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State of the Universe Address 2018 wishlists

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Tass, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    While we are waiting for this year's address maybe we could post wishlists.

    Here's my relatively radical one:

    - all development focussed on Entropia Universe gameplay & setting
    - drop all other plans like crappy mobile games, business VR solutions, blockchain crypto ICO scams
    - outsource Toulan, Next Island and ROCKtropia into a seperate game
    - merge the settings of Calypso, Arkadia and Cyrene, remove everything that doesn't fit the consolidated elaborated setting (no Gremlin pets, no magic rings, no Pumpkin monsters, no pills that loot, no B-movie crap at all)
    - give all game interfaces the same look and feel, it currently rather looks like "a brief history of MMO user interfaces of early 21st century"
    - continue and possibly finish every story snippet ever started, except the ones contradicting the new elaborated setting
    - also finish one, at least one, of the features promised but only partially implemented, do not start anything new till all are finished!
    - even then do not start anything new, remove overlap (for example attachments, enhancers), consolidate, refine, simplify as much as possible, complexity is cool but not if it's unnecessary complexity caused by thoughtlessness, non-design and general lack of direction
    - and when going for something new it should be a complete overhaul of the society system, it turned 14 last month... society property, society challenges, etc
  2. Master of Orion II isn't "early 21st century" and isn't even a MMO. :0
  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    :) We happen to have the original 240p unremastered version of the trailer somewhere

  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm not with all of those but certainly most of them.

    hmmm what would my road map be...

    I rather like this idea.

    - publish the bug list publicly* and have players vote for what should be given the highest priority. This could even be done in game with the old vote booth but that would likely be more effort than either putting it on the website (maybe player only access through normal login)

    - Bring back 6 weekly VU's. Each 6 weeks MA pick the top n bugs as voted by the community and commit to definitely patching p of them, possibly patching q of them, and patching r of them if time/muse allows. Each VU note would contain a statement such as:

    "Next VU as voted for by the community, we will patching issues 343, 232, 234, 34 . Issues 23,455,54,355 will be fixed on a best endeavour basis, issues 32,35,777,344 will be fixed if time allows. This VU we have fixed 44,444,33,7676,878,5565 and 443. Issues 377 and 446 will roll over till next VU.

    It doesn't strike me that this should really take too long or is an unrealistic ask.


    * I note that some bugs can be exploited/are a security risk. In such cases, these should be published using vaguaries that highlight the potential severity of the bug but don't give enough away that it might be exploited. e.g. Mob trapping bug/exploit NW Eudoria. as opposed to "it is possible to trap Bercyleds at this coordinate and then stand on near by ridge and kill mob"
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