Tatiana Karunnaya - the new owner of MindArk

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  1. *Some images/links in here are not safe for work*

    So, we all wondered who might be the Ukrainian woman named "Tetiana Karunna", that suddenly became the major shareholder of Mindark.

    Jan Eric Haldo Welter Timkrans handed nearly all of his 55.000.000 shares to her.

    Not much could be revealed about her, until today...even photos of her, that you all have seen before...

    But lets start with the boring stuff 1st :

    2 companies had been registered from the "Wholesale Industry Sector and/or perfume & cosmetics :

    HAIRCARE WITH SWEDEN [founded 2010] (Wholesale of perfume & cosmetics ("Tetiana Mykolaivna Karunna"))
    04070, Kiev, Podilskyi District, NABERZHNO-KHESCHATYTSKA STREET, 35 LIT "A" BUILDING

    04070, Kyiv, str. Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska, 35a

    Phone: +380443315595

    Ukraine, Kiev 04070
    Podilskyi District (Rajon Podil)


    KVATEROS [founded 2007] (Wholesale Industry Sector (other)) "Tetiana Mykolaivna Karunna"
    01034 Kiev, Shevchenkivskyi / Shevchenkovskiy District, CHAPAEVA STREET / I.FRANKA, building 2/16

    2 employees and generates 330.000$ of sales

    Adress of founder :
    06253, Poltavska obl., misto Lubny, VUL.LENINA, budynok ??? , kvartyra ???


    So, where does Tetiana actually live ?

    Ukraine, Kiev 06253
    (I cant seem to find the area related to 06253)
    All Lubny Postcodes are:
    37004 37005 37500 37501 37502 37503 37504 37505 37506

    Poltawa / Poltavska (Oblysy) = a huge area containing smaller areas
    Lubny beeing a town in the area of Poltawa.

    "VUL. LENINA" (vul. meaning Str(eet)
    There is a very long Lenina Street indeed...

    Building ??? Appartment ???


    Well, according to the linkedin profile, she lives in a district of Stockholm, called Johanneshov.

    Anyway, on to the photos !

    Now that the major shareholder of Mindark is called "Tatiana Karunnaya" on the swedish linkedin site (economist at Mindark), instead of "Tetiana Karunna" as in the Annual Mindark Report of 2019...I finally found her...maybe you do remember those old ingame posters of Girls & Spaceships at Crystal Palace Space Station ? (and / or some of the more recent "ads" that used her face)

    tk karunnaya dot com 2.jpg

    She is called Pantera Karunnaya (@PanteraD85) on Twitter and flickr and a "supermodel".

    In 2014 there even was a site called www.karunnaya.com.
    (use waybackmachine)


    It had this Entropia picture in it, that we all know.

    Her contact email was :

    tk, eh ? Wonder what that stands for... ;)

    Everything could just have been a funny coincidence of course...until I checked her flickr account...

    Pantera Karunnaya inside of Entropia.jpg

    Tatiana Karunnaya linkedin.jpg

    tk karunnaya dot com 3.jpg

    tk karunnaya dot com.jpg

    So, a supermodel from ingame ads/posters, is now a ukrainian haircare reseller, economist at Mindark and the major shareholder of Mindark.
    This totally makes sense.

    Ah, I know you already stopped reading long ago and started googling...enjoy... ;)

    At least she has played Entropia. x'D

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  2. tk hogglo.jpg

    tk entropia.jpg
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  3. Geez, well... Not sure whether i'd let her hold some of my shares xD
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  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    McCormick, "So, a supermodel from ingame ads/posters, is now a ukrainian haircare reseller, economist at Mindark and the major shareholder of Mindark.
    This totally makes sense."
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  5. Makes you wonder when her introduction video will show up...with an "ask me anything" attached to it... @_@
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  6. Hey, at least her avatar looks like her IRL self.
    I bet you can’t say that for 99% of the other entropians out there :bigsmile:
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  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Oh, the new owner of MindArk and Entropia Universe :D

    Totally looking forward to her video interview by the new Entropia Universe Community Manager.
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  8. Kitty

    Kitty Catnip is my kryptonite!

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  9. hk1.jpg
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  10. Well, I hope she does post a 'AMA' because if she is into hair care as a profession, I would ask why we haven't seen any new hairstyles in beauty profession for 6 years or more. Hup..Hup Tatiana, get to work.
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  11. Maybe Vixens will be spawn-able everywhere? Maybe clothes will be sexy and improved? I would like to see better hair also!

    I did read this and was laughing at the same time I felt like this can't be real.
  12. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    You mean like https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...308675-San-s-Q2-Explosive-Projectile-Crafting

    This question requires a more detailed response than we can present at the moment.

    We will get back to this question next week.

    02-08-2019, 21:28

    Each to their own New York babe ;)
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  13. I had to edit that, the 'mankini' is back on all planets again and on the loose.
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This is in keeping with 2020 and indeed the last few years. I see nothing stranger than the new usual here....
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  15. We need her and Saya King to oil wrestle for control of Calypso!
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  16. I think we will never hear about her again though.
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