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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Mercury, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. little pvp gazing
  2. Yup yup online
  3. Some daspy for breakfast
  4. New era upon us
  5. Bump it up...
  6. live on justin.tv/stargazing
  7. live for a bit on justin.tv/stargazing
  8. Live on justin.tv/stargazing
  9. coming to watch you die :)
  10. lil' sc2 while waiting for vu
  11. jim_T

    jim_T Disturbed veteran

    How are you doin in sc2? Would be fun to see your stats/maybe watch some of your matches?

  12. Few big spiders...vu delayed til the 20th i guess
  13. Gazing online
  14. Online...... :)
  15. Online for a bit..
  16. Online at Arkadia now.
  17. Live from Arkadia.

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