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Stuck at an outpost and need help ?

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Coachman, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Coachman

    Coachman RESCUER

    Stuck at an outpost and tried to get out but always get killed and revive back at the same place?

    Well fear not, The Calypso Rescue Team is here to help! We have been providing a free service of getting you out of tricky spots for over 4 years and still we hear responses of “if only I had know”.

    If you need help visit us at www.euforces.com and visit our rescue channel easily found on the front page. Post your ingame name, coordinates and the time you will most likely be on. We will then post when we can make it and get you out of there.

    As I said above it’s a free service all we ask is if you make it out before we get there let us know and to keep checking your post for updates.

    Hopefully you wont need us but we are here for you should you need us.

  2. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    Bump for the good guys. I was assisted out of a noob trap many years ago by one of your crew, and it I can attest that CRT performs exactly as advertised.

    It's a cynical little planet at times, but your soc is a true gem. Glad to see you're still around, making a difference.
  3. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    as a peice of advice while waiting for the CRT to arrive, ive found theres always a route out from an outpost. often its not the intuitive way, ie its more inland when near sea or generally "the long way" but its there. try 4-6 different directions to see how you go.
  4. Remember CRT back during newbie events and tp runs, would always recommend them, nice to see this service still in existence :cheer:

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