) – benchmarking and support for community safety solution development

    Planet Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Developing Alternative Health Solutions) – Explore and apply alternatives to conventional health solutions

    Planet CSR (Driving Corporate Social Responsibility) – linking CSR activities to scalable activities and solutions testing across all planets

    Planet CrowdFunding (Funding central) – seek and secure in Universe funding for ideas and solutions

    Planet Cultauriture (Developing Digitization of Culture) – Integration of digital culture to support maintenance and development of culture

    Planet Earth (Developing Environmental Sustainability) – Managing environmental resources effectively and creating new environmentally sound solutions

    Planet Empathy (Walk in someone else’s shoes) – Real life scenarios allow participants to experience other people’s lives.

    Planet Employability (EU Social Innovation Competition Semi-Finalist 2014) – Creating online employment opportunities

    Planet Enterprise (Developing existing businesses) – Seek opportunities to expand existing and early start-up businesses

    Planet Exercise (Develop fitness routines) – Seek and undertake different fitness missions and assignments

    Planet Financial Trading (Developing Financial Trading Knowledge) – Learn how to become a financial trader through mix of in Universe and Real World activities.

    Planet Health and Well-Being (Developing personal and community health) – Find options to improve health and well being and create community health solutions)

    Planet Humanitarian Aid (Developing solutions together) – Avatars working together to support people in challenging environments

    Planet Informed Citizen Planet (Developing Good Citizenship) – Promote and good citizen solutions

    Planet League of Fitness (Competitive Fitness Teams) – Join a fitness team and compete across the world

    Panet Public Administration (Developing Local Government Capacity) – Support for local government officials and capacity building activities

    Planet Skills Development (Developing Skills for enterprise and employability) – Find routes and pathways to enhance skills base and open new opportunities across the Universe

    Planet Social Pearl (Developing Social Enterprise) – Support for existing and emerging social enterprises

    Planet Sport (Explore developing sports projects) – Link with sports codes, join clubs, start new sporting clubs

    Planet Start-Up (Developing Business Start-ups) – Support for Idea development and Business Start-ups

    Planet Qualifications (Formalise Universe Skills Development) – Structures for formalising all activities on other planets to link with real world activities and qualification structures

    Planet Well-Being (Developing healthy lifestyle choices

    The key ethos of the Planets is reward for altruistic behavior through avatar advancement, receiving benefits and enhancing status. Empathy and compassionate acts towards others give status and benefits in the HFU. For example, developing a social enterprise, on Planet Social Pearl offers rewards that could be used on Planet Enterprise and Planet Skills Development for other human well-being activities and/or personal development.
  11. hmm... is there a list of all planets that failed to come in to existence somewhere, along with a copy of their website in internet archive or some similar archive database? We have what, this casino thingy, Planet Micheal, Planet Universal Monsters, Next Island, CRD, who else?
  12. A "list" is here :

    But :

    -Planet Michael, Planet Universal Monsters and Planet Titanic was/would have been SEE + ND
    They also planned planet "Total Recall" which got sold to UCJOY (You SEE Joy) which got shutdown right after beta.

    -Planet Next Island was David Post + ND

    -Planet Theyron Wars ...they learned it the hard way

    -Planet Post Moderna that was Alan Morgan (avatar Noggin I think), never went live

    -Planet CRD (chinese 3D shopping planet) was Robert Tau Lai (dead) and some MindArk contract


    Next on the list ? Cyrene ? Toulan ? Lets wait and SEE...
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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Fish something was Alan's username. Noggin was a guy from the UK who was well on his way building something himself (IIRC).
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Was it Noggin who had all the big ideas about planet simulating? Someone led us up the garden path for yonks with that one! I'd totally forgotten about it! Seems funny looking back with the likes of no man sky close to launch
  15. NotAdmin

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  16. hmmmmmmmmmm @_@ ok, now im confused
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  17. Good morning :)
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