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Thank you for the AMA, MA !

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Please, read all of it, before judging.

    Most of the people realizied the copy&paste + doubletalk tactics by Mindark now.
    Thanks to this AMA...so, thank you for the AMA, MA ! ;p

    Then, out of nowhere "the usual suspects" show up, praising Mindark for their AMA now, even if there are still tons of unanswerd questions remaining...

    pudding AMA 2019.

    New CEO even admitted, that the old clowns fucked up and that he is very sorry...that it wont happen again...blahhh....but it was actually HIM, who started his job with the fucking obvious Deeptoken Scam...it was HIS system(!), he brought it to Mindark...a system that got quickly connected to all other scams and promised a healthy Mindbank again...promised 3 new planets...promised the IPO system...new partners....millions of dollars...but none of it would have ever arrived anyway...and you know that !!!

    ...but it failed and we got the millions of broken promises aka. lies "for free" x'D. As always! HOLY FUCKING FUCK ! :D

    He just simply blames it on the old management, but started his fucking job with the greatest scam/lie since Entropia started, using the same tactics as always...on top of it people show up, claiming it was the best communication ever and started the a$$licking again ? I mean, noone invested into Deeptoken anyway...as most of us are NOT dumb ! But wtf is wrong with these people ?

    I do understand, why they actually believe it looks like "great communication"...because there never was any communication...

    But why is it, that people are this easily convinced by doubletalk ?
    Would they simply fall for it in reallife as well ?
    And shouldnt that ring some alarm bells, as Mindark messes with these people ?

    Or maybe those are just the payed comments ? :P
    And if not, what else is wrong with these people ? Honestly ?!
    One could think they got serious issues. (except for gambling related issues)

    Something is defenitely not right here.
    But we all know that by now. x'D
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  2. Tempted to copy and paste above in PCF. ;)
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  3. The truth is not allowed on the other forum.
    So, are you ready for a lifetime ban ? ;D
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  4. It would be a sort of ‘copy and paste’ payback.

    A sort of poetic justice for the MindArk copy and paste brigade.

    But yes, I need to be more subtle to avoid the lifetime ban thingy.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I found a couple of the replies and got bored and couldn't be bothered to search for the rest.
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I had the same reaction. No real answers were given. Nothing but vague evasions without getting to the crux of things. The one question I was hoping would be answered got hard-deleted.

    (It was a guy asking why MA disadvantaged their partners). Obviously, that should be removed, rather than answered. Lord forbid inconvenient questions get seen by other members of PCF.
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  7. San


    Did you keep a backup or screenshot? I lodged a complaint in one case where they moved a valid question out of the AMA section during submission time, but didn't delete it. I briefly looked for ways to backup the whole section but it's not trivial since you can't take the tree structure simply from the link. I swear I'd wget and git the whole damn thing without a breather between re-checks if I didn't live on mobile data.

    In fairness, many questions don't have any more finesse than the answers. If you want to catch a fish, you have to put out a bait that the fish likes and not the angler.
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Unfortunately not the entire thread, but I copy/pasted the link, and the initial preview of it was saved.

    The question then referred to some specific armour or weapons that made stuff dropped by other PPs redundant.

    Link: http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?308620-Q1-Some-Weird-Gaijin

    As you can see, that question got hard-deleted, rather than closed/moved.

    And that example also perfectly shows why using PCF for an AMA was ridiculous. The sole reason for it was to ensure questions like these could be made to disappear, rather than simply ignored. You wouldn't want the people who simply don't know any better than MA being a fair organization know better than that not all Entropia Universe planet partners are treated equal.
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The whole AMA, the 2 question limit, the rules, and the fact questions get hard deleted makes me think that MA actually has no fucking idea what an AMA really is. What they really organised was an AMABO2QEADAMATTATAIWDWIDWTA.

    Ask Me Anything But Only 2 Questions Each And Don't Ask Me About This, This, And That And I Will Delete Whatever I Don't Want To Answer.

    I'm somehow reminded of a MeatLoaf song...

    "I would answer anything you ask, just don't ask me THAT."
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  10. San


    If they deleted that I'm amazed they let this one (the Content of Oblivion link) stand. You really can't know what draws the ire of these mods at any moment. At any rate, you can't seriously expect that such a knee-jerk question draws anything other than a generic, evasive or weasel answer. To me, they are a wasted opportunity where a little more smarts applied could have gotten real information. It's like rage-fucking someone in the ass, you think you're doing them but all you really get from it is shit on you.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Perhaps the question could have been worded a bit better, but not everyone is a native English speaker. The question itself seems perfectly valid, though, and it's definitely not the first time that Calypso pulls some power-move.

    There was some event at one of the other planets at some point, and Kim decided that right at the exact same moment, he'd have to run something on Calypso as well. Some new in-demand weapon gets introduced on other planets, and Kim needs to one-up them (and somehow is not stopped by the completely useless balancing team).

    There is a very clear history of favoritism happening with MA, and I think someone actually addressing that would have been the first step to admitting they simply *are* screwing over their partners. Also, Kim should be removed from anything to do with Calypso. The guy's incompetent, and only in that position because of who his daddy is.
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  12. San


    I'm not saying anything against that. But people can bang their heads against the wall all they want. You can't force someone else to say or admit something (with legal methods). This is the business world and you have to be a bit conscious of the rules there if you want to get the upper hand. Just like in the game itself, you either learn it or you fail. Is that so difficult to understand? No need to have English for mother tongue and these questions weren't bad English, they were plump approach.
  13. All "answers" were beyond plump approaches...having a single plump "question" inbetween,
    makes you sanctify Mindarks business ethics here ?

    They fuck us hard and will continue this way. Upper hands my a$$, that will never happen, lol.
    Communication on a higher level ? Pfffff...jesus....

    Their so called business turned into various different scams and scam approaches...we DO understand that !

    This is a show to "lean back and enjoy"...not something where someone else will get the upper hand...never...what the actual fuck, San ? :(
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  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I get what you are saying. But why exactly should other people be held to a higher standard than the very people who invited them to ask questions to begin with?

    The people running MindArk are utter trash. They screwed over their customers by pretending their casino is a game. Let's face it. It's pure gambling, and should be advertised as such. By not doing so, and avoiding all responsibility in that, they have managed to allow people to destroy their lives.

    They attempted to ruin the career of a professor who wrote a piece critical of their hyped up debit card. They ruined people's investments, by single-handedly changing the stats on items and real estate after inviting people over to invest in their "not a game". They screwed over the people they sucked in as partners, time and time again. Some of it is documented, but trust me when I say there's a ton more going on behind the scenes that most players would never ever find out about.

    They launch a mobile game crowd funding effort, launching it as an incredible investment opportunity, with exaggerated ROI (without providing proper documentation of how they plan to achieve those results). Then, when due to piss-poor management the project fails, they flip the suckers who invested the bird, and offer them a buy-out worth a fraction of the money they took.

    They attempt to launch a highly dubious ICO, with a business plan so poor that I was amazed to even see them reach 100k USD. Once again, boasting ludicrous returns. When the project failed, they claim it was a success due to some mysterious last-minute investors, whose transactions never showed up on the ledger. I'm guessing they hoped to be able to get away with that, but eventually were forced to admit defeat and refund people their money. This of course conveniently happened before the closing of the fiscal year, so the ICO won't have to show up i the financial report, because I honest to god doubt any accountancy firm in their sane mind would ever sign off on it.

    If game developer companies were modern countries, MindArk would be Saudi Arabia.

    So this company has a long history of lies and deceit of pretty much anyone they interact with. Remind me again why we ought to not be plumb with them?
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  15. San


    For the sole reason of wanting to get any useful response at all. If you've given up on that, I can't blame you. But those who chose to take part in the AMA evidently still care about something and I'm just wondering why they would squander their slot so easily.
  16. actually i'm even a bit proud at mindark that they run that AMA in a proper timeframe.

    i didn't ask any questions, because i kinda expected them to be like they were. but still, if we can do this AMA again anytime soon, it will be worth a shot.

    and let me remind you again, why i think EU is better than slot gambling. in slots or similar "entertainment", you can't by any means change the outcome, or break even over time.

    in EU you actually can. it really is a competitive environment, and we play for real cash. and that is exactly the reason, why EU can be rather seen like a poker event, where everyone pays an entrance fee he decides himself, and instead of one winner only, a whole (but still tiny) percentage of players can win or break even.

    and hey, please don't tell me that EU doesn't provide enough possibilities to properly set your stakes. but yes, there are lots of stupid people, and shit probably happens more than twice a day. but that's good for business, consumption and economy growth i guess :whistling:

    also, i really wonder why they didn't try sell their own ERC20 tokens, or maybe mindark deeds, whatever. after all that happened over the years, and all we know already, every new year mindark survives is a success story, and i applaud to it. *clapclapclap*

    actually both mindark and their intellectual property, namely our beloved or hated cruel (project) entropia universe, are a very good example about how capitalism works, and why it isn't a kindergarten for nearly everyone. but that's another story i guess...
  17. Addicted gamblers and dreamers, that havent realized how they got screwed over the past 10 years.
    Always scared about their previous investments. They need to continue ! No matter the cost !
    I know, hope dies last, right ?

    Keep waiting for your usefull responses then, as they will never arrive.

    And we havent given up on that either...but we realized, "Mindarks" responses became completely uselss and plump, long ago.
    10 years, to be precise.

    I dont blame you for not SEEing that. Enjoy the silence.

    I still enjoy their show as well, reading about their PR gags aka. scams, lies and broken promises...
    ...but usually I enjoy the silence, just like you, which is the main part of Mindarks "activity". Silence !

    10 years of waiting, to maybe one day fullfilll, what once got promised, without mentionable content, improvements and bug fixes inbetween, is beyond extreme for an online game. Its sick !
    Thats why Im still here now, because it is extreme...not because it is "so cool" and "so good". :p

    But I know, the new CEO said it will be better. So did the previous CEO. And the CEO before him. And so on.
    Marco had visions and dreams...but it was always words only.

    Anyway, enjoy the game as it lasts and good luck, as you'll need it.
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  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm starting my own Entropia meme here but... (feel free to make your own - the de-motivational poster thread was my favourite ever)

    Entropia 2018-12-21 23.00.37 [2, Calypso, 77774, 76676, 163].
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  19. upload_2019-2-12_18-13-58.
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  20. beer404.
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