The Athena Spaceport VCC Rally

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  1. The Athena Spaceport VCC Rally
    * *Valkyrie Cross Country* *

    Sunday, February 27, 2011 @ 21:00 MA
    (Meet down at the start area no later than 20:30 MA)

    Total Prizes TBA!!!

    Limit to 50 Total Participants!!!

    Participation will be limited to keep this event within a reasonable time frame of no more than two hours.


    The Athena Spaceport VCC Rally has been created as a
    free and accessible community event for all with no registration fee.

    Please be sure to register in advance ---> * * HERE * * <---

    Deadline for entry is 17:00MA the day of the event, February 27, 2011.

    Athena Spaceport is a convenient location for all who wish to participate in or observe this event. As the area around Athena Spaceport is non-PVP, there will be no worries of other individuals "interfering" with the race. In addition, the creatures in the vicinity do little damage if they do happen to attack a vehicle as it passes by.

    Contestants may only use the Valkyrie MK1 vehicle for this event. The Valkyrie MK1 is relatively affordable compared to most other land vehicles, gets excellent gas mileage, and is also faster than most other land vehicles.

    The entire circuit can be completed once in less than 10 minutes, using less than ten oil!!!
    (for you penny pinchers, that works out to about 0.20 ped, or 2 cents...) :)

    Donations and Sponsors for this event are graciously accepted!!!

    Volunteers needed as VCC Rally Officials!!!

    Listen to Daggert broadcast the Athena Spaceport VCC Rally
    LIVE on Atlas Haven Radio

    For complete coverage of the Athena Spaceport VCC Rally,
    be sure to visit first with the news.

  2. AS VCC Course Demo Video:

    <sorry, no sound>

    Thank you to Fiona Kitten Shamrock for providing this video footage!!!

  3. The Official VCC Rally Theme...

    Behind The Wheel (Force Sonic Remix)Depeche Mode (Dominatrix remix)

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    One hour to go :)
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