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Swords of Fortitude & Prudence

Discussion in 'Items' started by Lucky_A, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Did not had the pleasure to dicover those BPs but to craft the itemz for the 1st time. Probably the BP discoverers did not think is worth the effort to click them and tbh cannot blame them :(

    I won't discuss BP reqs, there are enough resellers atm on NI as it is, just list the stats for your info :

    Sword of Fortitude :
    full tt - 41
    View attachment 1011

    Sword of Prudence :
    full tt - 22
    View attachment 1013

    Thanks to those that helped me in hunting the ingredients and all those that sold me their loots for less than AH.
    Conclusion is same : those itemz simply cannot be mass-produced at the moment due to insane BP reqs and unbalanced loot drops.

    [Later edit] After talking to some ppl decided to place them in NI's AH, so u can sheck them out there if interested.

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