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Summary of the story "Deathifier VS. Entropia" at Court (2013-2019)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Just a reminder, about how one of the 1st big investors ended up / got treatet.

    There are other cases, of high stakes investors, but those will be in another thread one day.


    -Zachurm Deathifier Emegen aka. "David Ian Andrew Storey" from Australia, purchased "Treasure Island" for 26.500 $


    -He invested ten thousands of additional dollars, to fill his landareas with special mobs.


    -He pre-purchased a landarea called "8-Coins" on planet Arkadia

    -Arkadia offered company shares as compensation for re-claiming "8-Coins", but Deathifier went to court instead. Probably because he "designed" the Scoria mob texture (and some other things), as the case was/is about intellectual property, breach of contract and conspiracy.

    The plaintiff alleges that he is the copyright holder, either solely or jointly,
    of various literary and artistic works, and that these works
    were used both promotionally and in-game without his permission.

    The plaintiff also pleads that there was a breach of a contract for delivery up of in-game land.


    Also in 2013, Deathifier got raped by Mindark..like other Landowners got raped :






    David reclaims 8 Coins in 2013.

    It started and social media, skype and whatsapp got declared legal, to exchange "papers" and look out for David Dobson, as he couldnt be found by the court :

    The applicant-plaintiff commenced an action via writ against three defendants, alleging copyright infringement and breach of contract. Despite successfully obtaining leave to serve the writ out of jurisdiction on the 2nd defendant, Mr David Michael Dobson, the applicant could not effect personal service on him at his last known address in Australia. The process server then asked a neighbour about the 2nd defendant, and she said that she had never heard of him. The applicant therefore applied to the Court for an order permitting substituted service on the 2nd defendant.

    The Court allowed for substituted service through email, which is uncontroversial. However, the Court also allowed for substituted service via electronic means other than email, namely, Skype, Facebook and internet message boards.

    Some background stor(e)y can be found here :

    -There also is a case "privatperson vs. MindArk PE AB" from that time



    Sadly not much is known about it...


    - Deathifier dissapeared from the game in april 2018 and all of his Calypso landareas are now owned by avatar "MindArk Official Annex"

    estate owned by annex.


    -Deathifiers forum account on the "official" forum made his last post on 09-17-2018 13:34

    -We have a Deathifier account here too...who logs in now and then...but there are so many unanswered questions.

    If you try to message him ingame now, his name turns into a question mark. People, including myself, have seen him logging in after april of 2018, but he (or whoever used his avatar) never replied to messages/chat.

    He also cant be found in the player register anymore ! (?)

    message question m ark.

    (late 2019)

    -"Our" Deathifier still doesnt want to / cant fully answer anything. There arent any news out there.

    more links :


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  2. Great thread again Mc.

    I had many many pms with deathifier, and he knowes I have always been in phase with him.

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  3. According the real fanboys, this is of course just slander, made up and useless...full of hate.

    Damn :D
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