Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

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  1. Our president is about to create the 1st "jobs".

    -Buy Teleportation-IPO, 10$ per IPO (minimum numbers of shares will be 1 million, so MA hopes for 10 million $ here x'D)
    -Everyone has to pay for teleporting from now on
    -All Teleportation-IPO owners recieve "income" from the Teleport victims

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

    Instead of entering rage mode, calling this another fucked up pyramid scheme, I will join the pro Neverdie section and buy 5 IPOs if they get released and tell everyone how cool it is to make money out of other players that just play, while I do nothing.
    (I bet you wont make peds with this IPO, but recieve some strange tokens as "income", that can be exchanged for universal ammo or whatever the fuck...but lets SEE)

    I want to announce the next IPOs already :

    -Ammunition IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 shots fired will cost you a token
    -All Ammo-IPO owners recieve "income" from the hunter victims

    -Mining IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 probes dropped will cost you a token
    -All Mining-IPO owners recieve "income" from the mining victims

    -Crafting IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 crafting attempts will cost you a token
    -All Crafting-IPO owners recieve "income" from the crafting victims

    -Login IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 Logins will cost you a token
    -All Login-IPO owners recieve "income" from the login victims

    -Logout IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 Logouts fired will cost you a token
    -All Logout-IPO owners recieve "income" from the logout victims

    -Chat IPO, 10$ per IPO
    -each 100 word written will cost you a token
    -All Word-IPO owners recieve "income" from the chat victims

    -AoA (All other Actions) IPO, 50$ per IPO
    -all other actions you will do ingame will cost a token (or or 3 or more) now and then
    -All Other Actions-IPO owners recieve "income" from the...uhm...themself

    -You have to protect Teleporters from robots with your ammo (tokens). Robots want to destroy Teleporters
    I bet destroyed Telelporters need to be repaired and costs many, many tokens !

    -Conscripted users will "earn 1 $ per hour"...max 15 hours per month...but you must play 15 hours per month...say what ?!
    And how much ammo and tokens will I "loose" while teleporting, shooting robots etc. ?

    p.s. (Future Update)
    -Without tokens you cant play anymore, you have to buy tokens from the webshop.

    So this is how the 1st jobs will get introduced ?
    This is called pyramid scheme and not "creating virtual jobs". Fuck off !:mad:

    On top of it ND mentions the "stock exchange", that was live in beta of 2001 already and got removed with Hadesheim around 2009, where you will be able to trade CLDs, AUDs and compet deeds as well...

    Here are the graphics that exist since 2001, taken from VU 5.6 :


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  2. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    I don't know if i should laugh or buy a sniper rifle.
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  3. And this is one of the reasons you should not do so much crack you don't know which way is up...
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Sounds interesting.
    Now we need a game worth to spend money for teleporting.
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  5. Why do I get Nausea from all this ? Surely this is not rational.
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, my GC is old and it takes a dozen attempts to login meanwhile. My sisters GC doesn't work anymore.
    Here comes the next idea: GoldCard (L)
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    According to those slides, it's possible to teleport between planets. THAT is something I'd pay for. For the rest of this, typical politics. Raise taxes, make it sound as if you're doing everyone a favour.

    Oh, and the minimum wages are laughable. I wouldn't get out of my bed for that amount of money. 160hr yields 19.2k? lol.

  8. "At the current rate teleporters are used 10 million times per year."
    That doesnt involve teleporting between planets for now, but on 1 planet.
    I dont think people will have the same teleport behaviour universe wide.
    Why would they teleport 50 times a day from planet to planet to planet ? Except there would be awesome diversity, rare, different ores and enmatter, real markup and...LOL, forget about it. Also it must be cheaper then Warp flights...then mothership owners will get mad...etc.
    (Sure, the rich fooks wont care and could do fast "loot chasing" between planetes. x'D. So once again another "feature" for those who dont care for $.) ;)

    Maybe traders and newbies would try it. But there is no real universe wide trading. There is no f*cking markup.

    lyst and oil.jpg

    On top of it another 10$ IPO that you must buy to get a fraction of something...a fraction of some ppl that might use "jump gates", as they were called in 2001.
    They never existed though. Shows once again how Entropia is based on reverse engineering. It is all there already. The future was here. And in the end MindArk will make money through those IPOs, not you. SEEing the all time low CLD income since many months I dont have much hope either.

    Another player made me think by writing "With such a teleport fee applied, we have to explore the planets again." Sadly, there is nothing to explore.
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  9. how long will it take to get one pec return on the deed if each tp is only one ped and there's 1 million deeds? Every tp jump would just make the deed holders one one millionth of a ped.... that's less roi than a bottle of sweat's tt value?
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Yup. Because it's free. I expect that number to decrease rapidly once it becomes a premium service. New job created: Walkers.

    I'd happily pay more than a warpflight. I can still loose my stuff on a warp flight. Fuck that.

    The only reason space is lootable is to protect Calypso from emptying due to other planets'events/content/story. For the exact same reason, there's a maximum amount of content PPs can submit per release; Calypso simply can't keep up, and MA is protecting its own daughter.

    And there won't be any with this new TP fee, either. If anything, this will make this already absurdly expensive endless clickfest even more expensive. It might help drive up the price of ME or oil a bit, though, as I expect people will simply resort more to using TP chips, or vehicles in order to save money.

    Like every politician, the idea assumes that people will not protest against additional taxes. Reality always proves them wrong. In Holland the government added an "eco tax" on all flights coming through Schiphol airport, expecting it to help them solve their budget problems. The actual outcome was that Dutch people en masse moved to nearby airports like Antwerp, Brussels, or Dusseldorf, and Schiphol took a major hit in passengers passing through. The government quickly reversed the tax, but by then people were pissed off, AND found out that the alternative airports were cheaper, and offered better service, and Schiphol still did worse than before, and jobs were lost because of it.

    Recently the Dutch government increased VAT and levvies on Gasoline, and a bunch of groceries. My parents live close to the German border, and have always gone to Germany for their gas, as it saves them money on every liter. Suddenly people from a lot further away started doing the same, and in Belgium. And while they are there, they will get their groceries there as well. The end result is less VAT income for the Dutch government, and gas stations in an increasing range near the border are struggling to get by (or have gone bankrupts and closed shop, meaning more jobs lost).

    Politicians are morons who only see golden mountains. If this promises anything, I fear our "president" won't do much better. "Hey, what should we do to make this ridiculously expensive game better? I know, add more fees!". And seeing MA's normal short-sighted modus operandi, I think they will gladly go along with it. I hope Clas Moreau has some say in it, but fear Jancompitent will simply overrule whatever sane ideas are being offered.
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  11. I'm excited to kick off my Presidency with these top priorities to unite all VR platforms and change forever the idea that you must pay to play a video game

    said Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.

    WOW, LOL ? x'D

    In my effort to combat Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics that threaten global job security, I'm creating an economy that will offer employment opportunities available to a wider group of people.

    said Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.

    Ya, quit your job...install Entropia Universe and use the teleporter on a daily basis until the year 2030 instead !
    What could possible go wrong ?

    My vision is to build upon formulas already proven in the Entropia Universe and create 3.6 million sustainable jobs by 2030 supported by the public transport system alone.

    said Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.

    My vision is, using abusive swear words only, if I have to read 1 more comment like this.

    Gamers must no longer be treated like addicts, slaving to line the pockets of video game developers. We have the systems today to give gamers value for their time and we will see games become as rich and powerful as nations as a result!

    said Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs.

    Entropia only exists because of such a bunch of addicts, you dumb f*ck !!!!!1111²²²³³³³
    "Give gamers value for their time...and we will SEE games become rich..."
    With event after event that makes them and their wallet exhausted ? ;D

    Have you completely lost your mind ? Aaah, Nevermind.

    Introducing such a system is one thing. Offering a 10$ IPO with it is nothing else but MindArk reaching for even more money...your money.
    Mentioning other online games / VR places to be able to teleport to, is a nothing but a lie. Fucking shame on you !!!

    There is so much missing in this game by now, incomplete, ignored... completely fucked up beyond any recognition.
    And instead of SEEing progress, various, half a$$ed ready stuff got thrown into the game, just to be forgotten soon afterwards.

    Taming ? Creature octagons ? Landplot system ? 3 reallife companies at Athena Space Port ? And these are only 4 things of early 2015 stuff, which once again seems to be ignored already. FUCK YOU !!! JUST FUCK YOU !!!

    You messed with us for such a long time, you should be thankful for the last dozen of people that still cheer for you.
    Those, who are still screaming WOOHOOO on the other forum, everytime you have one of your so called "visions".

    You are a good man, I have nothing against you as a person, but with MindArk at your side,
    you have choosen the wrong place to promote VR. And you fucking know that !!! :mad:

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  12. Sometimes this feels like an experiment :

    - Lets SEE for how long we can milk those hardcore addicts with phat wallets.

    - Without offering any real diveristy and new content
    while copying standard MMO stuff from other games. (wooden swords, vampire cloak, magic riings, blaaaaaahhh)

    - Making announcements of announcements now and then,
    about stuff that will never ever make it into the game, or getting abandoned soon after a half ready "introduction"

    - Lets SEE if we can make McCormick so angry about his beloved game, that we can ban him from it :'D
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  13. The ownership of the TP sounds a bit stupid, but a fee/token to teleport could be a good thing or even removing the TP all together. That would increase the need to actual travel through the world and also increase the value of having vehicles. Or maybe just have a few on each planets in bigger towns.

  14. Too bad you just don't post that on the nice actives Neverdie threads , which are on the forum which "should not be named" :P.
  15. I can still ask for re-activation. But I wont. :p
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  16. You know you really really should. OMG. :) Do it please! :) I think if Ted Neverdie Cruz saw you it would even give him a heart attack :) It's needed. :)
  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    You can name anything you want here. There's no censorship here :)
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  18. Frankly i think charging for teleportation is a stupid idea, it would cause thousands of players to quit entropia universe.
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  19. It is an idea without thought - a brain dead addled substitute for an idea which suggests only desperation.
  20. Its interesting to SEE, how many say they didnt even vote, how many dislike the idea...and then those 4 people claiming to like the idea and that you could make more out of it.

    Very democratic. From the voting process, up to this 1st super no brainer.

    While I quite like the idea of having no teleporters anymore...that is not the initial plan of ND.

    And where is my presidential strongbox ? Blah...
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