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Support EntropiaPlanets - Become a Premium Member!

Discussion in 'About EntropiaPlanets' started by EntropiaPlanets, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Entropia Planets is proud to offer all the info contained in the site for free and for everyone. There are however some features that are not needed for basic use of the site, which we would like to offer for a small fee to those who want to take advantage of them, or to those who want to support our continuing effort to keep the site up and running as a Premium Membership.

    Becoming a premium member is only USD 3.50 per month or USD 35.00 for a whole year (2 free months), and you would be helping us recoup a fraction of Entropia Planets' operating costs, as well as help us get more features available for you! All money collected from donations and subscriptions will go towards covering the costs for the server that houses the site, or licenses/development costs for additional functionality.

    Below you will see a list that compares the basic and premium membership

    Premium Advantages.

    Let's go over the options briefly to explain what they would gain you.

    1. Keyword Alerts is an option we introduced recently. In short, keyword alerts enables you to configure custom alerts, which will ensure you will receive an E-mail whenever a keyword is encountered in a new post, or when a user posts that you defined an alert on. If you are particularly interested in news from a specific planet partner, you can thus be notified very quickly in case something new comes up. Here's a more detailed explanation about keyword alerts.

    2. In the same thread as we explained Keyword Alerts in, we also introduced the additional markup avaiable for Premium Members. In short, Premium members show up with their name in green, and with a little star icon in front of their username, both in the online members list, as well as in threads.

    That's because we think you're a true star for supporting EntropiaPlanets.com.

    Premium Member2.

    3. Registered users will have to wait 30 seconds inbetween individual posts, or they will be shown an error message prompting them to wait. Premium members will not have to deal with this limitation, and can post whenever they feel like it.

    4. Another recent addition to the forum was the reputation system. Registered users can only hand out positive reputation, but Premium members will be able to also show their displeasure and subtract points.

    5. Staying with reputation, regular users can hand out a maximum of 10 reputation points a day. Premium members have no such limit. (Be advised that in case of abuse of the system, we *will* taken action!).

    The reputation system will actually soon be replaced with something far more extensive offering even more possibilities (and fun!) to our subscribers (No worries, regular users will undoubtedly also get a kick out of the new system when it arrives, as they, too, will get additional abilities to play with).

    6. Another feature we announced in the last few months is the ability to use bookmarks, and thus keep a list of useful links to forum threads and posts. As announced back then, this has now been turned into a Premium Member feature. If you want, feel free to read more information about bookmarks.

    7. A brand new feature is the ability for Premium Members to see who viewed or read a thread they started. When we say brand new, we're not kidding. This feature was installed yesterday, as part of our forum maintenance, and we think it's actually pretty neat :) At the bottom of a thread, right above the breadcrumb there, a box will display the avatars of everyone who viewed a thread (while keeping privacy settings intact, so invisible members will not be visible there either).

    Here's a screenshot showing this new feature in action:

    8. Regular users got an upgrade yesterday, and are now able to upload avatars up to 50 KB in size. Our Premium members will be able to go up to 200 KB.

    9. Uploading attachments to Private Conversations also became a feature only available to Premium Members. Sorry about that.

    10. Regular users have the ability to invite 1 other person when they start a Private Conversation. Premium members can invite up to 5 participants.

    11. On the same front-page, you will notice there are a number of available modules. However, there's a few modules available that we left out, and perhaps you just want to see your information organized differently. Well, now you can.

    Under the Home tab, Premium members will now find the ability to customize their portal:


    Clicking that link will take you to an interactive new page where you can define your own preferred look for the EntropiaPlanets frontpage:


    12. Whew. Still with us? It is now also possible for Premium Members to assist in the day-to-day running of Entropia Planets. Despite our best efforts, every now and then a spammer does come through, and ends up posting a bunch of threads, or perhaps someone ends up posting a highly inappropriate thread. Using Down-Votes, it is possible to have these kind of threads disappear into a specific staff-area, and thus hide them from the view of the general public.

    Premium members will see a new link at the upper-right of a thread called 'Down-vote thread'. If 5 such down-votes are recorded, the thread will automatically disappear.

    13 - 16. Additional Private Messaging options added, including a bigger sized mailbox, the ability to create mailing groups, an auto-response message, and the ability to use Private Message prefixes. For more information about these abilities, please check the Messaging System announcement.

    17. Premium members will be able to select whether they want to cease messages from selected forums show up in their "What's New" list. To do so, in your account menu, select preferences:


    In the preferences, you will see a list of available forums and sub-forums. By checking the box in front of a forum name, you will then stop seeing new items from that forum showing up in the list:


    This could be useful if you are not interested in seeing news from particular planets, or if there is a particular forum you are not interested in seeing.

    18. Premium members will be able to replace the standard icons in front of thread titles with a custom image of their own choice when they create a new thread:

    thread thumbnails 01.

    The normal behavior will just display the author's avatar:

    thread thumbnails 02.

    When creating a new thread, a new option will be shown below the message editor (which is where you type your content), allowing you to either add a custom image by means of a URL, or alternatively, an image already embedded in the post.

    This only applies to images added by means of the image button in the editor (meaning the image will be inserted with an IMG tag, not attached images that then are "thumbnailed" or added by using the "Full image" buttons).

    We think this is be a cool way to bring more attention to your threads (the thumbnails also show up when users search for content), and might be a great way to enhance threads for buying or selling items, or for promoting services.

    19. Premium members can edit their own thread titles after they create a thread. To do so, they can click to edit the post, and then using the "More Options" button from there.

    20. Premium members can edit the thread prefixes they assigned to their own thread. To do so, they can click to edit the post, and then using the "More Options" button from there.

    21. Premium members will be able to add a poll to a thread they already created.

    22. Premium members can lock or unlock their own threads.

    This is the offering as we can supply it right at this moment, but we will be adding additional features and options for Premium Members as they become available. A few such features are already in the pipeline, and we hope to be able to release them to you soon :)

    Should you feel inclined to chip in, you can sign up as a premium member in your account menu, and then selecting "Account Upgrade":
    Premium Member1.

    Thank you! :tiphat:
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  2. Love that it takes PayPal. But can I get it in English? :) Would like to know what I click on :)
  3. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    As soc leader it looks like I'll have to sign up as a premium member because of #10. No complaints - the entire package looks great.
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I also added two additional payment options as the default options were recurring options and I was not quite sure that was obvious enough.

    I'm currently playing with the idea of also adding a life-time membership for USD 100. SWould that be something anyone is interested in? Essentially this would mean a life-time premium membership, and I can see if I can throw in some additional little gimmicks for that to make it worth your trouble :)
  5. I guess its not automatically changed :)

    Something else I just noticed was that you have to give rep to 15 other ppl before you can rep someone else again. I would think that is a bit high for a forum that usually doesn't have more than 15 posters in a day.

    Just noticed on your chart it says 10, but I got a message saying 15.

    Attached Files:

  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    First of all, thank you :)

    Odd. The process ought to work automatically. I added you to the proper group manually for now, and will investigate what went wrong.

    As for the reputation, you can give 10 rep points, but the spread is a different setting. However, I just lowered that to 10 as well :)
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  7. Krrk

    Krrk Too Old, Too Cold

    Adding NETELLER to payment options might be good idea.
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that is not something I can do myself, as the system used for the payments is a core part of the XenForo forum software. I'll see if the developers might be inclined to add other payment options, though.
  9. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    hmm admin is not a premium member. I guess you don't want the gold star beside your name. hehe
  10. Krrk

    Krrk Too Old, Too Cold

    Yeah, hopefully.
    Just thought about it since EU uses Neteller too so there's potential for easy subscriptions.
    I use it too and got the Net+-card - excellent thing to have.
    Ahh... The CashCard. :p
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    As announced in the New Mailing functionality thread, we rolled out some additional features for Premium Members. I have updated the OP with the new messaging priviledges.

    At the same time I removed number 11 from the offering. We used to have an Ad-Sense unit on the frontpage, which was visible to registered members. However, we recently rolled out a new advertising platform, and now Registered members and Premium members alike will not see any advertising other than the Entropia Universe related top-banners (we do have one other paid advertisement in the pipeline which will be visible to everyone, as they will be created for official EntropiaPlanets forum sponsors. However, they will only show up on the front page, will be non-intrusive, and will be Entropia related, rather than randomly Google-generated).
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Added the ability to create Private Message prefixes to conversations. This allows Premium Members to add prefixes to their conversations (similar to how threads can be prefixed).
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    A new option has been added to rhe Premium Membership offering, allowing for Premium Members to remove content made in specific (sub) forums from the list of content displayed when clicking on "What's New".
  14. You guys are awesome!!!.."Thank You" for name change to avatar so quickly!!..You guys Rock!!..Let the posting commence and will love to get membership!
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Today, we are delighted to add one more offering to our Premium Membership; the ability to use Thread Thumbnails.

    I updated the OP with an explanation of this :)

    Thiis functionality was provided courtesy of our existing Premium Members, whose support allowed us to get this new functionality done.
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I temporarily disabled the BookMarks add-on, as the one we used became unsupported, and I noticed a minor issue with it. I have already bought and installed a new system, and will soon replace the documentation for the bookmarks accordingly. I will try and see if I can migrate the existing bookmarks to the new system, or, failing that, send a PM to the premium members who would be affected by this to allow them to update their bookmarks accordingly.

    Together with the new bookmarks add-on, I purchased another system that grants our Premium Members some other hopefully useful functionality. I updated the opening post accordingly. There's more on the way soon :)

    As always, thank you for supporting EntropiaPlanets!

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