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Sweden Web Rangers Recruiting

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by Wed, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

    Sweden Web Rangers is a Swedish Society formed 2006. We are currently only accepting members with +100k total skills. This thread will be updated once we again open the doors for lower skilled players.

    We only have a few simple rules. Have fun, be active, speak Swedish, and dont beg or scam.

    We enjoy teaming toughter on all kinds of mobs, if they are too hard we will try them anyway. We are mostly adults from 19 to 40+, and we prefer players in that age range, but can make exceptions ofc. In skillrange we are between struggeling sweaters to dedicated hunters/crafters/miners with +150k skills.

    If u want to join our happy family apply in socterminal or PM me here on EP if u have any questions.


    Wed Beetherbell [​IMG]


    A new forum is up and running @ http://swr.ecommunity.se/

    Recrutment is now closed for players with less then 100k skills. Will update once we open up our doors again.
  2. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

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    Wed The one and only...

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    Wed The one and only...

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