Sweat Alarm.

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  1. Sorry forgot installation instruction...

    Extract/put the .exe file in your enrtopia chat log folder. In my documents.

    Long story short this plays tada.wav twice when the targeted mob is dry/dead or if you have no target. It does this by reading the chat log when enabled in your Entropia options. I will explain what it does and provide the code below. This is written in AutoIt which is a Basic language. I am providing it here as i would like to confirm if it is "legal" for use.

    (i am a bit of a noob programmer i so apologise for any inefficent code. Also i have not fully refined it yet.)

    How it works:.
    1. Backs up your chat log and deletes the original. This is to avoid the tool having to read thousands of lines. Thus making it work faster.(repeated every 30mins)
    2.Checks the last 8 lines of the log every 10 seconds. If the Mob is dry/dead or if you have no target the tada.wav file is played.
    3.If the Mob is Dry/Dead or if you have no target it will wait 1 min before checking again.
    4.Repeat from 2.

    Download .exe:http://kra55.com/entropiatools/Sweat Alarm.exe
    Download.zip: http://kra55.com/entropiatools/Sweat Alarm.zip
    Download.rar: http://kra55.com/entropiatools/Sweat Alarm.rar
    Download AutoitScript .au3: http://kra55.com/entropiatools/Sweat Alarm.au3


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  2. Installation.

    Put/Extract .exe file in your entropia logs folder.

    If you wish to close. Right click the blue circle with the white triangle in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and click exit.
  3. interesting. wonder if eula allows it...might it consider that helping you sweat is not helping them get you to deposit?
  4. :) it obviously doesn't automate anything and use's the logs provided by Entropia/MA. I am thinking based on that there should be no issue.

    I am working on other Alarm's as im going to call them :).
  5. File a support case and ask. Personally, I think it crosses the line.
  6. yeah that should do the trick.
  7. Submitting support ticket now.
  8. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Great :) If it's ok with MindArk, it's ok here - and a nice toy for sweaters ^^
  9. Anyone Tested it? :D if so what do you think? :D
  10. Have received a response from MA. Basically awaiting further information to complete an Entropia tool approval process. I am quite happy with their response i must say. Will let you all know how the further communication goes :)....Thank you. Also while completing this i will seek approval for a couple of other ideas that i have and feel will be useful :)..
  11. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Any chance of copy pasting it here ? :) Would not mind see what they wrote, also concerning other people who wish to make tools for EU.

  12. Noted Response below.

  13. About backing up the chat.log file, could you perhaps find away around that? As thats what been messing with other useful programs that wouldn't work together when the chat.log was altered by one program the others stopped working.
    Talking mostly about XandraX, EntropiaTracker and EUhunter as thats the ones I use myself
  14. If you highlight the icon at the bottom right it gives you a status(Sweat/No Sweat avail). I can build in a visual notification but Entropia technically already provides this with the text in the textbox. Please clarify what sort of status you think would be good and i might be able to implement it.
  15. Update....

    Received a Tool approval PDF that i need to complete and Fax back to MA. Which i will do today. I have requested permission to post this in the forums. As i do not want to annoy them :)..
  16. they're moving along quite fast aren't they :) best of luck with this, looking forward to trying it
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