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---TAX MAN RELOADED--- Round 2

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Meculus, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Brought to you by


    Time to earn some extra PEDs blasting your way through 2 massive spawns of Atrox Guardians, Dominants, Alphas and their close friends ​




    Most Globals Wins

    10% of Tax profits from LA40 and OLA2

    Single Highest Loot Wins
    5% of Tax profits from LA40 and OLA2

    2nd Highest Global Count

    3% of Tax Profits from LA40 and OLA2

    3rd Highest Global Count

    2% of Tax Profits from LA40 and OLA2


    Prize % will be paid out from the
    entire month following the competition.

    That means you finally have a stake in a Land Area without the enormous investment!!!

    Bring your friends, hunt yourself, what ever you do in LA 40 and OLA 2 over the next month helps build your grand prize!!!!


    Event starts April 1st 00:01 MA time

    Event Ends April 30th 23:59 MA time


    Revives Located at
    (23399, 27962) (35739, 35154)


    To Claim your points You must Submit Screenshots of all of your Globals & HOF's in accordance with the rules listed below
    in this thread

    Screen shots must be submitted no later than 24 hours after the global/hof is obtained.

    Screenshots must include:

    date/time stamp (just press U)

    the confirmation of your global in the dialogue box

    coordinates in the dialogue box

    Visible Map
    (new this season)

    (the more thorough you are the less complications, pretty simple right?)

    No edited screen shots will be counted.

    Screen Shot Tools:
    ESG 1.6
    Entropia Tracker (new version)



    Only Solo Globals & HOF's count in this event

    Mining Counts Too!!

    The Scorecard for all participants will be listed below, see you all there!!!!

    Keep track of your placement in the competition on the leaderboard


  2. 3 days to go, get your gear ready :D
  3. Game on!!!

    Be sure to post all globals properly in this thread, and if you don't get to start until this weekend, you can attend Atrox Valley Sunday for a nice jumpstart :D
  4. wow this is a great idea and motivation :D
  5. :wave::wave::wave::wave:

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