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Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by itto, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Being new to PE is at the least confusing :roll:

    So here are a few tips on how to get started

    • Read the PE FAQ
      Itâ??s important that you do, because there is a lot of basic info in it that you going to need! And believe me; nobody inGame likes to take his\hers time to answer your questions if itâ??s that basic :evil:

      There are basically two kinds of guns in PE: Fire weapons & Melee
      You going to need skills in both but easiest is to start out as a melee hunter
      Melee hunting will build you vital skills like strength, athletics and Evade
      Itâ??s also the cheapest way to start
      So here is what I think you do: Buy a RepAxe 1x0 and start swinging 8)
      Do not run into the TT or auction and buy you a fancy longblade for a lot of peds! Why!? Because you canâ??t utilize it true power until you are more skilled, you only ending up paying more for your hunt:!:

      If you decide that you like to shoot your way thru PE then I suggest you look for a Jester d-1 it also a cheap "peashooter" but its the same as with the melee here, you wont do much more dmg with a larger canon :handgun:

      Armor is not skill based, so you can wear any you like,
      But be sure you read up on its stats and that you understand what those stats actually means :!: :!:
      Different armor is good for different mob and some of them arenâ??t good at all :(
      And you donâ??t want to end up spending a lot of ped's and find out later that is no good (if you're not stinking rich and donâ??t care)
      So I recommend you new guys to look for a Pixie Armor to start with :!:
      Itâ??s cheap in repairs and gives you some protection from the smaller mob
      (more about Mob further down)
      If you are real sure that you going to like PE or if you have played for some time, you might want to upgrade to a Rascal Armor.
      However upgrading itself is a task, you donâ??t rush and buy from the first seller you happens to meet(you will most likely get scammed or at least pay to much), do check market prices or ask your soc mates for advice\help

      What to hunt
      No matter how you do this in the beginning, you going to die :wink:
      But there are some suitable mobs for newbs, like Exos, Daikibas, and Combibos that you might start with. The loot wonâ??t get you rich but the practice will give you skills that you need!
      There are many theories about how to get big loots, but in my opinion the avg. loot is skill based. So a good trick is to team up with some more experienced players (but donâ??t get into over your head now, there are limits to what you might be able to pull off :wink: )
      If you are lucky you might get a HOF or a Global and then the real games begin :D
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  2. Teach me to be a good hunter hunting god monsters. I need a gun though cuz iam noob and ammo but i pay you back with waht i get. ty.
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  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Hi Kajmity916,

    Some of the info in Itto's post might be a teensy bit out of date now, since he posted that in 2005. :hehe:

    While your request may be completely innocent and well intentioned, please be aware that in EU there are many scammers, who will offer services or assistance and then run away with the resources given to them. Also there are beggars in EU who ask for free items.
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  4. I am starting as a hunter myself. The first thing i did (after i got my first k of sweat) was buy a tt pistol. The second thing i did was sell that piece of crap and decided to save up for the tt sword. As i was trying to sell my 4th k of sweat someone droped a repedge 2x0 on me for my sweat and all 10ped i had. My axe is my buddy. i dont know how the economy used to work on a repedge but i watched my roomate/soc leader kill alot more mobs with his apollo than i did with my repedge off of the same 5 ped. At the same time though i can kill an atrax young with no armour and no team mates. I have to be close to a revive but i can do it. Also it dosent take much to skill up first aid enough to use a vivo t5 with the learning period but once i did hunting got much less deadly.

    Bottom line though mindark is in buissness to make $ so you might make a profit off of one hunt but eventualy your PED will drop to 0 if you only hunt. The best soulution i have found for this problem is to make PED from other players via tradeing. Even with tradeing though i still have to sweat my butt off for hours only to waste it all in a few glorious minuets. Its all worth it when i look at my strength, dexterity, and agility hee hee hee.
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  5. Yes it is designed so that the average player will lose money from only playing against the game, for example hunting and only counting TT value. However if you hunt smart; killing mobs that you can kill rather quick, effeciently and therefore relatively cheap, while they also drop loot with some markup, I would say it is possible to only hunt without having your PED card drop to 0. Play against other players, not only against the game.
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