Sweat-a-Thon @ BIG Industries OLA#01

Discussion in 'BIG Industries events' started by Meculus, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Come Sweat at OLA1 and get 5 PED Per 1K during the event!!

    Live Streaming music From Wildman on Atlas Haven Radio

    2nd Saturday of Every Month 18:30-20:30
    (Feel free to hang out after, Wildmans got a 6 hour radio block!)

    Traeskeron Stalkers

    Lets break it down:

    Come sweat on OLA#01 during this event and we will buy all up to 2K sweat from every single participant at 5 ped per 1K of sweat. Purchasing will take place during the last 10 minutes of the event (20:20-20:30).

    Wildman will be streaming music directly into game through the event system for this event, and continue his show after so be sure to tune into www.atlashavenradio.com

    Medics and Hunters are encouraged to come out as well and join the party there's enough Traeskerons for you all to walk slowly away from and never get hit!!


    We will now be spreading random blueprints across the land area to keep it chock full of nice surprises for those who frequent OLA#01, so keep your eye's open ;)
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