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Tamed Oratan Miner L24

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Well, whip whip whip, tamed :)

    2017-01-23_Oratan Miner Pet 03.

    2017-01-23_Oratan Miner Pet 01.

    2017-01-23_Oratan Miner Pet 02.
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  2. a slave :O
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    A real Miner Bot :D
  4. Tamed Hogglo Pigmy Black

    Entropia 2017-03-19_Hogglo Black.
  5. going after the big boys eh? Try this new one over here on Toulan... http://www.toulanforum.com/forum/showthread.php?1343-Planet-Toulan-Release-Notes-14-8-1

    New Content :

    . New Pet : Karmoosh Lateef
    . New Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission, NPC Kenda [134419, 96690]
    .Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission mentions in the mission name "Stage 1" , where in fact there are no multiple stages for this mission, this is a naming error which will be fixed with the next update.

    . Karmoosh Lateef Pet Buffs are not final, and will be updated in the future.

    Haven't tried it myself, but just got the mission for it yesterday... got to kill 3 waves of different critters and their bosses before you can get it to spawn.
  6. I'm still not used with the EDIT function in this forum....
    simplicity is not working here....

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  7. and also
    Tamed Hogglo Pigmy Black
    2017 02-04

    Entropia 2017-02-04 22-56-26-96_M.

    Entropia 2017-02-04 22-44-34-39.
  8. Devil Plant.

    Vegetable devil​

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