The 12 Claims of Christmas - A Mining Event

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    The 12 Claims of Christmas - A Rocktropia Mining Event

    Originally posted at The 12 Claims of Christmas - A Mining Event please post there to participate if possible, if for some reason you are not able, then posting in this thread will still make you eligible.

    To win this event you must post a screenshot for each of the following 12 in sequential order.
    The screenshot must contain a time/date stamp (press U on your keyboard ingame to display the timestamp)

    1. On the First Day of Christmas I found some Fruit.
    2. On the Second day of Christmas I found an II Claim of xxxx
    3. On the Third day of Christmas I found an III Claim of xxxx
    4. On the Fourth day of Christmas I found an IV Claim of xxxx
    5. On the Fifth day of Christmas I found a V claim of xxxx
    6. On the Sixth day of Christmas I found a VI claim of xxxx
    7. On the Seventh day of Christmas I found a VII claim of xxxx
    8. On the Eighth day of Christmas I found a VIII claim of xxxx
    9. On the Ninth day of Christmas I found an IX claim of xxxx
    10. On the Tenth day of Christmas I found an X claim of xxxx
    11. On the Eleventh day of Christmas I found an XI claim of xxxx
    12. On the Twelfth day of Christmas I found an XII claim of xxxx

    The trick though is that each claim has to be of a different resource, so try not to use the more common resource types up for your first few easy claim sizes, save them for the larger ones.

    Your first post should include the first line "On the First Day of Christmas I found a pile of ......" It can be any fruit/or precious stone found on the ground. (not dung since its not very Christmasy)
    Included in the post should be a screenshot of
    1. your loot window showing the find
    2. the line in chat saying "you have picked up x# of fruit/stone"
    3. the time/date stamp

    Your second post would have lines 1 and 2, and the screenshot for your II size claim.
    Example "On the Second day of Christmas I found a II claim of Belkar"
    The screen shot should have.
    1. Either the finder displaying the claim size, or the deed info window open showing the size and resource type.
    2. the time/date stamp

    The third post on will continue the same way, including the previous lines and adding your next one w/ screenshot.

    * 1st person to complete it will get 100ped
    * 2nd person 50ped
    * 3rd person 25ped
    * 4th person 12.50ped
    * 5th person 6.25ped

    Special bonus! if any of your claims show a Something Out Of The Ordinary (SOOTO) find, (usually angel scales or hansidion) then your prize is doubled! If you have 2 SOOTO finds showing in your 12 screenshots, then your prize will be quadrupled!!!!
    Sorry, max multiplier is x4 so it is possible for the person who finishes 1st to get a 400ped prize, and the person who finishes 5th to get a 25ped prize if they get 2 or more SOOTOs.

    Each screenshot must be posted within 24hours to be eligible.
    This event will continue untill all 5 prizes have been claimed, so don't let a slow play style prevent you from participating [​IMG]

    Good luck everyone [​IMG] and have fun,


    *Prizes sponsored by NEVERDIE studios
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  2. narfi

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    Bump it up ;) lets have some fun !
  3. Noodles

    Noodles Pastafarian

    This is a generous event, Narfi. I hope you get some interest!
  4. So...I started to work on this and - I just noticed that this is a Rocktropia event? Does everything have to be found in Rocktropia?
  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Yeah sorry :/

    The Prizes are sponsored by NEVERDIE studios, so it needs to be on Rocktropia.

    would be fun to see something similar on calypso though, It seems there arent many mining related events :/

    GL and have fun :)

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